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Diego x Reader - Dare by fan-of-the-fandoms
Diego x Reader - Dareby m᥆᥆ᥒkᥒіgh𝗍
Was originally part of my One-Shot book, but has become a full book
Sparrow's Sister: Double The Trouble by AceQueen7
Sparrow's Sister: Double The AceQueen7
Lorena Sparrow is back and more fiercer than ever! Will left and broke her heart, Jack swears the next he sees him he'll murder him and now the two siblings has to worry...
The Swann and her Sparrow by EWinters
The Swann and her Sparrowby Elizabeth Winters
Sequal to Sword of Death. Isabelle has finally been freed from being with a pirate, the witty and drunk Jack Sparrow, until she is pressed charges against piracy and hel...
If the Umbrella Academy had instagram by kakaomilch
If the Umbrella Academy had dan
(closed) If the umbrella academy had instagram (and five came back earlier) I planned to make a little story line and stuff but i never really picked this project up aft...
Reaper sans in creepypastas world by KarmaAkabane425
Reaper sans in creepypastas worldby Karma Akabane
What if someone pushed reaper into the void while he was visiting outertale? Well nothings going to be the same since reapers no longer in the same multiverse... (Everyt...
PATHOS •| Five Hargreeves |• by _TeenTitans_
PATHOS •| Five Hargreeves |•by _TeenTitans_
"Remember Number 0, every person that can make the world burn needs a weakness." The eight year old read his cold eyes, and knew he was talking about her. •|°...
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Chest of Secrets  by DeppheadedDarling
Pirates of the Caribbean: The DeppheadedDarling
(Sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Captains Daughter) Maggie Sparrow Returns with her father Captain Jack Sparrow! Two year have passed since Maggie and...
hockey imagines by nhl_whxre
hockey imaginesby keira
regular imagines of hockey players for you guys🤍 send in requests if you want! ill do anybody with any situation!
Song For Gaelphaxes Book One {Nim's  Dragon Series - A Seedworld Novel} by T_I_Harper
Song For Gaelphaxes Book One {Nim' Tamsin de la harpe
The waters surrounding Dragon's Roost are rising, children are going missing, and a power struggle between the Dragon-riding Forkbeard clan of Northburg and the Blackto...
Wings of Fire: Forgotten || DISCONTINUED by ravewings
Wings of Fire: Forgotten || rave
NOTICE: This book is VERY old, and has a lot of plot holes and weird skips. I wrote this when I was like 11 and had no planning for it, so yk you cant expect it to be to...
Madeline Sparrow: Dead man's chest by J_louise2006
Madeline Sparrow: Dead man's chestby JL2006
Madeline had been with her dad for two years now but times run out. A black spot suddenly appears on her and her dad's hand and they have to find the heart of Davy Jones.
Chest of the Damned by withinthesea
Chest of the Damnedby Sparrow
BOOK TWO | Dead Man's Chest | When the ghostly pirate, Davy Jones, comes to collect a blood debt, Victoria must find a way to avoid Jack Sparrow's fate, lest his soul be...
The Devil's Temptress: Dead Man's Chest || Jack Sparrow by houseofflies
The Devil's Temptress: Dead Man' houseofflies
Nicolette has escaped the noose and escaped the curse but now finds herself in Tortuga, mortal and alone and wanted. What happens when a familiarly wet face tracks her d...
•Sea of the Living~Dead Mans Chest• by damagedanvil
•Sea of the Living~Dead Mans Chest•by Anvil<3
--- IN WHICH A not-so hidden away pirate continues to fall for a fellow scallywag, getting caught up in her sisters fiancé's business. --- Book 2 Started : 2 May 2022 Fi...
The revenge of Daenerys Targaryen by RobinCruz04
The revenge of Daenerys Targaryenby RobinCruz04
In episode 6 of season 8 Game of Thrones ended. In the last episode we were shown the untimely death of Daenerys Targaryen and as the last son of the mother of dragons a...
A Pirate's Tale by braycriss
A Pirate's Taleby Criss
Due to her father's fears, Eleanor Addiyah Bailly has lived her life mostly in solitude. Her partial African heritage has him fearful that being found out in their small...
Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life by Leomantic
Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Lifeby Leomantic
Jacob and his crew are one of the most well known across the Sea of Thieves, they have become living legends and are immediatly recognized in all of the Outposts. But o...
BNHA X MALE OC by DiamondQuartz01
BNHA X MALE OCby 🦂_Scorpion's-Sting_🦂
Ok so this is my first wattpad story so please bare with me the rain, you always loved it even water well hehe considering my fathers quirk has something to do with wa...
Midnight by Nel4572
Midnightby Nel4572
Nightmares gang died in battle right before his eye he didn't know what to do and in a blind rage killed every soul in the multiverse effectively destroying it. As the m...
Monsters x Reader one shots by MMA1999
Monsters x Reader one shotsby Bluestar Cat
I've kind of been reading more monster stories lately and thought "oh this could be fun if I wrote one shots." Simply for fun if you love these things that spo...