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Moran os/ts by Amyra_765
Moran os/tsby Amyra_765
Hey guys I am a new writer.. Big fan of zdmn and moran... Just a thought came in my mind and I am here
Detroit become human X reader [ONE SHOTS] by m0thMushie
Detroit become human X reader [ONE...by Rosie
-HELLO SECOND ONE SHOTs BOOK I WILL DO -smut -fluff -vent -and other ideas ((9/10 stupid ideas yet what the hell let's SHOOT For the MOON))
Falchion of Zero by I-Love-SABER
Falchion of Zeroby I love SABER
Eduardo Jude Teves was a new author in the world of books but one day he was working on a fanfic for fun and he heard a phoenix sound and he follows it into his old draw...
Flee To The End by TimxMobyHehehe
Flee To The Endby Yourmom.com
You escaped Detroit five years ago, Why the fuck are you back? You ask yourself, well, you needed money, your buddy worked for DPD and you conveniently graduated with a...
4204:Renewal (LutherxOC) by Nothingtooreadhere
4204:Renewal (LutherxOC)by Nothingtooreadhere
Living but a world away from each other two androids lose themselves only to find themselves again in each other. A WR400 early model was bought by an old man and his gr...
Last Minute Coffee and and Accidental Confession by chronicallyOnlineGay
Last Minute Coffee and and Acciden...by chronicallyOnlineGay
this is just a short, cute coffee date and love confession that I wrote on no sleep. set maybe early/mid-season 2. canon compliant as in they have their coffee and lunch...
Falling From You by kyamipo
Falling From Youby
Lena is a Fallen Angel, her past was dark and full of demons that still haunt her to this day. Stripped of her wings, she was destined to walk the earth alone for eterni...
A Miracle for Love (Caesar Drisdall from The White Knights Chronicles) by MermaidMaye
A Miracle for Love (Caesar Drisdal...by MermaidMaye
***Will contain some spoilers about the White Knight Chronicles and White Knight Chronciles II as this story will loosely follow The White Knight Chronicles II. I will m...
A Supergirl Fanfiction by HorizonBolden
A Supergirl Fanfictionby Horizon Bolden
What if when Kara wakes up in season 3 after her fight with Regin she doesn't have her memory's? What will happen? All rights reserves for the Supergirl series.
A Girl Called Lori by RStoriesz
A Girl Called Loriby Rstories
Lex has been defeated, and Kara and Lena are rebuilding their friendship, with Kara having realised she is totally and completely in love with her best friend. Kara plan...
Kara's secret by MULTIfandom0fanfics
Kara's secretby Toni
Kara has a secret she's never told anyone... in highschool at the age of 17 she was raped, she had a child that she kept hidden and never told anyone about the rape... w...
Truth And Love -A Karamel Fanfiction by HorizonBolden
Truth And Love -A Karamel Fanficti...by Horizon Bolden
Mon El has just came back from the future and is with Imra and kara just found out. What if Kara and Mon-el were accidentally effected with truth serum? What would happe...
Shadow Hokage~Sequel to 'The Reversed Roles.' by fanficwriter_53
Shadow Hokage~Sequel to 'The Rever...by Praisy Prey
"Self-sacrifice... A nameless shinobi who protects peace within its shadow. That is a true shinobi." Sasuke refers Uzumaki Naruto as the 'shadow hokage', meani...
Hiraeth / Texting by meyusbirgece_
Hiraeth / Textingby 🌿
Hiraeth: Geri dönülmesi imkansız olan ya da hiç gidilmemiş olan bir yere duyulan özlem. * Arya: Masumdum. Arya: Kirletildim. Arya: Ölmek istedim. Arya: İzin vermedin. 2...
KJ OS by gabbiesalazar
KJ OSby gabbiesalazar
KarJack One Shot Stories
Body of The Future With The Blood of The Past (Connor X Reader) by Number1SadGurl4Life
Body of The Future With The Blood...by Nova .L. Hiuka
A coma for a week. That's all it was supposed to be. Only a week. NOT a little over 1000 years. You didn't realize that you were in a coma for more than a week, but you...
New Daxam by supernerdydanvers
New Daxamby ella
Lena is kidnapped by Queen Rhea of Daxam. She is forced to marry her son, Prince Mon-El, and produce an heir. Refusal is not an option. Lena must come up with a plan to...
Love is Love (WandaXNat) by A1A13x
Love is Love (WandaXNat)by Alex Olsen
Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff are 7 years married and both live with the struggle of people who don't support their love life. In this universe they beat thanos bu...
To be Human by TheLostOne526
To be Humanby Layla
Iris Kamski, the younger sister of Elijah Kamski works for her brother as his top android engineer. Her greatest achievement was making the new Cyberlife prototype named...