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Book 1 - Risen (Avatar Korra X Male Reader) by LetUseMyFuckingName
Book 1 - Risen (Avatar Korra X Mal...by LetUseMyFuckingName
Story about you being a nonbending cop in starting Amon crisis, doing your job protecting citizens of Republic City and helping the Avatar. You don't have to like bender...
Begin Life a New (Korra x Male Reader x Asami) by PapaHet1911USA
Begin Life a New (Korra x Male Rea...by Arjay Lionheart
In this story, you are a young firebender (age nineteen) who has just arrived at Republic City. Where benders and non benders from all four nations live and coexist with...
Avatar Korra X Male Reader Oneshot by Alphamon52
Avatar Korra X Male Reader Oneshotby ranger gamer
Read BIO for info. Reader is based on my legend of korra oc
 LOK Korra x Male!Reader Fanfiction by KqmuiC
LOK Korra x Male!Reader Fanfictionby KqmuiC
A non-bender who comes from a clan where everyone is a bender whether they are fire, earth or water benders, reaches Republic City in order to train with avatar Aang׳s s...
Gospel of a Glassbender (Reader x Korra) by Niranox
Gospel of a Glassbender (Reader x...by der noch unverwundbare
You are an earthbender belonging to a lineage of old masters that has pioneered strange techniques, among them glassbending and other forbidden arts, yet you are also di...
The Revolution (Male Reader) by Daralynne-Hallfahmas
The Revolution (Male Reader)by Avatar Daralynne
(Korra X Male reader) 'We were shamed, Noatak was no longer the leader of the cult and I no longer had power in the council... So I am going to ( or already have by the...