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Little birds dog fight by KellsABiach
Little birds dog fightby Kells A Biach
What do you do when the man you love cheats? Tatum Joy Teller doesnt know the answer to that but needs to figure it out fast... Leland Chapman/ OC, Duane Lee/ OC... Slig...
Bait & Tackle by JessaMichelle88
Bait & Tackleby JessaMichelle88
Bait & Tackle: A Leland Chapman Fan Fiction Fable, fabrication, fantasy (also phantasy), figment, invention How's it. My name is Alianna (Ah-LEE-Ah-Nuh) it's a mixture o...
Secret Love by lunachristian0
Secret Loveby lunachristian0
I own Isabella Chapman and no one else.
Secrets In The Night by HarrietLucy
Secrets In The Nightby Harriet :P
Things get complicated after Tony Stark's baby sister gets adopted by The Chapman family (Dog The Bounty Hunter) and needs serious help. Who is going to save her?
Loss of a Life Can Lead To Happiness Leland Chapman love story (One-Shot)  by irod5223
Loss of a Life Can Lead To Happine...by irod5223
Glee x Dog the Bounty Hunter In which a girl flees to Hawai'i to get away from her family with the help of her best friend and his family. Leland Chapman x Fem. OC A/N:...
The Princess And The Fighter (Leland Chapman Love Story) by briahna64
The Princess And The Fighter (Lela...by briahna64
Ever since Leland's divorce, he has been trying to find love again. But his family keeps interfering. Until he found this girl in Sonnie's gym. But will things work out...
Lyssa by Flickagir
Lyssaby BellwardEverlark15
What if Lyssa left Bo for awhile?
Broken (A Leland Chapman Love Story) by JoyceWyant
Broken (A Leland Chapman Love Stor...by HeelBrieMode
Tiffany Love is a 21 year old girl who lives with her abusive boyfriend Derek,She is caught up in drugs and is just not in a good place. What happens when Dog The Bounty...
The stripper// ON HOLD by Richardnightstalker
The stripper// ON HOLDby <33
Love, Money, Sex & Drama
Love me Always and Forever by LonleyEmoStories
Love me Always and Foreverby Sarah
A bounty hunter and a singer fall in love with life be kind to them and show them light or with the darkness of life tear them apart read and find out
Rosewood by lunachristian0
Rosewoodby lunachristian0
Duane Lee Chapman's ex-wife took his two and a half year old daughter, Dakota, who wasn't even hers and traveled around the whole united states so no one could find them...
Leland chapman imagines (ON HOLD) by youlovegia
Leland chapman imagines (ON HOLD)by Gia!!🫶
I make imagines about leland chapman Please leave imagine requests
Unexpected Soulmates by Alm344
Unexpected Soulmatesby Ashleigh Mellon
when a Scottish born actress comes to New York City, as an escape from her ex, David Yax, she has nowhere to go until a set of cousins, Sky and Adam Driver rescue her an...
The hunt never ends(Dog the bounty hunter) by Deans_Babe
The hunt never ends(Dog the bounty...by Deans_Babe
A bail bonds office is Minneapolis Minnesota comes to a close and it's bounty hunters need a little help. The main character meets a friend who helps her become who she...