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The False Genius by EdgyKouhai
The False Geniusby EdgyKouhai
Ayanokouji must finds the WR Enforcer before the end of the school year. Ayanokouji decided to cause a uproar in the Student Concil. It's Ayanokouji vs Third Years. The...
A fanfic about a gyaru girl who's down bad for the quiet kid by ZuraJanai_Katsura_Da
A fanfic about a gyaru girl who's...by Zura!
KiyoKei. No Anhs. No White Room Lazy title? Yep. Fully Slice of Life Just writing to pass the time And making KiyoKei the ship, cuz as far as ik she's getting clowned a...
Classroom of the Elite X FemOC by Frankapow
Classroom of the Elite X FemOCby Othinus
Shirasawa Arisa is a normal girl who lives with her grandparents but at age of 15 her grandparents died due to illness and live on her own until she graduate from middle...
COTE:Trial by asura709
COTE:Trialby Asura
Ayanakoji's second chance and the final trial for his peaceful life.It's kiyokei fyi. *I am gonna take ayanokoji's emotional development into account so he might feel a...
The True God! by FictionalAuthor14
The True God!by FictionalAuthor14
Ever wondered what would happen if Kiyotaka used all of his abilities? Would people fear him or respect him? How will it affect his relation to other people? More impor...
COTE Reacción a Vida Pacífica by cegador666
COTE Reacción a Vida Pacíficaby cegador666
Fanfic of reaction, but it will not be about the one we all know, but of reaction to Vida Pacifica This is my first reaction fic, I hope you like it It will be a reactio...
𝕷𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖇𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖉 [Ayanokouji X Yandere Kei] by Exotic_Animator
𝕷𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖇𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖉 [Ayanokouji X Y...by Exotic_Animator
"I will kill anyone who dares to step between us... You are only mine!" ''Kei....it's 2 in the morning, go back to bed.'' ''Ah Mou! Kiyotaka you bully! Don't h...
COTE : Girls Only Reaction by Johwabbi
COTE : Girls Only Reactionby SatoruFanBoy
COTE- Classroom of the elite-Class S by shaniceng316
COTE- Classroom of the elite-Class...by Hime
This is my first time wirte the story!This story begins in its second school year, director Sakayanagi was never removed as his father did not accuse him of false charge...
COTE : My Hearts Desires by Drag0nB0ii
COTE : My Hearts Desiresby Ryuuen-chan
Just another cote fanfic with changes from vol 7.5 onwards. In this fic some charecters will be a bit OOC and the story will begin during the winter vacations of their f...
COTE: My desired future by ParrisMC
COTE: My desired futureby
My first fanfic, a short story about one of the paths I think the LN might take. Centered on Kiyotaka and Kei, tells how the couple faces the tough decision of having to...
COTE: ADAPTING  by brian744
COTE: ADAPTING by Ilovemisosoup!
From my one shots book. Includes shizuku but ship is... With a new special exam on the Horizon watch how with many surprises, Our Kiyo bests everyone around him, even...
COTE: YEAR 2 REACTION by silly_fish
COTE: YEAR 2 REACTIONby silly_fish
I love year 2. I also love reaction fics. Here's both. Takes place during volume 11.5. I don't own any of the pictures or the characters portrayed in this fic.
 I am Invincible vol 2 (unfinished)  by Tejas34
I am Invincible vol 2 (unfinished...by Slade
After reaction of classroom of the elite anime videos shown by Tsukasa and sakura, the real war begins in the form as special exam. Who will win??. What will happen in t...
COTE: Betrayed Trust by Calyxdaze
COTE: Betrayed Trustby Calyxdaze
After their break from the harsh special exam, the school thought that everything will be back to normal... Or so that's what they thought. A new special exam has been a...
The beginning of the end || (COTEXWorld War Z) by ChiakiBest
The beginning of the end || (COTEX...by ChiakiTheBest
" You must survive no matter what " " I survived, but at what cost... " How will Ayanokouji face a zombie pandemic that threatens to wipe out all of...
KiyoxKei (School Reunion!) by FictionalAuthor14
KiyoxKei (School Reunion!)by FictionalAuthor14
It's been 3 years since they graduated from class A.After overcoming different obstacles,they married in secret and now the time has come for a School Reunion. What are...
COTE What If: Ayanokouji Kiyone by RukkaRo
COTE What If: Ayanokouji Kiyoneby Luca Rossetti
How various scenes on the light novel and some original oneshots would be if Ayanokouji was female. English is not my first language, so i appreciate the feedback on the...
Who said it? - Classroom of the elite[HIATUS] by Ayaonogod
Who said it? - Classroom of the el...by Ayanogod
Greatly Inspired by cote:who said it? Characters guess quotes said or thought by other characters(mostly kiyo)
Revealing the mastermind - Classroom of the elite by deadshot269
Revealing the mastermind - Classro...by Deadshot
A reaction fanfic based of the Light novel Classroom of the elite. The first part is reaction and the story continues from start of second year. I do not own any of the...