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Demon Princess - Kyou Kara Maoh Adventure by Midnight_Lilac
Demon Princess - Kyou Kara Maoh Midnight_Lilac
Masao Anzu is a successful lawyer who supports honesty and justice with training in combat to hold her own in a fight but is also a typical girl with affection, care and...
Days (K. Sohma) by SquishyYellowOctopus
Days (K. Sohma)by L
"Stop following me around already! Don't you ever get tired of doing this?" Kyo yelled as he continued to walk faster and faster, leaving you behind. "Oh...
50 Fruits in a Basket (A Fruits Basket Fan-Fic) by Lady_Laufeyson
50 Fruits in a Basket (A Fruits Lady Victoria/ Lady Calla
The Sohma family has more than just the secret of the curse hidden away. Yuki's little sister, Kasumi, has been one of Akito's targets for years over suspicion about a p...
Yuri's sister by FictionalChaos
Yuri's sisterby .
Hey guys this is a bit like my other story but the plot changed quite a bit. Still go follow Celery on Quotev without that chick I wouldn't have gotten the story. Hiroko...
FRUITS BASKET ONE-SHOTS (X Reader) by Indigo_Violete
FRUITS BASKET ONE-SHOTS (X Reader)by Misfits Unite
Just a collection of FB Characters X Readers Requests are open but please check out the rules in one of the author's notes. I will mention in this one-shot book the...
Kyo Sohma Centric  by ZayRay030
Kyo Sohma Centric by ZayRay030
Sometimes you just wanna read about your fave furuba character without X reader or x oc. here you'll fine ideas, one shots, au's and headcanons all for our fave catboy
You read the title. This book is gonna be full of CARDFIGHT VANGUARD MEMES I found on the internet. I'll also add random pictures,THE PICTURES DO NOT BELONG TO ME!
Alternate Canon: Kyou by Magnus_Prime
Alternate Canon: Kyouby Magnus_Prime
Having finally taken responsibility for his daughter, Tomoya still has another relationship that needs work...
GwendalXGunter Mpreg *Completed* by MasterOfAnime1
GwendalXGunter Mpreg *Completed*by MasterOfAnime1
These two characters are from the anime called Kyou Kara maou you can find this anime in Japanese and English Dub. This is a mpreg and there is sadly no yaoi in it but I...
Tu inseguridad by HowToBeHonest
Tu inseguridadby HowToBeHonest
Wolfram no era para nada experto en las actividades que realizaban en la Tierra para entretenerse, sin embargo, siempre le era agradable pasar un rato junto con su prome...
New World( Clannad After Story Fanfiction)     by Anime_Girl_Fan200
New World( Clannad After Story Anime Fan Girl
Everyone from Hikarizaka Private High School grew up nagisa and tomoya have a child together and the child is name ushio, everyone lived happily and now fuko's older sis...
Clannad: Dreams within dreams by TheFallenBud
Clannad: Dreams within dreamsby TheFallenBud
Which reality is the truth? Where does he belong? Tomoya sets out to find the truth as he once again loses his dear family. Is he crazy? Is he dreaming? Or does reality...
Clannad-Quotes,Jokes etc. by AlorayntelEdhoax_127
Clannad-Quotes,Jokes AlorayntelEdhoax_127
If you have not seen Clannad and Clannad After Story then don't read this. Go watch it and then come back....unless you don't care about the spoilers. In that case go ah...
Fruits Basket -- fate (kyo x reader) by jammie9721
Fruits Basket -- fate (kyo x ^ Jamie ^
AN - Hey people! please keep in mind this is my first ever published fanfictions so please be nice lmao.. anyways sorry if this sucks but oh well. Also I am aware that t...
Remnants of the End by 8mefox
Remnants of the Endby Yza vi Britannia Emo-kun
"Yami was narrowing his dark purple eyes as the wind blasted back his black bangs, while Yumi's black hair was tied up in a ponytail with her dark purple eyes remai...
A flower holds the memories by Maztrall
A flower holds the memoriesby Matta
A Kyaze fanfiction that was requested by my discord and irl friends! Doing this for fun cause i was so god damn bored. Anyways It's a fanfiction involving Kyou and Daze...
Watching Cardfight Vanguard (V Series) by Phoenixwright101
Watching Cardfight Vanguard (V Phoenixwright101
Pot: So. You've learned your lesson. Sam: Yes, bringing in the yugioh cast from five different series was a mistake. Pot: And we agree to never speak of it again. Sam: R...
Clannad - Quotes by weebknight
Clannad - Quotesby atrashyweeb
~Quotes in Clannad/ Clannad Afterstory~ I do not own any characters nor quotes in this compilation. Please check out my other stories!