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Royal-roudolfs - Dreamherem[completed] by Zandurr
Royal-roudolfs - Dreamherem[ ⭒𝖅𝖆𝖓⭒𝖓𝖞⭒
Dream is a prince, an only child.. sure.. but his preants never cared for him.. due to his sexuilty. so he and his pet went off on his own andventer.. and soon found his...
]Sanscest Oneshots[ by Leffee
]Sanscest Oneshots[by Leffee
If everything went well - a bunch of oneshots with a bunch of ships. Rules and requests inside. Also please don't leave any suggestive comments, there's a reason why thi...
Untouchable- Dream omgavurse (D!harem wolfau) by Zandurr
Untouchable- Dream omgavurse (D! ⭒𝖅𝖆𝖓⭒𝖓𝖞⭒
Dream is an well wanted omega, considering he'd the only one in this school, many alphas have tried to get him to submit, many have utterly failed, that was until these...
My Yanderestic Hareme (D!hereme Yandere Highschool Au)[Completed] by Zandurr
My Yanderestic Hareme (D!hereme ⭒𝖅𝖆𝖓⭒𝖓𝖞⭒
Dream is well like in school he's a poplar boy and very well simped for, tall strong smart.. everything you'd possibly could want in a boy, amazing kind personality...
𝕊𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕠𝕠! - Dreamtale vs. Dreamswap by Doryzitter
𝕊𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕠𝕠! - Doryzitter
It's been three years. Dream and Ink have tried and failed to defeat Nightmare, hopelessly searching for some way to stop his reign of terror. They managed to diminish h...
Dreamberry Oneshots ( Separate Book For Requests ) by _SpringTail_
Dreamberry Oneshots ( Separate Cappy
As I stated in the title, I will only be taking requests on my request book. Most of the oneshots in this one will be comfort fics and angst/vent fics, so TW.
It All Happens At Once (Kream [Killer X Dream]) by Zenith_Writes
It All Happens At Once (Kream [ (Should leave)
Dream is the Prince of vampires his old brother Nightmare is King. Dream loves the world but it doesn't love him. Killer is a lone werewolf or rogue wolf which means he...
Underrated K-Artists by pisshub
Underrated K-Artistsby auggie
Just a list of K-Artists that need so much more appreciation than they actually get, so please check them out!!
Chosen (Multiship) by Zenith_Writes
Chosen (Multiship)by (Should leave)
12 elements. 12 chosen few.
My Brothers bestfriend - KarlWasFound / Kream- by Bitches_BeMad
My Brothers bestfriend - Sienna🍂
George is Karl's older brother and dream is his best friend. Karl comes home for the summer to find dream playing Mario kart with George. They go to Disney for the summ...
The Legend of The Sirens (AfterDeath) by BrambleChan
The Legend of The Sirens ( Bramble Chan
In a land far, far away- lived the Sirens... thr Sirens lived in peace with the land dwellers, 'till one day a king who desires power decided to start a war against the...
UnderHigh(Sansect Muti-Ship Book)[Discontinued] by RubysOldAcc
UnderHigh(Sansect Muti-Ship Book)[ Old Acc
WELCOME TO MY FIRST SANSECT BOOK THIS WILL HAVE THESE SHIPS! Cover Made by: Me!>:3 Btw Cream AND drink will BURN >:3 DustBerry Errink(Duhh) Genzy Afterdeath(Odvi)...
>Worthless< [BloodLust] by Lusty_Sinner
>Worthless< [BloodLust]by Matt
Lust is depressed and horror hates him.and Lust is abused by nightmare. Cross is the only friend Lust has. Will Lust become friends with Horror once again? Or not? Read...
♡A Sweet Kiss♡ Crossmare by LilReaper900
♡A Sweet Kiss♡ Crossmareby the lil Squad
a guard and a king.. what could go wrong? All rights to the artists that I use for chapter art! You are all amazing!
~~Sanscest Lemon~~ by LemonSweet6_2
~~Sanscest Lemon~~by Night🌙
before you guys read this. i just want to give you a warning even tho it is really obvious on the title. this book contains LEMON and if you don't know the true meaning...
Can you love something that isn't their? errorink by LilReaper900
Can you love something that isn' the lil Squad
error and ink are caught in one of their many battles after a while ink and error find themselves in a very awkward position they get found by their two opposing teams w...
-Dark Days- by Lazy_alien_cat
-Dark Days-by Mushr00m aka Mush
[Small hiatus] +Warning: this story contains violence and gore scenes.+ Sometimes, you'll go through the worst of moments. Maybe you'll accidentally hurt someone you lov...
K.Pop Imagines ♡ by nynesouls
K.Pop Imagines ♡by Bagel Queen
These are basically longer versions of imagines for all the kpop stanners😂😂I didn't want to write "Y/N" all over the place so I made it neutral so everyone c...
The Multiverse Glitch((Discontinued)) by PotatoOfChaoss
The Multiverse Glitch(( ✨im tired✨
Book three of the Spirit Animal series. After escaping the Alpha Clan ship, they all thought they were safe. Buuuuuut they forgot about the Help_Tale inhabitants that es...