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IN A NEW WORLD by animu-trashoe
IN A NEW WORLDby sehun
You are a saiki fan that just loves watching the series and one day something out of this world happens. ( i know this story is so original) There will be smut in the fu...
The different uzumaki (A Naruto & Bakugan Fanfic) by YukuUzumaki
The different uzumaki (A Naruto...by Yuku Uzumaki
"Who are you I thought I had 3 students?" "Sensei meet my sister Uzumaki Naru" Naru is the forgotten twin. As Naruto was the loud crazy type while s...
Psychic Husband by apollo158
Psychic Husbandby Apollo Silivia
Teruhashi fulfilled her dream by marrying saki but saki shows no interest towards her. Is saki nervous or saki hate her? Will saki fell in love with teruhashi? Or Was he...
Our Love is Blooming (Saiki K. x Coffee Jelly) by viv_kawaii
Our Love is Blooming (Saiki K. x C...by weeaboba <3
[COMPLETED] This is the love story of Saiki Kusuo and his love for coffee jelly. • • "I picked up the spoon and took the first bite. Delicious. Wonderful. This cof...
Bakugan Battle Brawlers Evils Return by tilliaheather
Bakugan Battle Brawlers Evils Retu...by tilliaheather
Dan, Shun, Runo, Alice, Marucho, and Julie have to battle once more in order to save the door Bakugan world once again. They are joined with a new friend who is Shuns co...
WEIRD ANIME by Alice43184
WEIRD ANIMEby Arisu Sakurai
mlem mlem vào ngắm trai gái đẹp nèo :3333333333333333333333333 có posuka nè kaze nè otochi nè nói chung là tất cả ảnh trong ổ của mình ai muốn ảnh j cứ nói mik tìm
Why Now? by menemememe
Why Now?by мαяѕнмαℓℓ☻ω
There was an angel named Roiyariti. She is apart of royal family in a kingdom called Sukochi. Roiyariti is a rebellious girl that never listens. One day she breaks the b...
digimon x Pokèmon The Dimensional Savers by AlphamonxDrago
digimon x Pokèmon The Dimensional...by Outershoutmon
Everything was going well till the lions of shadow capture the heroes from many different worlds. Will they ever find their way back
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Pop Team Epic: Revengeance by dejabooooo
Pop Team Epic: Revengeanceby Motherfucker Supreme
The distant comforts of her adolescence, her parents and her average school life and going to bed every night without needing a gun under her pillow, all those faraway d...
The Holy Bible Of Kuso (Revised Edition) by StrIke_1720
The Holy Bible Of Kuso (Revised Ed...by StrIke_1720
This is a bible dedicated to the lord Kuso who has been growing in popularity. Here is his wisdom https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtMH0EnGIjuMqpxLhuBXEqw if you would l...
Gisei book 1 descriptions by Sakykuso
Gisei book 1 descriptionsby Sakykuso
Character descriptions in the first book I'm writing.
Used To Being Invisible To The Seen by SnowyReadsUwU
Used To Being Invisible To The Seenby Snowy :3
What happens when a new student come into the PK Academy and is used to being perfectly invisible? Rosiline is a secret student in the shadows, drawing attention from Sa...
Quien eres? (Saiki y T/N) -FANFIC-  by koruwu1
Quien eres? (Saiki y T/N) -FANFIC- by Karuwa
Hola soy lx autorx de esta "historia" lo único que voy a decir es que en esta historia estará participando T/N que se le llamarán con pronombres femeninos como...