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everyone was mad at boboiboy cuz because of him they failed a mission, so his friend ignored him every day. Suddenly, he...
The true me BoboiboyXejen Ali fanfiction by sonicthebi
The true me BoboiboyXejen Ali JEFF WARHOG
It's been two months since Ali joined the academy while accidentally activating I.R.I.S( Infinity retainal intelligence system) currently, he was training to be the best...
Still Alive(Bbb Fanfic) by castrielklee
Still Alive(Bbb Fanfic)by klee
[C O M P L E T E D] At the flouting island,where Boboiboy and the gang fought with Bora ra, the fight ended with the gang sending Bora ra suck into his own blackhole but...
Dendam Kami (Boboiboy, Fang and Kaizo) by Lonely_Universe_
Dendam Kami (Boboiboy, Fang and _Unknown_
Mengisahkan dendam di antara Boboiboy, Kaizo dan Fang terhadap Tapops dan ahlinya kerana telah menyembunyikan kebenaran dan cuba untuk membunuh Boboiboy. "Korang se...
Operation: A Death Wish (A FangBoy FF) by Aquarius03Egnar
Operation: A Death Wish (A Shadow
Would you fulfill someone's wish, even if they asked you to kill them? (Might not be fully FangBoy (?)) (At least that's what I think) (Is it rated mature? I have no ide...
Boboiboy Elementals, Fusions, and Friends! Incorrect Quotes (My AUs) by Joe_Nathaniel
Boboiboy Elementals, Fusions, Joe_Nathaniel
Incorrect Quotes featuring characters from Boboiboy! Some Quotes might have ships, some might not. In the end, it all comes down to what AU is featured. Though mostly it...
家族とは [SLOW UPDATE] by chrycracy
家族とは [SLOW UPDATE]by カイス
[ Kazoku to Wa: What's a Family Mean? ] Four years ago, the original Boboiboy, age 14, died in action in Battle of Earth, sacrifice himself in order to kill Retak'ka. Th...
Their Guardian: Protect!  [ ONGOING! ] by scara_the_balladeer
Their Guardian: Protect! [ KUNIKUZUSHI/ SCARAMOUCHE
This fanfic takes place after BoBoiBoy Movie 2. Boboiboy and his brothers the elemental septuplets (yEs u heARd tHat) are at Tok Aba's Kokotiam with their friends after...
Mission goes wrong  by Devilish_red
Mission goes wrong by Devilish_red
A dark past had happened once before. Taking an oath to not letting it happen again in the future, Kaizo has been confining and restricting Fang's involvement in certai...
Behind The Mask ( Cancelled ) by Rina_851
Behind The Mask ( Cancelled )by Syah MD
Hai !!Ni adalah buku pertama beri tunjuk ajar!! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆Sinopsis☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Selepas mengalahkan Retak'ka , Boboiboy dan kawan-kawannya telah bertemu dengan m...
Because I Love In You  by user39167041Rina
Because I Love In You by Brittany Karina nita
Power - Love Boboiboy has crush in Love in his own best friends!!! Is them will be together forever?? True Love of Powers? or not?? Nak tahu kisah boboiboy dengan...
Bring Me Back To Life by ryoko_kazuya
Bring Me Back To Lifeby Ashley
A girl that has a rough past and a boy who always think he is more popular than boboiboy. Can lifeless and hopeless girl see the light after fall into a dark pit ??? The...
PERTEMUAN TIDAK DIDUGA (Boboiboy Solar X OC) by swaggish_autumn
Kisah diantara dua orang manusia yang berjumpa di saat mereka memerlukan bantuan. ------------------- Kau okey?-Boboiboy Solar Aku kat mana ni?-Rasha ...