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Keep Me Out Of Control (gxg) by IrisHopeFaith
Keep Me Out Of Control (gxg)by I.H. Faith 🧚🏾‍♀️
Falling in love is hard, specially when you are young and you are just getting to know the world. But sometimes falling in love can be the best thing that has ever happe...
Trouvaille by ViridianBerde
Trouvailleby Ms. V
"Our encounter isn't something fate would've planned. It's just by pure luck." Soleil Alix de Laval- A veteran when it comes to living her life to the fullest...
Words on your heart by violetweasleyyy
Words on your heartby Violetmayfield
Based in 1978, Ruth and Vienna had been best friends for years, they were practically inseparable but what happens when a turn of events changes them both, will it make...
Slowly falling for her~ || GL love story by GEMINILOX
Slowly falling for her~ || GL love...by Gemini
16 year old Victoria, who comes from Iraq has been finding her previous relationships with men difficult. She has been questioning her sexuality for ages, and still has...
Lost Then Found by Taleth
Lost Then Foundby Taleth
~The SEQUEL to 'Alex's Girl' is finally here~ It has been seven years since the events of 'Alex's Girl', where Alexis Sterling loved then lost Valerie Greco, a troubled...
Dance In The Rain by ImLovingIt_77
Dance In The Rainby 🔥
She blinded me with her beauty. And I just couldn't walk away. First ever story written by me. Apologising already for the misspelling.
Jessie & Elizabeth (temporarily on hold, explanation on message board) by ErinMandel
Jessie & Elizabeth (temporarily on...by Erin Mandel
Jessie Kawecki desperately needs a break. Her girlfriend broke up with her, she's sleeping on her brother's couch, and she's got maybe about forty dollars in her wallet...
Human by Cara4897
Humanby Cara
"See I bleed and I bruise oh but what's it to you, I'm only human on the inside." ~Title inspired by Human - Pretenders (Tin Tin Out Remix)
Maybe  by Matida_Mukupe
Maybe by stranger
A freshman named Charlie her first year of high school of Highschool
NightShade (Lesbian Story, Rewritten) by DanniNightShade
NightShade (Lesbian Story, Rewritt...by Danni
Cover by Jade Williams https://www.redbubble.com/people/pint-sizedpanda/shop?asc=u Kira thought everything would always go as planned after she found Alison. But when h...
A Dance With the Goddess (Lesbian Story) by scarletpapercrane
A Dance With the Goddess (Lesbian...by Ria
"Wishes and dreams, they all come true. It just seem to happen when we least expect it." Nicole went to a simple trip to Greece, but everything goes into a who...
Preacher's daughter (girlxgirl) by babybluedreamerr
Preacher's daughter (girlxgirl)by Just a Loser
Lydia is the preachers daughter and is constantly reminded that "preachers daughters are supposed to be crazy and spontaneous" but that doesn't come naturally...
SECOND CHANCES(A Lesbian Story) by pensive5
SECOND CHANCES(A Lesbian Story)by Haruka (はるか)
Four years had passed since the death of Mika's husband, and she'd remained faithful to his memory. No other man had interested her--- not until she moved to Manila and...
Mrs. Swan-Mills [SQ] by DeboraFarmigue
Mrs. Swan-Mills [SQ]by Debora Farmigue
Destrozada. Eso estaba. Miles de promesas, planes para el futuro rotas. En menos de solo un minuto. Tal vez fui una tonta, una ingenua, una estúpida. Pero ¿Ahora que? ¿Q...
The Mechanic (Rizzoli and Isles fanfic) by cmb1995
The Mechanic (Rizzoli and Isles fa...by cmb1995
Jane Rizzoli is a former detective turned mechanic who, after some bad luck moves to a small Midwest town. Maura Isles is a doctor who, on a road trip, gets stuck in a s...
Last Year: Heartbreak by bbmlktii
Last Year: Heartbreakby whiwaineredux
Note: This is a short story.
Forbidden love [GirlxGirl] by unfailingwords
Forbidden love [GirlxGirl]by Maritha
Two girls. One from a cult, One from a typical American city. One of them never learnt how to love, The other one never knew who to love. Until... A Rumspringa, A gay...
The Life Of Jayden-2 (COMPLETED) by FameFamous20
The Life Of Jayden-2 (COMPLETED)by Aj Johnson
Jayden has been distant from family and friends since her mother passed away from Cancer . She takes her son Jayden Jr. and moves to a whole other state to keep distant...
Our Love In Another Life [GirlxGirl] by luisacai_youshC
Our Love In Another Life [GirlxGir...by youshC
[completed] Minerva is the reincarnation of Athena, yet she is the opposite of Athena. She appeared to be shy and coward to her peers unbeknownst the truth until one day...
*ALIEN is my second MATE (futanari) gxg [English version]complete by iM_jho19
*ALIEN is my second MATE (futanari...by iM_jho19
She got a mate, but got rejected coz she's the lowest rank.. He can't fight for her. His afraid to be judge. So she choose to leave. Coz her heartbreak killing her.. B...