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Ten Year Marriage {Kwon Ji Yong/G-Dragon} by Greymanson19
Ten Year Marriage {Kwon Ji Yong/G...by Jill Greymanson
She's a child forced into marriage at the age of 14. He's an adult forced to marry for the company.
Short stories about these adorable men.
I'm Just a Loser: A BigBang Fanfiction by livi_56012
I'm Just a Loser: A BigBang Fanfic...by Livi
"I've been in love with someone that didn't love me back, and I've been loved by someone that I didn't love back. And I don't know which is worse: to be broken or t...
Angel Eyes.  (English Version.) by nyong8890
Angel Eyes. (English Version.)by nyongtory.
Remember that I still with you.
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Break Up With Her - DaeRi/SeunDae by grrrrracie_
Break Up With Her - DaeRi/SeunDaeby [•b i t c h•]
Yes, I do know about the whole Seungri scandal. I may take this story down because of it, I'm not really sure yet. yay
FORBIDDEN LOVE by nyong8890
FORBIDDEN LOVEby nyongtory.
Seungri and Jiyong are lovers, they have a relationship for eleven years and look so happy. But something happened to their relationship. Jiyong's parents ask Jiyong to...
«Book 1»Fighting over love [Completed] by fandom_food_life
«Book 1»Fighting over love [Comple...by fandom_food_life
The love story between a girl name Myungjae and the big bang members
Love Me Devil - (T.O.P FanFic) COMPLETED by Jhyt124
Love Me Devil - (T.O.P FanFic) COM...by Jhyt124
When BIGBANG'S Choi Seung Hyun meets a devil, things can get messy. With the help of the spy team in Korea, C23 is on a mission. A dirty mission given by Mr Black, boss...
Broken Shoe - DAESUNG SCENARIO by xxxibchrln
Broken Shoe - DAESUNG SCENARIOby Charlene
A fluffy and silly Daesung scenario~
Playing Solitaire || Nyongtory by xxxlilpnda
Playing Solitaire || Nyongtoryby HanJuh
Seungri's POV At the age of sixteen, I finally have my ideal boyfriend, who I am now living inside one house of ours when he become my husband at the age of thirty five...
Last Dance (Daesung) One-Shot by itsarticaa
Last Dance (Daesung) One-Shotby daesung's wife
" Daesung... you can't do this to me.. please.. " A DaeRi-Centric fanfic. This is my first fanfic so bare with me pls hehe thanks for reading ♥
Quotes [BIGBANG] by -StarlightSkies-
Quotes [BIGBANG]by LoveYourself
Let's learn from the success person as Big Bang shouldn't we? I find the quotes from internet but the picture were my edit. I hope you guys can learn something from thei...
Away from home || Nyongtory  by xxxlilpnda
Away from home || Nyongtory by HanJuh
It's too good to finish your to do list, to do list that you didn't like. You knew the feeling ey? I kept on working with my promises and forget about myself. I was find...
little lion man | kang daesung by gazingat
little lion man | kang daesungby nobody
buff bodies, weak souls
When You're Gone ( a BIGBANG fanfiction )! by matina_loves_bigbang
When You're Gone ( a BIGBANG fanfi...by Matina
Lexy is an ordinary girl, who has got a lot of dreams and goals. Her best friend and her move to South Korea. There she falls in love with Seung Hyun. Unfortunately she...
Day Till Debut - YG (T.O.P Fanfic) COMPLETED by Jhyt124
Day Till Debut - YG (T.O.P Fanfic)...by Jhyt124
So there was this girl. ordinary girl. Auditions... Practices... And BOOM!! Choi Seung Hyun came into her life. read on as JiEun survives her YG trainee life 2nd FanFic...
[Nyongtory/ToDae/BaeRan/RuChel] Về bên anh by ____Rui____
[Nyongtory/ToDae/BaeRan/RuChel] Về...by ____Rui____
Do truyện dài hơn dự định nên mình lấy qua bên đây với đổi tên luôn. Tên cũ : Họ thuộc về nhau (Untitled,2018) Nhân vật : Kwon Ji Yong x Lee SeungRi, TOP x DaeSung, Youn...
[BIGBANG/NYONGTORY] What Jiyong Thinks by gdrgnseyo
[BIGBANG/NYONGTORY] What Jiyong Th...by stars
Jiyong never thought the day he had to lie to his mom about having a lover so he could avoid being married off to his absolutely hateful ex would ever come. Nor did he c...
Bigbang oneshots by Nyongtory_bae
Bigbang oneshotsby Wonderlands X Showtime
Requests open I don't care what you will request me as long as it's only between Bigbang members. I'm not doing member×reader cuz these suck ass
My Life with BigBang (Bigbang's Point of View) by CharlieFReed
My Life with BigBang (Bigbang's Po...by Liz
*I highly suggest that you read my first work "My life with Bigbang" before reading this POV, not unless you want spoilers* The following stories are taken fro...