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Left At The Mandap✓ by ReaderDisha
Left At The Mandap✓by ReaderDisha
Marriage is not just about two individuals marrying each other rather it's about the bonding between the couple and two families. "Bhaiya the---the groom ran away...
Rejected With The Alpha's Babies by indiaJ06
Rejected With The Alpha's Babiesby indiasanders
Lol sorry guys I forgot to change my description from when I revamped this story. My name is Nevaeh. I have never wronged anyone. So what the hell did I do to deserve a...
Little Miss Secret by jodimarlene
Little Miss Secretby jodimarlene
Seth Wood. A boy who left behind the only world he had ever known because he though it was in everyone's best interest. Or maybe it was more than that? Violet Cameron. A...
Left alone by zoeeewright
Left aloneby zoewright
Aviana has always lived without knowing who her parents are. She was always by herself and had to provide for herself. But what happens when she is accidentally facing h...
Blacklist // Taekook  by btshandbook
Blacklist // Taekook by btshandbook
For years, ex-NIS agent, Jeon Jungkook has been one of the globe's most wanted fugitive for a long run now until life caught up with him the criminal agreed to work with...
what lies behind those scars by LaughingJack1020
what lies behind those scarsby LaughingJack1020
Alex walker is an 18 years old girl who struggles in life. She has friends and a family. But she can't help but feel like this. Depressed. She tries to smile, but behin...
It's time. (Mairi) by lovemairifan
It's time. (Mairi)by lovemairifan
Mattia has something to tell kairi and he doesn't Know how to so he just tries and says it.
Keep in touch by CiaMi0203
Keep in touchby MaiCi
Kuroko tetsuya... lost his fate.. his being and his pride... is he really the Kuroko that we knew before? He lost everything.. But why..? Does it feel that he was no one...
The Tailor  by Mxl0Mxl
The Tailor by Mel
A short story about a Tailor and his mannequin.
Smoke and Mirrors by NianAkuma
Smoke and Mirrorsby Nian
Rumer has it there is a land unknown to many but unforgettable to those that know it. With secrets built in its creation. There Nothing is as it seems. "There is no...
Snowy Survival by SisCatHorse
Snowy Survivalby Star
Abandoned, by her abusive brother, in a snowy forest in but only a light pair of pants and a small shall. She has to fight the wintery cold with no civilization for mile...
She's lost, miserable, suicidal, and suffers from long-term depression. She wonders if it will ever change for her. Kalessie has been feeling this way most of her life...
Promises: Till death do them apart by Passionate_spirit___
Promises: Till death do them apartby An admirer...
He promised the garden of love and she got only the thrones. He wasn't a part of her life, he himself was her life. But he felt her love so suffocating and left her alon...
After He Left by Macenzee_18
After He Leftby MysteryWriter
A boy named Alex has a troubled life from the very beginning. But no one knows. At school he seems to be the exact opposite. He's popular gets good grades and seems to h...
Trashed: A Bully Victim's Story by hugemindsmallheart
Trashed: A Bully Victim's Storyby 𝔎 𝔚
A student in primary school was being targeted by many bullies over the past few years. Though he had tried dozens of ways to stop, it still went on till the last year o...
Vengeance Of Dragons (Completed)✔️✔️ by _Fallen_Angel_4122
Vengeance Of Dragons (Completed)✔️...by Dark Moon
This is a story of Gold lord and his friends , who embarks on a journey to take the revenge of their loved ones death. Unaware of what is waiting for them. Get ready to...
Spoken Poetry by FreyahHearts
Spoken Poetryby FreyahHearts
Mensahe para sa mga Amang nang iwan sa kanilang mga pamilyang pinangakuan
My daddy hux  by starwarsfan20
My daddy hux by starwarsfan20
So what happens a a little baby girl who is autistic and she is abandoned by an older woman who didn't not want her at her adoption centre because of her special needs a...
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17 and pregnant  by KaylahPronti
17 and pregnant by Kaylah Pronti
This is Clara's pov on the whole situation between him and his kids. Clara may or may not die
Tranquil....  [PAUSED] by _sampire_
Tranquil.... [PAUSED]by _sampire_
Blinding lights, deafening chaos. Overwhelmed by emotions, crushed by expectations. Isolated by love , loved by my own demons. The world is a dark place , but I find pea...