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Robot by Aurora808
Robotby Aurora
A scientist works to develop a harmless robot designed for industrial work in a factory, but something goes wrong and the robot created is a deadly machine with only one...
Love and the Assassin by chi_books
Love and the Assassinby
killing is his job. policing is her duty. is love a possibility?
Killer Bee by concelia
Killer Beeby concelia
"Olivia I love you" he whispers in my ear and then kisses my neck. Olivia, the Donna of you Bennett Mafia Society, known to be disciplined and kind but also a...
Kid fights by Rambey7
Kid fightsby Julian
This is a story about gangfights where people let their kids fight their wars.
World at War by RyeWrld
World at Warby RyeWrld
The year is 2055 Robots have taken over world there are few less survivors on planet Earth It's up to 4 survivors to save earth or All humanities will be erased
Open by LunaKayCrest
Openby FireyTundra
An assassin's journey out to kill traitors for personal quarrels that happened in the past. There is nothing sweeter than the sweet smell of cold-blooded revenge.
Of Black and Red by PortalMusician0
Of Black and Redby PortalMusician0
Hello, death. I've been waiting. Did I do well this time?
Killing Machine by Black_Robbed_Angel
Killing Machineby Black_Robbed_Angel
A city where killing is legal, if you kill your powerful and if you don't, it's either you'll die or your powerless. A city where people sell thier bodies to those powe...
The bloody hunter by Drexz09
The bloody hunterby sabby drexz
A girl who experiences tragedy in her village and turn's into a death machine seeking for revenge ,she ends up with blood of her own kind ,where as she's the chosen one...
Skin of Silver [The witch trilogy book I] by Daradity
Skin of Silver [The witch Daradity
At only 9 years old Xena had killed her best friend, Liam, by accident. She was born a witch - something they were all oblivious to. At the age of 9, her powers had sudd...
The Mysterious Badass by LittleQueen1605
The Mysterious Badassby LittleQueen1605
Devan St.Claire is the new girl. She doesn't talk much, she loves to cause trouble, she fights a lot, and she's an assassin. She was abandoned by her family at the age o...
           IN YOUR FACE GANGLEADER  by jkookielover123
IN YOUR FACE GANGLEADER by jkookielover123
What happens when the most handsomly ficious gangleader meets the the most cutest girl he ever laid eyes on but what he doesnt...