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(COMPLETED)He Was, She Was [Austin Moon/Ross Lynch Remake] by smolathenabug
(COMPLETED)He Was, She Was [Austin...by olivia_maureen.jpg
"Falling in love is for chumps," Kathryn snorted. Ally started giggling, and she looked her way. "What? What's so interesting this time?" Ally adjust...
I'm Married To A Mafia Boss (SEASON 1) by zzelinejaiii
I'm Married To A Mafia Boss (SEASO...by Soheila
What would you do if you were married to a mafia boss and one of the richest man in the world? Are you willing to sacrifice your life just to be with him? Or not? If you...
agatha harkness one-shots by xfknhopex
agatha harkness one-shotsby 🦋
one-shot book of your favorite witch, Agatha Harkness, of course 💜 - agatha harkness x reader (r goes by the she/her pronoun) - wandavision maybe ended but not my obses...
Teamiplier Preferences by DokixLoki
Teamiplier Preferencesby <3
You knnoowww... Includes! - Mark - Ethan - Tyler - Amy - Kathryn - Jack (chapter 23+) - Felix (chapter 23+) May have some slight mature themes. Nothing serious though. (...
My Heartless Husband by LilyMhel
My Heartless Husbandby Lily Mhel
Kathryn was abused and forced to marry the man she didn't love. But, when they live together there still no differences because her husband still hurt her. Will the fate...
Kathryn Hahn (REQUESTS OPEN) by bluewolf700211
Kathryn Hahn (REQUESTS OPEN)by bluewolf700211
REQUESTS OPEN So as the title says this is going to be a book for one shots about Kathryn Hahn. These could be just her in general or her characters. You can send me r...
Notice - A KathNiel Story by chancesandestiny
Notice - A KathNiel Storyby chancesandestiny
Will Kathryn Bernardo ever get her true love back despite her past? Will they notice their love for each other or just be blind to each other?
ShadowCat And The X-Men(Book 2) by Evane15
ShadowCat And The X-Men(Book 2)by Evane15
Humans always had the need to interact with each other and make relationships. But truth is, relationships are fragile and need full attention, because in a split secon...
caregiver • amyplier [complete] by MULTlVERSE
caregiver • amyplier [complete]by .
In which, Mark is a Little and has trouble telling his friends, but as he does, they realize he's not the only one. ~ MAKE SURE TO READ THE DISCLAIMER. ~ ʜɪɢʜᴇsᴛ ʀᴀɴᴋɪɴɢ...
My Best Friend's Heart (GirlxGirl) by CSwartz
My Best Friend's Heart (GirlxGirl)by CSwartz
Kathryn and Natalie have been friends for at least five years. They work together where Kathryn is an accountant and Natalie is her secretary, although Natalie acts like...
ShadowCat And The X-Men (Book 1) by Evane15
ShadowCat And The X-Men (Book 1)by Evane15
The story talks about a defensive, aggressive and lonely girl, Kathryn Pryde, who has lost hope in humanity.But under her cold expression, there is a soft, caring person...
Behind The Photographs by mayariwrites
Behind The Photographsby JOYCE
This is a collection of KathNiel one-shot stories. Get ready to fall in love with Kathryn and Daniel all over again.
Murder Yours Truly by alyssalone
Murder Yours Trulyby Alyssa C Marchitto
A few years after her parents died, Kathryn joins a local police force so maybe people like herself wouldn't have to suffer. ...she's not Batman, she carries a firearm s...
An Old Friend - A Teamiplier Fanfiction (Teamiplier x Reader)  by mythicalfanfics
An Old Friend - A Teamiplier Fanfi...by mythicalfanfics
Many friends, as they get older, grow apart from eachother and hardly ever rekindle their old friendships. This seemed like the case for (Y/N) (L/N) who was an old...
teamiplier preferences  by http-trainwreck
teamiplier preferences by http-trainwreck
preferences of amy, mark, kathryn, ethan, & tyler please request something !!
More Than a Monster - Vampire!Markiplier x Reader by Joan-of-Stars
More Than a Monster - Vampire!Mark...by Joan-of-Stars
You and the team are the best thing that has ever happened to him. He's determined not to lose you to his curse.
KathNiel Facts 2016 by dimpledz30
KathNiel Facts 2016by Ems
You want to know more about KathNiel and be updated ? Add this book on your Library, read, comment and support it. Note[!] Only KathNiel Fans are allowed to rea...
Behind The Church by hayleyweedkiller
Behind The Churchby hWeedkiller
Our story has had it's bumpy roads and sharp turns. But we stuck together since the beginning. We've been through hell and back and we still manage to see the brightside...
Pack Law (Fated Series: Book3) by steamyhot
Pack Law (Fated Series: Book3)by SteamyHot
***coming soon*** Kathryn and Joel Rifkin's Story