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I'm Here (Supergirl AU) by RinkuWolfe207
I'm Here (Supergirl AU)by RinkuWolfe207
When Kara Danvers was changed into a Golden Retriever puppy, the first thing she did was panic but she was eventually found by Lena Luthor, whose heart was won over by h...
More than a student  by sgbw124
More than a student by Lee
Kara hates science, Lena teaches science. Somehow, Lena finds herself comforting Kara after a messy breakup and Kara's opinion on the subject seems to change. *being ed...
Billionaire Love by lenaswhvre
Billionaire Loveby lenaswhvre
a lena luthor x reader story just read it i'm bad at descriptions
Lena Luthor/Reader by Katie_Luthor
Lena Luthor/Readerby They call me "P"
Just Short Stories Into One Book. -[Highest Ranking: -[#4 in katiemcgrath - November 2, 2019 -[#14 in lenaluthor - November 26, 2019
Son of The Reverse Flash by ThatEhhGuy
Son of The Reverse Flashby Civil Warrior
Erick Thawne was brought into this world not by mistake but by chance..he didn't ask for this, he never wanted to be someone who was hated for his father's actions. Yet...
Willow Greene // Supergirl // by MCWAYY
Willow Greene // Supergirl //by MCWAYY
Willow Greene was the last to escape to Earth from her planet as it was destroyed. The neighboring planet, Krypton, was destroyed 25 years earlier on the exact day at th...
Supergirl x reader by vellyhopcins02
Supergirl x readerby vellyhopcins02
Characters from Supergirl x reader Enjoy!!
✔My Husband Is A She [COMPLETE] by LionxBunny
✔My Husband Is A She [COMPLETE]by LionxBunny
Lena Luthor has a husband. A husband she never met. Her husband always gives her gifts. He granted her great power, money and freedom. The greatest gift he ever gave to...
dc soulmate AU by febeqbebebebe
dc soulmate AUby simping for taken people
y/n is a seems like a normal girl if you see her walking, but she's far from noral, the first she's has far more soulmarks than the world record and then second she is t...
The Wrong Lovers by feaqthrs
The Wrong Loversby 🏳️‍🌈Kenna🏳️‍🌈
What happens when two different people from two different universes switch lives? Kara Danvers from Earth 2 is a well known lawyer and married to the rich scientist Lena...
The three of us (karamel baby AU) by karamel_dreams
The three of us (karamel baby AU)by Nina
Kara and Mon-El have a baby. Enough said. #1 in 'karamel' multiple times #1 in 'supergirl' multiple times
I think I like her. by _P_Jones
I think I like her.by 🖤
Here we go again with another Lena Luther X Kara Danvers
My Secret Ray Of Sunshine.  by feaqthrs
My Secret Ray Of Sunshine. by 🏳️‍🌈Kenna🏳️‍🌈
When Kara was 18 she had a baby, but nobody knew. She had a close friend keep the baby for her to keep her ray of sunshine safe. Four years later , her daughter is drop...
Supercorp: The Celestial  by DrinkingHolyWater
Supercorp: The Celestial by Assyla
This is my fictional version of season five. I'm trying my best to keep it interesting, action-packed, and romantic. There will be actual story arcs and fun things to re...
She's In His Dimension (BOOK 1) by New_Ships4mME
She's In His Dimension (BOOK 1)by Sara
Kara is injured fight with Reign. Brainy, J'ohn and Alex think it would be a best idea if she was not with them since she need time to healing so they send her to Earth...
Crisis On Earth Prime by summer0candy
Crisis On Earth Primeby Mars
Supergirl's and Flash's daughters time travel to save their parents from dying in crisis on earth prime. They weren't supposed to die in the first place but a speedster...
POST REVEAL by superkale_
It's been months that Lena and Kara haven't talked. While Kara is broken from the distance between them, not knowing that Lena knows her deepest secret, Lena is already...
melissa benoist imagines by masoncook324
melissa benoist imaginesby 🥺
i love melissa, she's such a bean, so why not make a book about her???
The Kryptonian Way ||  Supercorp love story by IsabelleMage7000
The Kryptonian Way || Supercorp l...by Msfxrestxrm
Kara is exposed to a purple kryptonite substance from her home planet, turning her into a Male. She goes to Lena for help. Lena doesnt know Supergirl is Kara Danvers in...
Paparazzi by supershipper30
Paparazziby supershipper30
Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor have been secretly dating for the past 6 months and so far it has stayed a secret. One day a picture of Lena and a "mysterious" w...