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Random COTE reaction by BERSAFIE
Random COTE reactionby kudo
This is not a normal reaction fanfic I added some things so basically its my au Kiyo will be ooc Timeline y1 vol 3 after island exam
Classroom of the Elite - SS (Character Interactions) by man-has-no-name
Classroom of the Elite - SS (Chara...by A man has no name
Just a fanfic of Classroom of the Elite which has collection of interaction between different characters. Also there is a after 5 years arc, I'll continue that arc if I...
Theater Room : Classroom of The Elite Reaction by Seeanyui
Theater Room : Classroom of The El...by Seeennnn
A shocking and disconcerting event occurs which befell the students and the entire staff of Advanced Nurturing High School, after awakening from a stupor, the students a...
Classroom Of the elite-your typical cliche reaction. Oh, and Oneshots too by MightyAsmodeus
Classroom Of the elite-your typica...by BigFrog
Its just as the title said. A typical cliche COTE reaction fic with all the years+Horikita Manabu and Tachibana senpai+teachers,tsukishiro,Papayanagi,Ayanopapa(maybe) Ma...
White Room Masterpiece : The Reaction by ejjs27
White Room Masterpiece : The React...by Jasmine Sky
The entire 2nd year were informed to go to the gymnasium for an important announcement, but when they arrived, they met a figure, and with a snap, isolated the group fro...
White Room Burned Down [Rebooted] by MimikyuZ
White Room Burned Down [Rebooted]by RLFilms
An Alternate Reality where the White Room is burned down making Ayanokounji Kiyotaka roam the world 1 year earlier when he enrolled to ANHS than the original reality. Ki...
OP Kiyone COTE by Nagavignesh
OP Kiyone COTEby Nagavignesh
*WARNING* Kiyone (female Kiyotaka) will be very very OP , has impossible and inhumane abilities such as calculating all possible positions in chess(which is impossible...
Youkoso, to The reaction by PeterTheDemon
Youkoso, to The reactionby Lord Peter
A reaction cote fanfic story. Take place in vol 2 year 2, after golden weak, the students in grade 2 were teleported to an unknown place by some creature
Classroom Of The Elite : Reaction fic by Blackbeastincarnate
Classroom Of The Elite : Reaction...by Y2jchris downtown
I am just writing this for fun .English is not my first language so there will be grammar mistakes . I hope you guys enjoy it. Ayanokouji will be OCC. This happens right...
Why don't you try and leave me? by Oshi_Oshi_Oshi
Why don't you try and leave me?by Oshi_Oshi_Oshi
"I hate you Kiyotaka. Why are you doing this?" Kei screamed, with her ocean blue eyes brimming with fresh tears. "Because I want to." Kiyotaka answer...
COTE  :  All  Out by 12_TimeZ
COTE : All Outby I'm Timez
So basically it's a story where Kiyo doesn't hold back (duh). There will be differences between this and the original story. English is not my native language and this i...
Perfectly Defective (Classroom Of The Elite X Reader) by resevoir315
Perfectly Defective (Classroom Of...by Resevoir
Y/N has a dark past filled with violence, scheming, and manipulation. In the pursuit of a changed lifestyle, Y/N enrolls in Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High S...
Classroom of the Elite: Oneshots and Future reactions by Weeeeeeeeeeeeb69
Classroom of the Elite: Oneshots a...by Weeb69
I've always wanted to COTE fanfiction myself and I have some stories to write but I have zero writing experience, so that is why I'm starting this reaction fic (I wanted...
Classroom of the elite: Reacts by Kushi312
Classroom of the elite: Reactsby Kushi
Kiyotaka just finished with the special exam of the island and now is teleported to another world where they will be seeing it from a different perspective. What will th...
COTE Reactions by _zetsubo
COTE Reactionsby _zetsubo
How to get a lot of reads? Easy, write a reaction fic. it's A reaction fic based on two different universes one is the main and the other is a universe where Ayanokouji...
Classroom Of The Elite SS: I wish moments like these will last longer by Crisostomo_416
Classroom Of The Elite SS: I wish...by Crisostomo_416
This will focus on KiyoKei relationship. Kiyotaka and his classmates are now 3rd years and their class successfully ends up as Class A. Before the graduation, ANHS decid...
A fanfic about a gyaru girl who's down bad for the quiet kid by ZuraJanai_Katsura_Da
A fanfic about a gyaru girl who's...by Zura!
KiyoKei. No Anhs. No White Room Lazy title? Yep. Fully Slice of Life Just writing to pass the time And making KiyoKei the ship, cuz as far as ik she's getting clowned a...
Classroom of the Elite Reaction: Past and Future by kiyopooooonn
Classroom of the Elite Reaction: P...by kiyopooooonn
In the blink of an eye, everyone in the ship disappears. Gone. Except for the students of Metropolitan Advance Nurturing High School. There are students, but not one sin...
The Remedy For My Darkness by Grace_sama
The Remedy For My Darknessby Akira
The title may seem cheesy, but hear me out! Kei Karuizawa is a 3rd year Middle school student of Kitsu Junior High School, Osaka. She is known to be cheerful by her par...