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A completely chaotic continuation of "Kaylor: The Timeline" by GarlicNo3695
A completely chaotic continuation...by
This fanfic of a fanfic is brought to you by me, an extremely average person, and writer, desperate to continue the fic. Will it be as detail oriented and accurate? No. ...
Coney Island  by Bless_My_Toe
Coney Island by Bless_My_Toe
It's been seven years since Karlie Kloss broke Taylor's heart. What will happen when they see each other again? This is the result of no sleep 🤣 This is fiction. I dont...
Kaylor: Perfect Storms by Bekka_n12
Kaylor: Perfect Stormsby Bekka_n12
Singer- songwriter Taylor Swift has never been particularly lucky in love, so much so that she has become a lonely shadow of herself. However when she sees an old acquai...
But now i'm bleeding. by Claredespoon1
But now i'm bleeding.by Claredespoon1
What if fate decided to intervene? What if the biggest mistakes could be erased? Would she even realise it in time?
Kaylor Jokes (Collection) by BukuTerbang
Kaylor Jokes (Collection)by F.Giman
This is a collection of Kaylor jokes. I saved all the dirtiest jokes for you. Enjoy! Do you get the jokes? Thanks for 10K readers. Thanks for reading and support and vo...
you belong with me || karlie kloss x taylor swift by xxdesaphi
you belong with me || karlie kloss...by esme
karlie kloss is the cheer captain. taylor swift is known as the lesbian who has an obsession with karlie kloss. need i say more? kaylor au inspired by the song, "Yo...
Kaylor Jokes Book II by BukuTerbang
Kaylor Jokes Book IIby F.Giman
This is the second book series of Kaylor Jokes FanFiction. Thanks to readers who read my first series. Hope you enjoy the collection of Kaylor Jokes and Kaylor's Art Wor...
Her Midnight's  by swityfan13
Her Midnight's by Alix
A Kaylor (Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss) fanfiction Love story of two best friends
Afire Love by Evil_Narcotics
Afire Loveby Evil_Narcotics
It is customary of human nature to commit mistakes. People say our mistakes define who we are today, what we will be tomorrow. But some mistakes, a result of erratic and...
Mending A Storm by Leanetjie
Mending A Stormby Leané
Karlie got married and Taylor still loves her. How will things work out for the both of them?
Hugo and Taylor one shots.  by Bless_My_Toe
Hugo and Taylor one shots. by Bless_My_Toe
This is going to be a collection of Taylor and Hugo one shots since everyone seems to adore them togther.
you'll go on with the show || kaylor by thenotefromthelocket
you'll go on with the show || kayl...by r
Checking through her fan mail, Taylor bumps into seven letters addressed to a certain Dorothea. After being suggested to send them back for wrong addressing, she decides...
Sparks Fly by Kaylor2495
Sparks Flyby Kaylor2495
Karlie is a part-time model and student at NYU who falls for her neighbor, the mysterious musician, Taylor. When sparks start to fly between the two, the question is: wi...
afterglow // kaylor oneshots by fallfrovmgrace
afterglow // kaylor oneshotsby sofi
A collection of short stories about Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift, inspired by songs or lyrics from Lover.
Daylight (Kaylor) by intheafterglow
Daylight (Kaylor)by intheafterglow
Two black sheep found each other and somehow that was everything. Struggles with mental health are easier with someone you love by your side. Kaylor au
You Are in Love | Kaylor by chaengsfavstrawberry
You Are in Love | Kaylorby G.J 💗
Something tangible, something very visceral and real. Yet absolutely terrifying. Love. And heartbreak. Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss' secret romance crashes into burnin...
Avalanche [Kaylor] by florencerose22
Avalanche [Kaylor]by Flo
Hello! My first Kaylor fic! As the release date for Reputation grows closer, Taylor becomes terrified that her and Karlie's relationship will be put under threat..
I Feel Glorious by Lickenty
I Feel Gloriousby Lickenty
Gloria befriends Taylor Swift at her concert. However, soon she discovers that she not only has feelings for Taylor but also her secret girlfriend Karlie Kloss. Will the...
Open Your Eyes (Kaylor) by kaylorbakes
Open Your Eyes (Kaylor)by kaylorbakes
Sometimes we have to get lost to find each other. Kaylor AU