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TFP:A Tyrant's Love(A Megatron lovestory) by Lady_Nightfall
TFP:A Tyrant's Love(A Megatron Lady_Nightfall
A love forbidden in the throes of war and a femme seeker playing the role of a loyal soldier towards her master. But what would happen if you catch the eyes of the infa...
A Predacons Partner by MoustacheMaybe
A Predacons Partnerby MoustacheMaybe
A predacon is bred inside shockwaves lab and is named Scales. But only one decepticon understands her,but who? And when she discovers who she is, who will help her then...
Prime Moon (Completed) by Miller5526
Prime Moon (Completed)by Miller5526
I'm Lilly, a 15 year old werewolf living in Jasper Nevada, and I know about the aliens. 47,320 words (I DO NOT OWN TRANSFORMERS OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS)
tfp oneshots (requests closed) by Monsterbunny04
tfp oneshots (requests closed)by CR4CKH34D_K1NG_04
ok this is my first time doing oneshots and yea....... 2021 me: it's crazy that it's been 4 years since I started this book
Transformers Prime Change Of Biology  by kathrynjacob
Transformers Prime Change Of kathrynjacob
-I do not own the pictures on the cover but for the sparkling knockout pic just pretend that is jack but different colours, it'll be in the first chapter- Jack gets take...
Our Child [Transformers] Decepticons x child OC  by FellFlatOnMyFace13
Our Child [Transformers] FellFlatOnMyFace13
A young girl named Daisy Everly who is 6, finds a secret she can never tell. Optimus her new guardian tries to keep her safe, but he didn't try hard enough. When she fin...
Transformers Prime One Shots by ggandop
Transformers Prime One Shotsby GG
So my love for Transformers surfaces once again...hey everybody! Just a bunch of one shots about Transformers Prime. Will include Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Bulk...
Unexpected (Knockout X OC Reader) by Midnight_433334
Unexpected (Knockout X OC Reader)by Midnight_433334
Her name is Elizabeth Star but her friends call her Liz. She's a 16 years old teenage girl going to Jasper Nevada Memorial High School. She's friends with Jack Darby, Mi...
Shockwave X Reader {Deception} by censorChandelier
Shockwave X Reader {Deception}by change
A romance story for our favorite scientist Shockwave! Shockwave X Reader ........................enjoy!or to not to!..... {this may seem way to quick maybe but...
Ratchet's Sparkling 🧡 Transformers Prime [Officially Discontinued] by DarkerStars
Ratchet's Sparkling 🧡 ⚡ꜱᴛᴀʀ ✨
•A TRANSFORMERS: PRIME FANFIC• Team Prime gains a new member when a lone sparkling is found in the clutches of the Decepticons. Unfortunately for Ratchet, the youngster...
Stars by CreatorWolfy
Starsby CreatorWolfy
Knockout and Raf were stuck on an island after a groundbridge malfunction. The con and Autobot human are going to have to work together to get out of there, as the islan...
Transformers Prime: The Decepticon Human's Return by SV9010
Transformers Prime: The SV9010
After the death of Enigma, the Deceptions have stopped at nothing to get revenge on the Autobot that killed her, Optimus Prime. With vengeance being the main goal, and m...
What if... (Starscream AU) by ISkyStreakerI
What if... (Starscream AU)by ^Streaker^
(The AU is set in TFP, with a mix of RiD. buttttt. Starscream is Knockout's Apprentice, with knockout as CMO (Chief Medical Officer) and breakdown just being alive. Im k...
Tfp, G1 and bayverse oneshots(Requests closed) by Multifandoms27
Tfp, G1 and bayverse oneshots( Multifandoms27
Universes: Tfp, bayverse, G1(until further notice) Lemons: Sometimes Fluff: Yes
(Requests Closed For now) Transformers x Reader One-shots Fluff (With pictures) by comicmaker12
(Requests Closed For now) Comicmaker12
Comicmaker12 from Wattpad All your favorites transformers characters in one book. Autobots and Decepticons. !Requests closed!
Broken by Shanix2056
Brokenby Shanix2056
Megatron has had enough of Knock Out's constant failures and decides to get rid of the medic once and for all.
What Is Light? by smileforSmilez
What Is Light?by Smilez
Knockout finds a being close to human but not quite. Other dimension shenanigans would follow suite.
Transformers X Reader by TFP_Endegemin
Transformers X Readerby KIKASS Endegemin
just u plus it favorite characters. I'm taking requests
-Freedom- by DarknessArising
-Freedom-by ArisingCradles
Fighting for Freedom. Who will Surivive?. Who will Die.? Who will Win..? --''------------''-----''---------''--- Dont own TFP, Belongs to Hasbro NOTE: Some Chacaters are...
tfp bloopers season 1 by soundwave-megatron
tfp bloopers season 1by ~soundwave-megatron~
bloopers made during the filming of transformers prime.