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Danger Force: "The Fight"  by MissAshleyStyles158
Danger Force: "The Fight" by Ashley Styles♡
After the danger force team arrives from a terrible mission aruging Volt, AWOL, Shoutout, Brainstorm, LightBeam, Ember, and Captainman. decide on not making up about wha...
Shamless ( A Chapa x Lola danger force story) by Maddystar2933
Shamless ( A Chapa x Lola danger Lola
The danger force kids are all now in their 19s and 18s ages. chapa (Murder) dating- Lola ( Criminal) Lola ( Criminal) - Dating chapa Bose ( Spy) -Dating Mika ( vampire)...
My family 💟🔵🔶⬛🕎 by Maddystar2933
My family 💟🔵🔶⬛🕎by Lola
Lola, rose and danger force are a family don't mess with them................?..?? Lola's girlfriend: chapa Their ages: Bose: 19 Miles: 18 Chapa: 17 Lola: 16 Mika: 15...
i can't- part one by Maddystar2933
i can't- part oneby Lola
read (the boy of my dreams part two first) when bose's boss tell him to kill lola, he freaks out because she is his wife will he kill her for the money??? read to find o...
I wish We Had Never Met after this. (Our life) by Maddystar2933
I wish We Had Never Met after Lola
chapa and Lola's life of being a couple and Lesbians
Que saudade das navalhas by user71504415
Que saudade das navalhasby Domingos Vieira Junior
Crônica destaque do concurso literário CEAT - FLIST 2019, releitura da obra de Chico Buarque, será Publicado na Revista do Concurso na FLIST, dia 27 de abril.
My crazy family- part one (ava x rose) by Maddystar2933
My crazy family- part one (ava x Lola
This is lola and chapa's kids turn to take over this story what happens when ava releases that she is dating her long lost sister? read to find out!!!!!!!!!!
My famous girlfriend (Lapa love story) by hubby102
My famous girlfriend (Lapa love Lola
Hi I'm Lola and... I have a girlfriend.. She's mean at sometimes but... She's nice a kind around me she always starts problem s when we fo out Read to find out
O Sangue da Boemia by MateusVillasBoas
O Sangue da Boemiaby Mateus Villas Boas
Alice está mais uma vez nos bares da lapa a procura de mais uma vítima. Roberto da o azar de estar na hora errada no momento errado. O que acontecerá nesse encontro? O...
it all started after a mission. [Lapa- ChapaxLola] by Hubby1029474
it all started after a mission. [ Lola
Danger force saves a girl from falling off a cilvfe chapa starts having feelings for her Meanwhile Lola's dad trying to keep chapa away from Lola Read to find out what...
Maicon by RickFalco
Maiconby Ricardo Gnecco Falco
Maicon era um típico malandro carioca que, mesmo com os bolsos vazios, só tinha uma frustração na vida: não conseguir flertar em inglês com as gringatas, na Lapa. Até q...
You broke me first... (NEW ships)  by Maddystar2933
You broke me first... (NEW ships) by Lola
Lola and chapa are still in a relationship... but when lola dose a prank on her it gose worng Well they still be together read to find out