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King of battle and music (Highschool DXD x Male reader x League of legends) by MrMechPunch
King of battle and music (Highscho...by Mr.MechPunch
Y/N is a unusual kid. In a young age he became the Owner and Main champion of his personal underground Fighting pits as well as a DJ friends with Sona on concerts and a...
Lightning in a Bottle (K/DA x Male Reader) by zokkin
Lightning in a Bottle (K/DA x Male...by Zokkin
It's my last year at the academy. I managed to become one of the class representatives thanks to my electrokinetic powers and decent grades. Now, I just have to make it...
Sequential Song (K/DA x Male Reader) by DarkTheSimp
Sequential Song (K/DA x Male Reade...by DarkTheSimp
Y/n was betrayed, cheated on, lied to. Every insecurities placed within three girls. Each one having their own issues that placed their own selfish desires over your wel...
At Death's Doors (On Hold) by King0fCorazones
At Death's Doors (On Hold)by Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Ent...
People choose not to value their lives. When the time comes they end up begging. But death doesn't choose to wait until the people change. He takes it immediately. Fou...
Abyss watcher in the league V2  by XanaShadow
Abyss watcher in the league V2 by Xana Shadow
An undead warrior is taken from his world with a mysterious heritage, look as he travels this new world and meet new people, and will he manage to get over his dreadful...
A Background guy Meets the Idols [On-Hold] by Phantom_Foxx
A Background guy Meets the Idols [...by Foxx
Y/N,a guy who has been in the background for a long time even with some of his talents and amazing powers. He just wants to be in the background with no one to mess with...
One More Time by sad_AI
One More Timeby sad_AI
He was there...climbing the path that leads to the edge in the highest island in Ionia hoping he could end it all there. Feeling like there's nothing left in this world...
Lunatic Menace (Arcane/LoL x Male reader) by MagnusWrites
Lunatic Menace (Arcane/LoL x Male...by MagnusWrites
A rewrite of my 'A Different Arcane'. It will be quite different but with some similarities. This time it will be a Harem story. It will be the story of how you a delinq...
Myth to Reality (Male reader x K/DA) by Nevan-UniverseDragon
Myth to Reality (Male reader x K/D...by Ark
(A little side project to give you all something to read) Everyone one is told of fairy tales as a child. Some to make you wonder, some to put you to sleep, and some to...
Unlucky guy. by YamatoSan5
Unlucky guy.by Yamato San
Never in my entire life I thought... that I will die by the hands of someone I loved... I have nothing... no family, no friends, NOTHING! but.... but... I refuse to acc...
" SINK WITH ME " (Pyke x Fem. reader) by Bread_dealer
" SINK WITH ME " (Pyke x Fem. read...by Bread_dealer
*ART ON THE COVER NOT BY ME* Betrayal had always been such a bitter word... It came in forms no one could ever expect. Even if such betrayal was nothing more than a mi...
Out Of My League (Kayn Shieda / Rhaast x F!Reader) by RedTsundere
Out Of My League (Kayn Shieda / Rh...by ReD tSuNdErE
Heartsteel!Kayn Shieda / Rhaast x F!Reader A chronically online girl doesn't know that her Discord friend may be someone she already knows. N/A: A quick fic because I r...
(The one's who hate me, Love me?) by mariohiginio
(The one's who hate me, Love me?)by lonelyhearts
They hate me Or that's what I thought... I don't own K/DA characters or any of the pictures that are shown here in this story I only own the plot.
RWBY My Brother Return by IamGamerA
RWBY My Brother Returnby Ren Higakita
A RwbyxYone base Reader That mean the reader is base off Yone and maybe a little bit of Yasuo.
Hey There Kiddos (K/DA x Male Reader) by mortizhern6
Hey There Kiddos (K/DA x Male Read...by mortizhern6
Children, they're a bunch of little devils that jump around and do stupid things. Now add a popstar into the equation and you get rich children. Read as the orphan takes...
Our Holy Knight~ ( K/DA Fanfic ) by Aleekillzzz
Our Holy Knight~ ( K/DA Fanfic )by Aleekillzzz
Y/n, some would say he's a normal human being...well, he's not normal... not even human, follow Y/n and his very ' special ' friend, as they guard and protect a very fam...
AWITL Social Media by XanaShadow
AWITL Social Mediaby Xana Shadow
This is the social media of the characters in my story. It was inspired by nxghtwing's work.
I-I'm not scary (K/DA x Shy Male Reader) by mortizhern6
I-I'm not scary (K/DA x Shy Male R...by mortizhern6
Y/n, huge buff cat boy, through a serious of misunderstandings, ends up as the new body guard for K/DA. This is not like the other bodyguard stories. Give me some cred...
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The Vigilante Boss in Chaldea by Lunatic_Moon26
The Vigilante Boss in Chaldeaby Luna M. Rabbit
The Vigilante Boss who is helping all the 20% of the population that doesn't have a power called Quirk by giving them a job and a same amount of money after they did the...
The Rogue (K/DA Akali x Male OC) by Ohgodno96
The Rogue (K/DA Akali x Male OC)by DreamsOfCoffee
Akali has returned to her home country as K/DA prepares for their first show in Japan. She and Ahri spend the first night exploring a small part of Shibuya, where they c...