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The Innocent Bystander (PowerfulM!Reader x Kill La Kill) by kdog2201
The Innocent Bystander ( kdog2201
Meet (Y/N), the most powerful hero on earth... that no one has ever heard of. He's done it all, slay monsters, avert disasters, and save the planet and if there is one t...
Art Of The Elite (Kill La Kill x Male Reader) by KUDUPACHI
Art Of The Elite (Kill La Kill x KUDU
(Y/N) Sorausagi, a man with great sense of art set his eyes upon The Honnoji Academy where he'll undergo many obstacles in his path to seek out the information behind hi...
Yandere Honnōji Academy x Male Reader by Rugged_Noodle
Yandere Honnōji Academy x Male Senpai Noodle
Not particularly good at yandere stories but we'll see...
Elite (Kill La Kill x Male Reader) by omegaman004
Elite (Kill La Kill x Male Reader)by o
During the first few years of his life, (Y/N)(L/N) lived happy and wealthy. But a series of unfortunate events led to him living in the slums of Honnou City. That's unti...
Gmod Player X Kill La Kill by imabread108
Gmod Player X Kill La Killby Kayden
Do I even need to add descriptions about this book?
(Male reader x Kill La Kill) May your heart be your guiding key by Jerenm19
(Male reader x Kill La Kill) May Big J
This is the second story that I was planning to write about. I really hope y'all like Kingdom hearts/Kill la Kill coz with the way I'm doing it, things will get funky. A...
The Vice-President (Male Reader x KILL La KILL ) by eyesoftheFUTURE
The Vice-President (Male Reader Eyes
Satsuki Kiryuin, President of the Honnouji Academy Student Counsel, keeps four very powerful allies at her side known as the Elite Four. They hold a special position at...
Dance Of Death (Ryuko Matoi X Male Reader) by _52xddd
Dance Of Death (Ryuko Matoi X El Ayudador de Pibes
A Ryuko Matoi X Male Reader story that takes place after the whole event of the main series of Kill la Kill Y/n here is not the cocky, tough guy, over powered , always...
Y/N vs Union by DJMM15
Y/N vs Unionby Vortex’s Multiverse
This isn't a part two of Y/N Sparda vs Union no this is something different this will be an area we're you will be different kind of Y/N's abs in each fight you'll fight...
Kill La Kill The Red, The Blue And The Dragon by BlazeDX7
Kill La Kill The Red, The Blue BraeonX2
Goku uniforms, made to enhance the physicals of whomever wears them. And Kamui, made entirely out of Life Fibers. They can enhance the physical and mental of the user to...
A Spider That Once Was A Rose (Slow Update) by JMAN887
A Spider That Once Was A Rose ( J-MAN
This is a Rewrite of An Abused Spider by @SpiderChiper. I don't own RWBY, Marvel, or Kill La Kill and any of the image and music that is use in this story P.S. And there...
The H'riko Chef by Tempest68
The H'riko Chefby Tempest68
A normal kid with a normal life, all he wanted to do was run his mothers restaurant. Ever since he was a baby, he has been in the kitchen more then school, a playground...
Male Godzilla x Kill La Lill by MewtwoReader
Male Godzilla x Kill La Lillby MewtwoReader
As Godzilla, you are transported into the world of Kill La Kill via Wormhole device by the Japanese Military. How will your being there effect the story? Lets find out.
Light Shadow (Discontinued) by QuiestcelaVie
Light Shadow (Discontinued)by Qu’est-ce que la vie?
After losing his adoptive mother and adoptive sister/wife, Y/N L/N must continue down the path to become a Professional Hero in a world much colder and darker without th...
Multiverse of Y/N by blaszczu2500
Multiverse of Y/Nby blaszczu2500
Feeling bored and having nothing better to do, B and Q, two of the twenty six watchers of the Multiverse, bring a couple of groups of people from various universes into...
The Journey Of A Knucklehead-McSpazitron (Kill La Kill x Male Reader) by Luigi5678
The Journey Of A Luigi5678
Y/N L/N is a "normal" guy with a "normal" life, but there is a secret that he keeps hidden from the public... His life is literally a videogame altho...
Let Me Warm You - A Kill La Kill Fanfiction by zephyrexvii
Let Me Warm You - A Kill La Kill zephyrexvii
It has been a while since Ragyo's attempted plan to turn the world into a cocoon and the planet is mostly back to normal...... except the only person that has life fibre...
Kill La Kill: The Tiger Mercenary by Zillaworld
Kill La Kill: The Tiger Mercenaryby ZillaWorld
(I do not own Kill La Kill) Futa oc x Ryuko Matio and Satsuki Kiryuin
Union's Double Nightmare by PatrickEstvo
Union's Double Nightmareby Patrick Estêvão
A young boy named Kenji Lee was neglected by his parents and bullied by the Union students. His uncle took him in and trained him to become a vigilante who kills both vi...
Union: Return of Cobra! by WAMred
Union: Return of Cobra!by William_Meaux
It been twenty years since the downfall of Cobra. And it been 18 years since Gi Joe disbanded. Now Union, the academy of heroes, face the return of Cobra being lead by n...