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COTE react to Elite Minus by MCPELuisTuican
COTE react to Elite Minusby MCPELuis Tuican
It was just another day in ANHS. But suddenly everyone was transported in a theater room and before them was a mischevious god who wanted to show them the acts of the mo...
Twin Demons (Classroom of the Elite and Assassination Classroom crossover) by jirubywrites
Twin Demons (Classroom of the jirubywrites
Akabane Karma and Ayanokoji Kiyotaka were known to be the best amongst the 4th generation of White Room students. Both were equal in their abilities, and none could comp...
The King and his Queen (Ayanokouji x Kiryuin) by Nightcore-Senpai
The King and his Queen ( Nightcore Senpai
So this is an Ayanokouji x Kiryuin (Kiyotaka x Fuka) Fanfic. Plus Kiyotaka will be using his abilities. This is my first time writing and english is not my first languag...
The White Bird's Saving Grace (COTE X Spy x Family) by ReiSelrahk
The White Bird's Saving Grace ( H.R. Cucumber 💀
"What do I intend to do with my life? Live it. By any means necessary... and protect those who make it worth it." That was the conclusion Ayanokouji Kiyotaka c...
What if? Ayanokouji of Class C by timothy_g2
What if? Ayanokouji of Class Cby Ayanokoujibro
I'll try and make ayanokouji act like he does in LN and will change a bit of the story such as the manabu confrontation and sudo case and all because he in class c.
The Soldier and the Empress by Dragon86411
The Soldier and the Empressby Dragon86411
On her travels conquering other schools, Satsuki Kiryuin recruits another loyal and trustful subject into her elites: Kai Tadasuki. This subject is deeply in love with S...
Kamen Rider Zio En Kill la Kill by AndresJhonson2019
Kamen Rider Zio En Kill la Killby Jose Andres Avila Ramirez
Tokiwa Sougo es enviado a otra dimencion conocera a nuevos amigos y nuevos enemigos a los que se enfrentaran en su nuevo viaje
Classroom of the Elite: BLACKOUT by stertrix_
Classroom of the Elite: BLACKOUTby stertrix_
An alternative timeline where the Demon of the 4th Demonic Generation, Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, successfully completed his 15-year curriculum back in the institution known as...
A highschool smart delinquent guy named Mahiru Asagiri finds himself as a girl in the body of Horikita Suzune. He is troubled at first as he finds himself in a bus than...
COTE : The Three Great Powers by Haleyalitz14
COTE : The Three Great Powersby Haleyalitz14
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka the masterpiece created by his father. decided to escape from the birdcage called the White room. After 2 years of being chased by his father, he...
The Blood of a Hero (Kill la Kill x Izuku Midoriya) by Russelkier
The Blood of a Hero (Kill la Tired Boi
In Japan, there is an academy called Honnouji Academy. In this academy, all of the students wear different outfits yet those clothes possesses great power. But somethin...
Classroom of the Elite - Lost Memories by JinryuNaga
Classroom of the Elite - Lost JinryuNaga
Due to a terrible accident, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka loses his memories of everything in his past. Takes place after volume 7.5 Volume 8 will not happen as I need a space bet...
Honnoji's last defence  by Robert973112
Honnoji's last defence by Mysto127
The Vice President of Honnoji Academy was quite, different, to say the least compared to the elite four and Satsuki herself. One, he was respected considering the way he...
Classroom of the Elite: Unforeseen Disaster by DefinitionResearcher
Classroom of the Elite: DefinitionResearcher
OC x COTE (Kiyotaka will not be enrolled in this story) A new year at the Advanced Nurturing High School and with that new year comes a new group of students, 160 to be...
Next Time: Kamen Rider Geiz Kyuseishu Majesty by AndresJhonson2019
Next Time: Kamen Rider Geiz Jose Andres Avila Ramirez
Después de los sucesos de Kamen Rider Zio en Kill la Kill. Geiz Myokoin se embarcará en un camino en donde el tenga que decidir su propio destino. Convertirse en salvado...
The Elites who really, really, really, really, REALLY love you by Exotic_Animator
The Elites who really, really, Exotic_Animator
Kiyotaka Ayanokouji just wanted to have a regular high school life until he got blessed(cursed) by the God of Love, who tells him that he will find his soulmates in high...
Kill la Kill x Male reader insert by Mairettz
Kill la Kill x Male reader insertby Snowwy, The Remaining One
(Y/n) (L/n) is a 15 year old student recently transfered to Honnōji Academy, all he wants to do is avenge the death of the only person who seemed to give him a chance, h...
Loss by Jackal-san
Lossby Prizma
An accident suddenly robbed Ryuuko Kiryuin of her hearing. Without it she can't fight and with the whole world against her, that's not easy. Will she learn to cope or gi...
uto no prince sama fanfic *sexual content* by ChickenNoodleSoup01
uto no prince sama fanfic * Jenna_The_BTS_Fan
a new girl named mana urabe transfers to a new school and meets the boys. then she finds out she has magic. and all the boys fall in love with her who will win mana's he...