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Loud Blondes | Denki Kaminari x Aizawa's Daughter Reader by Calybear7
Loud Blondes | Denki Kaminari x Ai...by CalyChameleon
(Y/n)'s father, Shouta Aizawa, has a few simple rules, the most important being no dating loud blondes. You are the product of a one-night stand between a vivacious blo...
Future Pro Heroes by MoonWolfie1
Future Pro Heroesby MoonWolfie1
Future team 1-A appearing in the past while they are still in highschool? All started when a villain with his sidekicks appeared. Deku the No.1 hero tried to take him he...
Izuku Midoriya: The Blue Blur by Shonaku
Izuku Midoriya: The Blue Blurby Shonaku
Izuku Midoriya is a quirkless kid who dreams of being a hero until one eventful day happened. He found a mysterious gem that somehow gave him a brand new quirk. His new...
𝚄𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙼𝚘𝚘𝚗 by kamijirou_love
𝚄𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙼𝚘𝚘𝚗by kamijirou_love
Denki has been feeling down lately. He's been a big mess. His grades are terrible, worse than they used to be and can't seem to focus in class anymore. He struggles with...
I Wanna Write You a Song (A Kamijirou Love Story) by author9999
I Wanna Write You a Song (A Kamiji...by Shakespeare's Apprentice
"If he calls you a nerd for loving music, let me write you a song." Denki Kaminari is a social butterfly who is somewhat both reckless and fearless at the same...
Book 1: My Idiot [ KamiJirou ] by Cloudii676
Book 1: My Idiot [ KamiJirou ]by .Tangerine.
Jirou started having a hard time trusting people after her Boyfriend from Highschool hurt her. She promised herself she'll never fall for someone again but that was unt...
The Late Night Travel {KamiJiro} by VirgoRoulette
The Late Night Travel {KamiJiro}by ⚠ Rayet ⚠
[COMPLETED] *** Class 1-A is doing an assignment that causes them to all go to different parts of Japan. The class is split up into groups of four and Kaminari and Jiro...
New chance at life //Denki Kaminari Fanfic (Ft.Kamijirou)  by nineornone199
New chance at life //Denki Kaminar...by nine or none
He always hated being called weak, dumb, or untalented but he could never talk back to the people that call him such names because deep down he knew they were right He a...
Kamijirou fanart by LoverofBakugo
Kamijirou fanartby LoverofBakugo
Kamijirou fanart!!!! for all of us kamijirou shippers!!
Denki Kaminari, The living lightning. by championofmagic
Denki Kaminari, The living lightni...by Shazzy~
Kaminari was used to be treated as nothing more than a ever smiling ray of sunshine. Him and his quirk were never really compatible. Little did he know of the absolute r...
With You (A Kamijirou Fanfic) by itagiri_myuji
With You (A Kamijirou Fanfic)by Itagiri Myuji
𝓒𝓸𝓶𝓹𝓵𝓮𝓽𝓮𝓭 Their second year at UA High begins and Kaminari Denki gets all excited. Especially when his best friend Jirou Kyouka is there with him. When he disco...
Mha One Shots (ships) by Potato_Cookie1616
Mha One Shots (ships)by A child who ships
Ask for any ship I will write a story. This will include and type of story. (For example, fluff, nsfw, ect.) Like I said ANYTHING!
A Loud Explosive Mess (Kaccako, Kamijiro) by creepy_Jo
A Loud Explosive Mess (Kaccako, Ka...by Jo Horn
After their first eventful year at U.A, Bakugou comes to a dreaded conclusion. He's fallen for Uraraka. And now he needs to dig his way out of this mess, starting with...
UA Traitor:KamiJirou FanFic by p0ckiiturtle
UA Traitor:KamiJirou FanFicby Raph_Gurl_135
"What?! Are you sure?!" "I'm positive. But let's not jump to conclusions. We have to wait for him to reveal himself." "And if he doesn't?" ...
BNHA Oneshots by opalspring21
BNHA Oneshotsby Opalspring21
Oneshots of Kiribaku, Tododeku and there's also a Kamijirou in there and some erasermic. I'll take requests but I can't promise I'll do them... These are all either angs...
 The Unexpected Kiss (Eraserjoke) by CatBlancAndMissFortu
The Unexpected Kiss (Eraserjoke)by Cat Blanc And Miss Fortune
Emi also known as the Pro Hero Ms. Joke love teasing Shota Aizawa also known as Pro Hero Eraserhead one day Emi was just teasing Aizawa that if he kisses her she will sh...
My ChatFic Academia by TrashChan99
My ChatFic Academiaby Llama Microwave
Wats up my crack heads so um title says it all There's going to be ships in here so.. BUCKLE UP BITCHES My Ships: - TodoMomo - KiriBaku - KamiJirou - TokoTsuyu - IidaMei...
It Can't Be Him... (Villain Kaminari Story) by shirleyisbored
It Can't Be Him... (Villain Kamina...by Shirley Is Bored
Kaminari was revealed as the U.A. traitor. He has been revealing information to the League of Villains for a while now, and no one suspected him, until one day... Kamina...