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Kpop Imagines (Mostly BTS) by namjunism
Kpop Imagines (Mostly BTS)by NMJN
Hi! This is a book dedicated to all of you fangirls out there! Anyone can request. I'll try to write your requested imagines the best I can! Copyright © 2015 knjmyg. All...
The Cutting Edge by chromatix
The Cutting Edgeby Amber
Small town girl Song Hyejin grew up with a pair of scissors in her hand, spending her high school days in her father's barber shop cutting crew cuts for young men who we...
There are Many Flowers in Seoul by ClarissaNorth
There are Many Flowers in Seoulby Clarissa North
Nineteen-year-old Rose Porter-Abe had everything a teen could want, except for a life of her own. The daughter of a fashion designer and an actor, Rose finds herself los...
backstreet [ a sik-k ff ] by saranghaltende
backstreet [ a sik-k ff ]by bbi bbi
I was a trainee at that time, he was already an artist himself. Now that my 3 years dating ban agreement end, we can publish that we have something.
Masters of the Sea by chromatix
Masters of the Seaby Amber
Lee Sol was a princess of the Baekje kingdom, her ethereal beauty unrivalled by any other in all the land. She grew up thinking that she would marry the boy she grew up...
The Chancellor and I by chromatix
The Chancellor and Iby Amber
When seasoned con woman Baek Suhyun wakes up on a hospital bed with a crowd of unfamiliar faces weeping tears of joy and telling her that she's the crown princess of thi...
Red String by chromatix
Red Stringby Amber
A novice cupid needs to help a girl and a ghost fulfil their romantic destiny after he mistakenly ties one end of the red string to the wrong boy. ***** What happens w...
My Husband is an Idol by MelissaFu
My Husband is an Idolby Melissa Fu
How can I know that my husband is an idol and he keeps a secret for months? I'm Jasmine, a poor girl that has been "trapped" in summer love with an Idol from S...
vision | winwin. by Moon-Tama
vision | winwin.by Kiya-chan
the story of the guy with a disability, dong si cheng. a reader x winwin story.
Bad Mood by gadisorigami
Bad Moodby Mei
Han Yeon Ji selalu membutuhkan waktu tidur lebih banyak saat awal periode datang bulannya, akibat hal itu ia datang terlambat ke kantor. Mood-nya yang sudah buruk semaki...
smile » namjin by swaegvmina
smile » namjinby miaomiao.mina
he was the light in his eyes, the reason he smiled, the source of his happiness. "one last time he curved his lips into a beautiful smile." one shot namjoonxjin
Faded Visions | Ten by mokshayo
Faded Visions | Tenby mokshayo
"What do you think happens when someone dies?" - she asked. I'm not sure but I'll tell you what I'll do... - he paused, smiling - I'll still annoy the heck out...
My Break-up Boyfriend by noprinceaurora
My Break-up Boyfriendby Kelp
He waited for four long years to be with her. She loved him for four long years but he left her alone. Is he only a rebound, or is he the one true love?
Experiencing Love. by alycsapt_
Experiencing Love.by Alicia Naomi Saptajaya.
MIN HYUK Melihatnya ketika istirahat setiap saat merupakan sebuah kesenangan sendiri untukku. Dan karena sebuah kejadian yang aku sendiri tidak mengerti bagaimana bisa t...
Destiny's Ways | Infinite Woohyun [Completed] by veezmom
Destiny's Ways | Infinite Woohyun...by Cris Marie
"The two most misused words in the entire English vocabulary are Love and Friendship." - Larry Flynt _ _ _ _ _ _ Where Woohyun c...
MOMENT by notsweeticetea
"Aku tidak tau kalau kita bisa sedekat ini." "Bukannya kita memang sudah sedekat ini dari dulu?" Chanyeol menatapku, dengan mata yang besinar. Kuras...
Designer  by lavender_coffeee
Designer by lavender_coffeee
Kim Eun Ae aways wanted to be fashion designer. She spend her whole live working at her grandma's tailors shop trying to somehow find her way into the fashion industry...