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Wedding Disaster by hafsahk07
Wedding Disasterby Hafsah
Sophia has dreamed of this moment since she was a little girl. Getting married to the love of her life Liam. There's nothing more that she could desire, and she knows sh...
Hotdog Musings (My Time At Portia/Stardew Valley Fanfic) by yemihikari
Hotdog Musings (My Time At Yemi Hikari
Haley didn't think anybody would find out about her part time job the previous summer, but someone at school left an envelope on her desk. Disclaimer - I don't own S...
Oublié Intimacy by ballsy_tj
Oublié Intimacyby TANI
What would you do when you espy an old woman stalking you? What happens when a random stranger,actually a handsome stranger, comes and hugs you in the middle of the stre...
In the Need (Great-Uncle Dracula Fanfic) by yemihikari
In the Need (Great-Uncle Dracula Yemi Hikari
Wolfie is confronted by Hector regarding what he did last summer, his best friend - or so he thought - threatening to out him. Disclaimer - I don't own the Great-Uncle D...
Unraveling the Truth by ravenwood666may
Unraveling the Truthby May Ravenwood
Unraveling the truth might be a much bigger challenge than one would expect. You can never predict the paths that would lead you to the truth and the same goes for Imoge...
Beautiful fleeting summer love |LAST SUMMER| #LastSummer2020 by Gabriela_MTZ123
Beautiful fleeting summer love | Gabriela Martínez.
Jane is on her first outing with her boyfriend after school starts, and suddenly receives a text message, saying, "I know what you did last summer." Something...
The Storm Inside Your Mind by ELKoslo
The Storm Inside Your Mindby EL Koslo
Cora Stephensen was in an accident that she can't remember, parts of her mind seemingly locked forever. A lost love remains a mystery as her family tries to protect he...
I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST Nobantu Yolanda Paula Xaba
!!!COMPLETED!!! You know what they say; what happens in the dark, shall be known in daylight. This is what the book is about, when a Loraine's past comes back to haunt h...
Last Summer's Warmth ✔ by Mnemoyne
Last Summer's Warmth ✔by Mnemoyne
Summer had lost its warmth for her last year but everything else had been perfect. Until the letters had started arriving. All scrawled with the same line. "I know...
I Know What You Did Last Summer [MalexMale] by scorpio1215
I Know What You Did Last Summer [ XiaoXiaoMinMin
Nathan was in a dilemma when his dorm-mate Ivan suddenly confessed to him, last summer. A year later, when he was visiting his grandparents, five unlikely passer-bys dr...
the edge by tashgrey
the edgeby ashlee mills
all heather wanted was to forget last summer. But not everyone forget's that easy. No matter how far she goes no matter how many times she tries to fake her last summer...
Lost Note by cherry_sugar6
Lost Noteby cherry_sugar6
#lastsummer2020 #lastsummercollabs
Aurora || contests & one-shots by PJO_forever_and_ever
Aurora || contests & one-shotsby hehehehe
A book for one-shots and my contest entries.
Graffiti Ceiling (Stardew Valley Fanfic) by yemihikari
Graffiti Ceiling (Stardew Valley Yemi Hikari
Sebastian keeps passing by changing graffiti on the wall. Disclaimer - I don't own Stardew Valley or My Time in Portia. This was written for one of the prompts for L...
Collection Of Shorts by CreativeDreams
Collection Of Shortsby Manisha
Short Stories of all Genre Chapter 1 - The Crown Chapter 2 - Camille's Funeral #lastsummer2020
Last Summer by AluminRae
Last Summerby Rae
"Sol... you realize that this will be the last summer we'll ever experience?" "Yeah." Solaris and Hailey- two of the most successful students at the...
Summer Anxieties (Voltron: Legendary Defender Fanfic) by yemihikari
Summer Anxieties (Voltron: Yemi Hikari
Last summer Shiro's life changed, but not in a way he or Adam expected. Disclaimer - I don't own Neopets. This was written for one of the prompts for Last Summer Conest...
Meeting You. by Ajinfinity0603
Meeting Ajinfinity0603
A short story reminiscing in the summer about how I met my wife and the emotions surrounding that summer of love.
One-Shot - Collection by Soso_sophie7
One-Shot - Collectionby Soso
This collection's goal will be to collect all kinds of one-shots I write for competitions. I might use them for future stories or only place them here where they do not...