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Leo's Story by TheBestPuddin
Leo's Storyby TheBestPuddin
(( WARNING: if you are not a fan of rape, gay sex or furrys, feel free to leave.)) This story is a bout a young Otter named Leo. This is his story~
Knot Giving Up: An Omegaverse Reverse Harem Why Choose MMMMF Novel, RH Romance by Ghost_Writerx3
Knot Giving Up: An Omegaverse 𝔾𝕙𝕠𝕤𝕥
Eloise has been confined within an experimental facility, her existence shrouded in mystery. But as fate intervenes, she breaks free and collides with a pack, seeking th...
paw patrol sex adventures by Zumathelab
paw patrol sex adventuresby Zumathelab
Sex between all the members of paw patrol
My Secret by peacetaker123
My Secretby peacetaker123
Stiles has a secret. He is part fox and mage. He can also play the piano and can also sing. Stiles is also gay for Derek. Nobody knows, not even his father, his best fri...
Sotus Black by Sakura_D
Sotus Blackby Sakura_D
Sotus - Sotus Black Time never stops, moving and changing everything in its wake. Time they say, heals all pain. Makes you forget. Time has no hold on an immortal. Wound...
Head Hazer..! Mafia Head..!! by Kitsing0062x0206
Head Hazer..! Mafia Head..!!by Jaan
What will it be like when the head hazer always pick on you.. and you don't even know the reason..? Why does his presence always make me pick on him..?-- Arthit I did no...
Shattered Djinns by VTBonds
Shattered Djinnsby V.T. Bonds
Good vs evil never felt so filthy. Ever since I bought this thrift store ring, I've been having nightmares. Mood swings. Confusion. And orgasms in my sleep. When I find...
Salvaged Djinns by VTBonds
Salvaged Djinnsby V.T. Bonds
Good versus evil never felt so decadent. I fought. I lived. I lost. But I find hope in the darkness. With the help of a massive, cat-like deity, I'll bring my light back...
Epiphany Of Love by Kitsing0062x0206
Epiphany Of Loveby Jaan
What will a selfless child who can charm people with his smile, confront when he loses his beloved mother.. ? Will his father realize his arrogance towards his child or...
Signs of Falling In Love and How Arthit Rojnapat Missed Them By A Mile by sofa_patata_
Signs of Falling In Love and How Thiesbe
Through all of youth I was looking for you without knowing what I was looking for. - W.S. Merwin story inspired by Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Univer...
Supernatural Au, Draft of official Book by lunaclawthorn
Supernatural Au, Draft of Luna Clawthorne
(This is being rewritten, so think of this as the draft for the actual book) an original Au about supernatural beings, living amongst humans in this book, we'll dive int...
I am sorry( part 2)(completed) by ramyapa
I am sorry( part 2)(completed)by RP
Sequel to my another story 'I am sorry' . It's mostly focused on kids life. Some characters are my imaginations and some are from sotus Novel, bitter sweet author. I d...
IMPRINTED by alectheknight
IMPRINTEDby alectheknight
justin is being groomed by his mother to take over the silver claw pack. what happenes when a chanced encounter disrupts his otherwise calm and perfect life
Bakudeku (bakubottom,omegaverse) by lagbtqstorys
Bakudeku (bakubottom,omegaverse)by lagbtqstorys
if you don't like smut don't read.
His Last Goodbye  by anonymouslylazy
His Last Goodbye by Moochi
one shot story. A story of Arthit's last goodbye.
SOTUS : Two worlds by quinnH1001
SOTUS : Two worldsby quinnH1001
Between Kongpob and Knott, who will win Arthit's heart! As usual this is just a fanfiction from SOTUS the series . The characters strictly belong to bittersweet.
Sotus One-shots - The Comedy Team by QueenSolweig
Sotus One-shots - The Comedy Teamby BoredFujoshi
Why are we always craving for Sotus? I honestly don't know and I'm not sure I want the answer to this question This is just some OS I made up during class or just while...
KongArt [ LOVE and DEATH ] by MyCutieKit0206
KongArt [ LOVE and DEATH ]by CutieKit
Kongpob and Arthit were made to be together. But not to last. One of them was diagnosed with disease and having only months to live. '' I am afraid to leave you '' '' Y...
His Love (One Shot) by Lawfulwrite
His Love (One Shot)by Claristen
Knot notices Arthit has been acting sad all day, he decides it's time to line a certain junior
WHEN LOVE BEGINS... (Completed) by kongart62
WHEN LOVE BEGINS... (Completed)by kongart62
It's been 5 years since they made their wedding vow.... a sequel to my previous oneshot "wedding vows" . But this can be read as a stand alone story too. a s...