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100 days Girlfriend Privilege (Lesbian Story) by hannarie_21
100 days Girlfriend Privilege (Les...by Hannarie
"Sometimes i really wish you would look at me the way you look at him. Did you know? Did you know i love you? Did you know I'm in love with you!? I expect her to be...
We're break up?: Book I ( Deanna Wong And Jema Galanza) by MichHanwilass
We're break up?: Book I ( Deanna W...by Mićh Elle 🇵🇭🇪🇦
After heard the news that Jema Galanza and Deanna Wong are officially marked end their's relationship.
toxic but pretty by joristan69
toxic but prettyby i ❤️ jade west
mean girl jade west takes a liking to the shy girl who transferred classes. what could possibly go wrong? i don't this will be an actual story, it will mainly be one-sh...
SPOTLIGHT  by Niccjohansson
SPOTLIGHT by Nicc Johansson
New book cover y/n y/l/n a.k.a. the new Scarlett Johansson. There's a new actress that is in Scarlett's eyes she stole her spot. she's the new highest paid actress, the...
Academy Of Sins (GirlxGirl)  by cold_french_fry
Academy Of Sins (GirlxGirl) by Sarah♥
Hayden knew when she came out, eveything would change she didn't expect to be pinned against the wall with someone's lips on hers in a conversion camp -----------read d...
Forget Me Not | Jensoo by rainbowplaylist
Forget Me Not | Jensooby kjs + kjn
Can love begin again where it painfully left off? This is a gxg story. ©breathe4her
Human by Cara4897
Humanby Cara
"See I bleed and I bruise oh but what's it to you, I'm only human on the inside." ~Title inspired by Human - Pretenders (Tin Tin Out Remix)
Dance In The Rain by ImLovingIt_77
Dance In The Rainby 🔥
She blinded me with her beauty. And I just couldn't walk away. First ever story written by me. Apologising already for the misspelling.
My Homophobic Best Friend (Lesbian Stories) by not-so-valkyrie
My Homophobic Best Friend (Lesbian...by not-so-valkyrie
Cliche title? Yeah I know... When you accidentally fall for your 'straight'? best friend and to make it even more worse, that said best friend is quite homophobic type...
NightShade (Lesbian Story, Rewritten) by DanniNightShade
NightShade (Lesbian Story, Rewritt...by Danni
Cover by Yukuma Bear https://www.redbubble.com/people/pint-sizedpanda/shop?asc=u Our discord https://discord.gg/bqHFeZBnWj She has a text channel for commissions. Kira...
The Princess' Princess (Lesbian Story) by cobrasongsxx
The Princess' Princess (Lesbian St...by xCSx
GirlxGirl After finding out about her mother’s engagement to an actual king, Charlotte comes to live a new life in his palace. Years later, when she is told about her fo...
Eternal Flames of Affection by ItsAllopa
Eternal Flames of Affectionby ItsAllopa
A college freshman named Bee has identified as aromantic for some time now. She's never been attracted to anyone, no matter what. But one day, she goes to the new cafe...
The Life Of Jayden-2 (COMPLETED) by FameFamous20
The Life Of Jayden-2 (COMPLETED)by Aj Johnson
Jayden has been distant from family and friends since her mother passed away from Cancer . She takes her son Jayden Jr. and moves to a whole other state to keep distant...
You Will Be Loved. (Lesbian Story) (TeacherxStudent) by sam3575
You Will Be Loved. (Lesbian Story)...by Sam
Rose is a freshman in college. She is a lesbian and completely open about it. Her second semester she meets her sociology teacher. A gorgeous woman with a five year old...
Love Has No Gender (Lesbian) by brknshdws
Love Has No Gender (Lesbian)by Cross
Love Has No Gender Copyright © 2012 Charlie Kingston has been fighting with her sexuality for the past year. Her family is religiously Christian and she's known since d...
Elsa Out of Her Element ✔ [COMPLETED] | A Frozen 3 Disney LGBTQ Fanfiction (GXG) by ShamonaPretz
Elsa Out of Her Element ✔ [COMPLET...by Shamona Pretzler
Elsa is an island. Powerful, but unloved. Both sisters have finally found their place in the world; Anna has assumed the role of Queen of Arendelle, and Elsa has taken h...
Between Me And You Forever ❤️ by don_neila_
Between Me And You Forever ❤️by Tk
This book contain sexually intercourse , love , trust , drama etc . I hope when you all read this you guys enjoy it ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🏳️‍🌈💯💦
Thin Wall by tobsofficial
Thin Wallby Sam
Your partner is abusive, and billie in the apartment room next to you is your only safe place.
The Wild Child (GirlxGirl) by Spencer_Lorenzi
The Wild Child (GirlxGirl)by Spencer Lorenzi
"It always started small, gradually growing and increasing with every second that past. I could always feel it, the numbness that shifts slowly to a pain stacking f...
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