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All Too Domestic by imaghostboy
All Too Domesticby Ghost_boys
kier/dev fluff short and sweet cross-posted on ao3 my main account Ghost_boys_are_my_friends
ColorCrew Lovers by Gpuggy80
ColorCrew Loversby Gpuggy80
A story of a couple of guys falling in love. No yaoi or smut. Just Crack and Fluff. Based on YouTubers, Kier and Dev, YelloWool, and Boosfer plus a few others. Kier and...
The Notion of Calamity (Kier+Dev) by Axen_Ace
The Notion of Calamity (Kier+Dev)by Axen_Ace
He hummed some new song he had come up with as we ate. It fascinated me, and I was excited to hear him finally sing it. I had gotten the entire tune in play. I giggled t...
WMC Radio (ColorCrew+) Rewriting, Read To....2nd Chapter? by Axen_Ace
WMC Radio (ColorCrew+) Axen_Ace
Color Crew+ Fanfic Realistic Manhunt Cover is a edited google image. Descriptions of gore and other violent things. Top Rankings Ever: #3 in Kier #14 in Manhunt #3 in Bo...
ColorCrew Survival by ItzBlip
ColorCrew Survivalby ItzBlip
An apocalyptic x SAO type beat. A group of 8 minecraft youtubers are teleported into their game unknowingly of eachothers whereabouts. They must all learn to survive aga...
I Never Forgot (Complete) by ImThyKilljoy
I Never Forgot (Complete)by Killjoy
Those eyes. Those blue eyes. Those icy blue eyes belonging to my brother I never forgot. They were the key to my better life. To my happiness. To my family and where I b...
she's  the most powerful princess {Editing} by Rheaxhoshi
she's the most powerful Cypher GIRLS
babae na kailanman d nya ipinangarap at wala sa kanyang ikinaugalian na mangarap na isa syang.....
'Obsessed' Kier AU | Colorcrew by AsherIsTired
'Obsessed' Kier AU | Colorcrewby Killer
"Kier has been friends with Dev for a while, he's always been a bit clingy in even his own opinion, but he couldn't exactly help it. He has always been scared to lo...
vanished  by Principalker
vanished by Princi palki
idea and photos belong to @sharkruins on tweet. I recommend checking them! English isn't my first language so there are some mistakes Holy shi #1 in Kier???
DreamSMP/MCYT Fun Stories by Mya_IsNotOnFire
DreamSMP/MCYT Fun Storiesby MyaIsHere
Fun Made Up or Inspired Stories. A lot of these stories were Written before the New DSMP Members, Season 2 (?) Lore, Some Birthdays, and before Some Minors Turned 18, etc
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"He's gone." - A Color Crew Fanfiction by YourLeastFavStories
"He's gone." - A Color Crew YourLeastFavStories
Color Crew is a group of friends who loved to adventure together. During one of their fights, Kier mysteriously went missing. The remaining friends searched high and low...
Next Avengers: The Flight of the Hawk by shapeshiftergirl5
Next Avengers: The Flight of the Quinn
Do you know what it's like to be unmade? Since Ultron's defeat and the mutant genocide, the Next Avengers have been trying to restore the world to its former glory in t...
I Love You, I'm Sorry by BlackEnWhiteII
I Love You, I'm Sorryby Weyn0417
Do i even have the right to be happy, After i said to her I LOVE YOU, but she answered I'M SORRY.
Latarnik by aleksandrapolakautor
Latarnikby aleksandrapolakautor
Opowieść o latarniku, który zmienia życie mężczyzny zapatrzonego w sprawy materialne. O pięknie natury i o docenianiu chwili, która przemija na zawsze. Darmowe opowiadan...
Minecraft Manhunt but Different | ColorCrew by AsherIsTired
Minecraft Manhunt but Different | Killer
"A group of friends decide it gets a bit boring now and then so they make a world just for themselves to play something like a game of tag, but with multiple tagger...
Oceans between us  by maddiesflame
Oceans between us by jenna
Finding your soulmate is never an easy task, some may never even have the privilege of finding one. Billy and Kier were lucky enough to find each other in a sea of lost...
We Beg of You by iamyoursugar
We Beg of Youby A Watchful Friend...
A small but close knit group of students find out that ghosts are entirely real. Unfortunately, they realise this in the worst way possible... Fearless Vampire Killers/C...
until our next eclipse,my moon by amariserene
until our next eclipse,my moonby yae.
(ON-GOING) "Elleithyia Cassandra Francisco,the girl who always choose others before herself" Lagi nyang pinipili ang ikakasaya ng iba kahit pa ito ay ikakaduro...
'The devotion you give, down on aching knees.' (Keveridge Oneshots) by ready-to-live
'The devotion you give, down on Katie
A bunch of Keveridge oneshots that will be updated whenever. They will include the real life members and the Grandomina concept from the albums. Enjoy <3
The Space Between the Stars by Edie71
The Space Between the Starsby Jean
"Join me, Madame Light, and rule the world." - Madame Darkness Moxxi is a woman with a frozen past, meaning she is living in it. When the sun starts calling to...