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Women in Blue - Olivia Benson x Reader by ProfessionalWeirdoee
Women in Blue - Olivia Benson x ProfessionalWeirdoee
Hi all! This story will be a bunch of one shots based on my dr. The reader is in a romantic relationship with Olivia Benson, no one else. Also, the one shots are not in...
A daughter he didn't know he had (A Sonny Carisi fanfiction)  by CherrySkul818
A daughter he didn't know he had ( CherrySkul818
Nina Jonas 12 years old and Joe Jonas 16 years old have been in foster care for 3 years now. 7 foster homes in 3 years and now they are at their worst foster home ever...
Rolivia One-Shots by rollinstg by rollinstg
Rolivia One-Shots by rollinstgby rollinstg
A collection of sweet Rolivia fluff & smut written by me. Please leave any ideas for one-shots in the comments!!
She's Mine, He's Back. by GennaDenton
She's Mine, He's Genna Denton
Five years after surviving a brutal rape, Tru Jordan has moved on with her life with Detective Sonny Carisi. But when Tru's attacker, is suddenly released from prison, h...
Amanda Rollins where you belong. by beje1996
Amanda Rollins where you beje1996
Amanda gets a case with svu where she finds 3 teenage trafficking victims. What happens when one of them looks a lot like one of her friends. will they be able to overc...
Undercover by add1nalingerin0
Undercoverby add1nalingerin0
Law and order svu fan fiction What is going to happen when the svu meets one of their old partners during a case again? The one that died years ago? A plot where nick a...
Law & Order Special Victims Unit by Paty324567
Law & Order Special Victims Unitby Paty324567
Liz Arroyo is fresh out the police academy. She's assign to work in Special Victims unit. Will she be be able to handle working here or wil it be too much for her to ha...
Law and Order SVU, Neglect by IronMan2105
Law and Order SVU, Neglectby IronMan2105
What happens when six year old Molly wonders into a corner store in the middle of the night, with suspicious injuries, Watch as the SVU unit gets to work on her case,
New Detective  by losthope1288
New Detective by Nikki
There's a new Detective in the SVU squad. She has a harrowing dark past. She's tied together with a smile. Starr Faith Jones wears a brave face but what is she hiding th...
Olivia's sister by Ipidstories
Olivia's sisterby Harlow Davis
What if Olivia Benson had a sister? What if Benson was in love with Rollins? well, in this story, it all happens. Amaya rose Jaxton is the younger sister of Olivia Benso...
blues and greens (barson) by silverdracolichh
blues and greens (barson)by silverdracolich
When a little girl arrives at SVU, the team finds their worlds turned upside down. (cross posted on and ao3.) this story veers from canon... as of postin...
We Stick Together (Rollisi Fanfiction) by CherrySkul818
We Stick Together (Rollisi CherrySkul818
Emily Parker age 10 and her brotherSimon Parker age 16 have been in the foster system for 6 years now. Between group homes, foster homes, and Simon even spent some time...
Law and Order: The Zatima Unit by trulyykaylaa
Law and Order: The Zatima Unitby trulyykaylaa
Will a 14 day case bring two teams together?
Growing Pains by unnamedconspirator
Growing Painsby unnamedconspirator
Before Meredith Grey became a doctor, before Olivia Benson became an SVU detective, two people unwanted by their mothers struggle with the reality that some things never...
EO oneshots//1998//2022 by StoriesFromErin
EO oneshots//1998//2022by Random stories
oneshots for Elliot and Olivia based on cross over episodes, random ideas, pictures I find, or songs. I'm gonna try to stick to 5-600 words per oneshot so they're not to...
Law and Order: SVU (Season 1) by Spiderman3355
Law and Order: SVU (Season 1)by Faith
Justin Hartley As Drake Morgan Zoe Saldana As Faith Hale Young Odeya Rush As Sofía Hale (Faith's daughter) Baby Dylan Sprayberry As Danny Morgan Young Sofia Vassilieva A...
Aftermath (An SVU Fanfiction) *EDITING* by buttaz_
Aftermath (An SVU Fanfiction) * buttaz
Olivia's struggle to survive after Lewis attacked her. *This is triggering. Do not read if you can't handle it.*
Barba x Reader Imagines by true_rose24
Barba x Reader Imaginesby ✧・゚:Emily:・゚✧
A collection of Barba x Reader imagines that I've written. Hope you enjoy! Feedback is highly appreciated as well!
Our Place by benslerlovin
Our Placeby Bensler Lovin'
How close can two people really get before they cross a line?
Carisi x Reader Imagines by true_rose24
Carisi x Reader Imaginesby ✧・゚:Emily:・゚✧
A collection of Carisi x Reader imagines that I've written. Hope you enjoy! Feedback is highly appreciated as well!