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Just Reality by Nooneasked007
Just Realityby Nooneasked007
Handling the fall of one of the FBI's most respected Agents, and a mentor of the program, the Naturals finally find a way to move on. Although Kathleen, the niece of the...
Killer Instinct: Carrie Unleashed by LunarAquarius
Killer Instinct: Carrie Unleashedby LunarAquarius
"Carrie had an ability, but she was a person, not a monster. She had hopes and fears, and we pushed her. You can only push a person so far before they break." ...
MISSING LINK》t. briggs & v. stirling by TheBestWall
MISSING LINK》t. briggs & v. TheBestWall
THREE CASINOS • THREE BODIES •THREE DAYS Felicity Elizabeth Briggs isn't normal. Not that being the daughter of two renowned FBI agents was ever "normal" but...
Fenrir's Binding: The Queen and The Barbarian by Evolution-500
Fenrir's Binding: The Queen and Evolution-500
Two broken people from two different worlds cross paths on the Isle of Demons. Queen Maeve, an embittered and disillusioned member of The Seven searching for meaning as...
What If We Were Real?: A Natural Fanfiction by Leia653
What If We Were Real?: A Natural Leia653
What if there was a place where serial killers and crime scenes became part of a normal conversation between teenagers? Where it wasn't weird to be watching prison inter...
By the Pale Moonlight: Sabrewulf Male Reader x Hellsing Ultimate Harem by OverlordAKX
By the Pale Moonlight: Sabrewulf OverlordAKX
Living deep within the mysterious Mondlicht Forest located in Britain is a vicious, relentless, and bloodthirsty beast known as Sabrewulf. The legends say that if anyone...
Inlove with my Bestfriend ( Bryson Tiller ) by urban_stories__
Inlove with my Bestfriend ( GangstaGangsta
Growing up bryanna didn't get much attention from boys because she wasn't the Type of female to put herself out there she was classy and never trashy of course she has i...
Izuku's Tiger Spirit(Deku x Yaoyorozu) by TevinMoore92
Izuku's Tiger Spirit(Deku x Tevin Lashawn Moore
After Midoriya was saved by All Might from the Sludge villain, All Might told Midoriya that he couldn't be a hero without a quirk. Broken but yet defeated, Izuku decided...
MHA x Killer Instinct: Izuku the Tiger Warrior by TevinMoore92
MHA x Killer Instinct: Izuku the Tevin Lashawn Moore
Izuku Midoriya...A boy with an inspiring dreams of becoming a hero and save others with a smile just like his hero and idol All Might. But as always, his status as quirk...
Gleipnir: Fulgore by GriffinGower
Gleipnir: Fulgoreby Griffin Gower
After the defeat of Gargos, Fulgore was testing a dimensional teleporter for Ultratech, but the test goes wrong and sends Fulgore into the world of Gleipnir. how will Ul...
DBX3: Blue vs Riptor by Omega0999
DBX3: Blue vs Riptorby Monstrous Theropod
Jurassic World vs Killer Instinct Raptors, They are swift and deadly dinosaurs, but these two are the Deadliest of their species, who will get claw-slashed, Blue, the L...
Killer Instinct by AlexisWHarvey
Killer Instinctby A.W.Harvey
Winter is going to find that so much has changed. Her friends aren't friends, her mate isn't who he says he is, and the story of her parents is much different than ever...
All Stars Fighting Tournament by Nelsongoken
All Stars Fighting Tournamentby Nelson
When M. Bison decided to join forces with Rugal Barnstein, you get the biggest Fighting Tournament the world has ever seen.
Taak Krodha by Evolution-500
Taak Krodhaby Evolution-500
A troubled Jago returns home to his temple, only to find something disturbing waiting for him within. Oneshot
Everlasting Child: The Story of Hisako by Evolution-500
Everlasting Child: The Story of Evolution-500
Following the massacre of her village, a gravely injured Chiharu goes on a search for the missing children through the woods, only to find something waiting for her. Wit...
Killer Instinct by NeveyKarma
Killer Instinctby NeveyKarma
After an attempt on his life, Kieran is forcefully saved by a girl named Zoey.
DESCRIPTION The year is 2077... The world is not ruled by government. But instead ruled by powerful corporations with powerful militaries and technology. All fighting fo...
promps/story outlines by TammyBrown026
promps/story outlinesby Tammy Brown
something i had to delete from another site. Mixed fandoms and characters ideas up for grabs to work from or give you an idea.
Riptor and RWBY: the weapon of Remnant by ReaderGodzilla
Riptor and RWBY: the weapon of Godzilla Reader
Note: i do not own RWBY and Killer Instinct they belong to their respective owners