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Kshatriya Vivaham | ✔️ by authorpadmavathi
Kshatriya Vivaham | ✔️by padmavathi
[#1 in Baahubali on 11 April 2021 | #1 in Devasena on 21 April 2021] "You are naive!" Princess Devasena spat at her fiance. "Naive and unsuspecting! Forg...
Caste - The Murderer Of Humanity ✅ by vishnu_mithra
Caste - The Murderer Of Humanity ✅by writtenbyparmitha
Copyright: All Rights Reserved Genre: Short Story (One Shot) Sub-Genre: Random / Fan Fiction (Pravisht Mishra) Cover Credit: @vishnu_mithra Author's IG: parmitha.writes ...
Tales of The Charioteers by suvachana
Tales of The Charioteersby suvachana
Heroes and horses - only a skilled charioteer can handle their hearts! Charioteer and warrior - a relationship - often a friendship Here are their stories, drawn from t...
Vilistenga by kashcit
Vilistengaby त्वन् नालम्
A Hindu agent has a surprising encounter as he blasts away an Islamic terrorist hotbed.