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Legend soulmates by magicmarge
Legend soulmatesby Marge
Kara as super girl finds a glowing pink rock as she gets close to it she starts to get dizzy and her body starts shaking once it stops she notice she's no longer a woman...
Misunderstood || Falling for the Boss by nutmegger
Misunderstood || Falling for the B...by nutmegger
Kaia Zor-El, also known as Kaia Danvers, is a brilliant, young, and highly creative woman. For the past couple years, she has worked for Lena Luthor at LCorp assisting i...
I Always Want You by a-Palindrome
I Always Want Youby a-Palindrome
"Golly! Where are my manners? I'm Kara! Kara Danvers!" Kara said, beaming at Lena. Lena felt her heart stop at the sheer brilliance of her smile. "I'm- I'...
Supercorp Catco Au by MikeyMadison_Loverr
Supercorp Catco Auby Ghostly 👻
Kara has been Cat Grant's loyal assistant for over 2 years, but when Cat says she needs to leave to have more time for her son, she sells the company. Buying it would be...
Supercorp (kind of) by Jemily_Lover
Supercorp (kind of)by CriminalMindsFreak
People in supergirl, there aren't powers, a normal world. Kara,18, her last year of school. Ms.Luther, 22. They fall fast. Will Luther give in?
Saviour- Supercorp fanfiction by super_marvel_
Saviour- Supercorp fanfictionby Multifandom Stories
When Kara is captured by CADMAS, its up to Lena Luther to find out her secret and save her before its too late (Supercorp (LenaxKara) fanfiction) (Combines parts of seas...
The Return of Supergirl by Jaysama21
The Return of Supergirlby Jay Sam
"I was too late" Lena said to the stone grave that marks KARA DANVERS. "She was gone, because I took off before she came back, she was gone because I wen...
Alex Danvers by S3xySenpai
Alex Danversby S3xySenpai
Alex Danvers x Reader Aliens are on Earth. Not that you care. You just want to live in peace. And your doing just that. That is, until you get involved with a certain ag...
When you love a Luther (Supercorp) by ChaosDemon666
When you love a Luther (Supercorp)by DemonOfChaos
Warning-this is my first story so plz don't judge how I write.😸 Lena had fallen in love with the bubbly blonde and always loved when she came to visit her, wishing sh...
Green Lantern: Daughter Of Supergirl  by LoveStoriesForYou03
Green Lantern: Daughter Of Supergi...by BD
Alura Danvers-Luther is a 17 year old CEO of L-Corp. When her mother, Kara Danvers better known as Supergirl needs help, Alura reveals her powers to the world. She soon...
I love you but I just can't tell you everything (a supercorp fanfic) by lizziechixk18
I love you but I just can't tell y...by lizziechixk18
Kara loves Lena Lena loves Kara It's simple But it becomes complicated when Lena finds out not one but two of Kara's most hidden secrets one of which she felt like she a...
The Vampiress, Moves to Earth Thirty Eight. by ElizaCayne
The Vampiress, Moves to Earth Thir...by Eliza Cayne
Aurora Potter has outlived them all. After over four thousand years on earth, there was nothing left for her. Deciding that maybe moving on to the next great adventure d...
"I've Had Enough" (Supercorp) by shyloner2000
"I've Had Enough" (Supercorp)by ShyLoner2000
G!P warning Lena's discovered Kara's secret identity from Lex before he dies. An angry/hurt Lena, a frustrated Kara and how they will move forward. A/N: story's a bit di...
You are my sun by bluewind2020
You are my sunby owllover90
Lena love Kara Kara loves Lena. Two best friends love so much will it create something new or will it break hearts
Fem reader x characters (gxg) by janayyyslayyy
Fem reader x characters (gxg)by Janay woods
You and some female characters 🤪 I only do gxg ✋🏽 Mostly Lena Luthor 💅
Pendragon by crystalfanzel
Pendragonby crystalfanzel
In a world with magic and chaos. There is a hidden story held among us. Morgana Pendragon, many of us know as one of the most dangerous sorcerers. But this story- this...
Supercorp by mpSwiftie1989
Supercorpby mpSwiftie1989
I am all over the place with my stories...... what is wrong with me??? anyway.... just fluff and stuff about Kara and Lena maybe some Smut I don't know till I write i...
Natasha Romanoff's Daughter by ABtwalf
Natasha Romanoff's Daughterby ABtwalf
Lena luther is the bio daughter of Natasha after nat left when lena was 4 she moved in with her dad lionel and traind even through Ivan says he is her father she can sme...
SUPERCORP! Supergirl and Lena Luther fanfic by JLMJamie
SUPERCORP! Supergirl and Lena Luth...by JLMJamie
First supercorp book it's not great but decent and not continuing x