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I think...! kuroken by richiewasf0und
I think...! kurokenby Richie
'I think I might be in love with Kuroo.' The 9 words I spoke at age 15. Kenma met Kuroo when he was only 6, he's always felt a strong connection towards his best and on...
Sleepover Stories: Truth Or Dare // Haikyuu by idontwantone21
Sleepover Stories: Truth Or Dare...by idontwantone21
Suga decides to have a team bonding sleepover with a few extra special guests, but he really has something else in mind. -+=+- I do not own the art and I do not own Hai...
Wrongly right by AceAspect
Wrongly rightby Ace
When kuroo mistakingly texts Kenma instead of bokuto, thinking it's bokutos number, it leads him on an adventure of a life time. Kuroo is a pretty famous volley player...
last number || bokuaka by MikoSkylar
last number || bokuakaby M i k o
random stranger: how did you get my number? bokuto: oh I just changed the last number of my phone number ㅡ Miko. mostly fluffy, a little angst side ships: kuroken and ts...
Hold on by Dungeon_master88
Hold onby Dungeon_master88
Where the alphas recue the Omegas from an Illegal Trafficking syndicate.
Haikyuu ChatFic by Kenma_likesapplepie
Haikyuu ChatFicby Kenmalikesapplepie
Idk. I'm gay and impulsively writing. There will be ships so yeah. Also some of these groupchat convos will be based on convos ive had with my wonderful friends. Warnin...
𝐛𝐞𝐠𝐢𝐧 ||𝐤𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐞𝐧||  by hqheaven
𝐛𝐞𝐠𝐢𝐧 ||𝐤𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐞𝐧|| by 𝖍𝖆𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖎
unknown: what was for homework? kenma: i'm homeschooled book one in the wings series. #1 #kuroken 2020.05.14 tw!! includes mentions of self harm, abuse, suicide ©️hqheav...
Hanahaki: Koruken by _Yams_02
Hanahaki: Korukenby Yams_02
Kenma experiences the hanahaki disease when he unintentionally falls for one of his teammates. Although can he confess his feelings when he is sure the one he loves.. lo...
Cold as Ice (KuroKen) by twelveB
Cold as Ice (KuroKen)by ✨
[COMPLETED] This is a fluff/angst story including kuroken, iwaoi , and daisuga. There will be other ships but these are the mains. Daily updates :) -Kenma doesn't have m...
Haikyuu Ships One Shots by yamichin
Haikyuu Ships One Shotsby yamichin
Expect random ships! (no hate please <3)
Haikyuu Ship Oneshots by vinnyzoldyck
Haikyuu Ship Oneshotsby vinny
Just some oneshot of your favorite boys! - This book is nearly all fluff, hardly any angst, and a little bit of smut
Haikyuu ship photos cute and some Spicy by Iwaizumih26
Haikyuu ship photos cute and some...by Iwaizumih26
Just some Haikyuu pics I have. Ships cute and some spicy ones. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THIS ARTWORK. I FOUND IT ON PINTREST. ⚠️⚠️PLEASE NOT THERE ARE SOME SMUT IMAGES⚠️⚠️
Mixed Love  by Thethiqguy
Mixed Love by ♡Zhongli♡
This story has some twists and turns. It stars Yamaguchi and Kenma getting heartbroken by Kuroo and Tsukishima together... Will things be better for the both... or will...
Lost and Found by Kurasume
Lost and Foundby Kurasume
Soulmate AU based around Kuroken: An AU where if you lose something, your soulmate finds it. Kuroo keeps finding random ends and odds in his home, as does Kenma. But whe...
Haikyuu meets Lev and Kenma Parents by Ryg127
Haikyuu meets Lev and Kenma Parentsby Ryg127
This is the story of when haikyuu found out lev and kenma were the children of famous ice skaters. In this story you will have Levyaku, Kuroken, Vicyuri, YurioxOtabeck...
Kitten~ (a kuroken story- smut/angst) by Mrs_crazy_fics
Kitten~ (a kuroken story- smut/ang...by Mrs_crazy_fics
Bokuto, Akaashi and tsukishima are all very rich mafias who are all freinds with kuroo who is also very rich. they plan on getting him a special birthday present by buyi...
Soulmates - Kiyoko's gift by Iwaizumih26
Soulmates - Kiyoko's giftby Iwaizumih26
When her grandmother dies Kiyoko inherits a silver and Ruby necklace along with a letter from her elder. It explains that she has a gift to forsee soulmates when wearing...
haikyuu reacts to ships by Babiebuttonz
haikyuu reacts to shipsby liz
that one incredibly broken ship reaction book! --- disclaimer: i don't own hq
Anime Age Regression Oneshots by ApPlEeBoTtOmMmJeAnSs
Anime Age Regression Oneshotsby Bunni
Requests open! 100% SFW Not NSFW at all. Not DDLG, MDLG, MDLB, DDLB. If you have a problem with age regression or any ships, don't read this. I'll take requests but the...
Auction toy// kuroken\\ by teddyxb
Auction toy// kuroken\\by xingzro
This au is where Kenma has a Abusive family  and they decided to sold him to a auction This is my first story soo this might be kinda bad This isn't my original story (...