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Black Blood Cell [Leukemia] | Cells At Work by x-xiaries-u
Black Blood Cell [Leukemia] | Cell...by XA
It was another day inside the human body. No germs were sighted or any pathogens troubling the city. The cells were in a peaceful situation however Helper T Cell spotted...
Midoriya's luck by godsflames56
Midoriya's luckby Rockstar deku
Just a shit ton of sex and lemon scenes.
Izuku's life as an Incubus by herolover89
Izuku's life as an Incubusby Herolover27
Izuku is not an ordinary guy. Most likely because he is an Incubus or male sex demon, which puts him in interesting situations. What happens when his classmates find out...
A Special Incubus (Male reader x RWBY) [On Hiatus] by Sherherazade
A Special Incubus (Male reader x R...by Sherherazade
Y/N L/N. A boy inexperienced in the ways of normal socialisation, living on a mountain for his entire life. Ever since his parents died, he had no one close to him, asid...
So Much Milk by G0lden_Muggy
So Much Milkby -Really kinky shit-
Another story with MT but the tables get turned around on him ÒwÓ These MT stories are sorta becoming a series now that I think about it.
No More Holding Back!  by Shotabell
No More Holding Back! by Gaming
Ayanokoji is dubbed as the masterpiece of the White Room. He was the pride of the faculty as they were satisfied with the results. By all good things have an end as one...
my desires (femdom) (NSFW) by rinassecret
my desires (femdom) (NSFW)by rina
hello, as some of you don't know yet, i am dominant and here are some scenarios of y/n and (said name) 😊
Boku No Darling  by Shotabell
Boku No Darling by Gaming
Izuku, a child alone hated by everyone for his inability and lack of power. Nobody liked him and cared for him. His mother died in an accident at the age of 6 making him...
Len x Kaito Oneshots by Sock69
Len x Kaito Oneshotsby Sock
I'm bored. These are either lemons or just fluff. Enjoy! (I dont own the art work. If you know who drew it feel free to tell me so I can add it)
From The Shadows[RWBY Fic] [Discontinued] [Up For Adoption]  by YoSeBuHaRo
From The Shadows[RWBY Fic] [Discon...by YoSeBuHaRo
Betrayal. Pain. Sadness. These are what Yin felt when he found out that the love of his life slept with another man. Rage. Furry. Anger. These are what Yin felt when he...
InkkiiChanxFEM!Reader by stickymilk14
InkkiiChanxFEM!Readerby loki
btw i am inkkii chan you fuck i am lonely so i made a fanfic on myself so plz enjoy!!1!!!
You are Darkness by MissBlackRaven
You are Darknessby Raven Black
Illumi Zoldyck is a cold blooded killer, a hunter and someone's most precious being in the world. It starts colder than Illu's stare, but I promise you it'll be getting...
Yuri's True Passion (Yandere Yuri x Male Reader, NSFW) by CJ0125
Yuri's True Passion (Yandere Yuri...by CJ0125
Title says most of it. EXTREME BDSM Themes; don't like, don't read!
Cut Ties by OliverFlores01
Cut Tiesby Oliver Flores
((Cover done by me)) ink soulmate AU starring Edd, Tom, Tord, and Matt all soulmates. Edd has had it pretty rough lately having a crush on all his housemates and a past...
Sleeping Sister by TwistedFanatsy
Sleeping Sisterby Bart Simpson
As your Step-Sister sleeps. You decide to take advantage. The night ends with one surprising twist.
Tamēd by ReloadedReaper
Tamēdby ReloadedReaper
Male Reader x Fem Furry (One Shot)
Kingdom Hearts: OCS, Harem, teams, factions, and Death Battle by sambamhaw
Kingdom Hearts: OCS, Harem, teams...by sambamhaw
This is a remake of the previous OC list but it has few updates, mainly lemon role-play for just fun if you want to, some trailers of the Kingdom Hearts Saga, and death...
"Red Axis Tensions"  by HauptmannFranz
"Red Axis Tensions" by Hauptmann Franz Schmidtzen
This story roots and dates back the in years of 1914 - 1919, after the Sirens we're completely defeated, meaning there are no more left visible traces of Sirens after th...
The Beat of Your Heart by Anonaartist
The Beat of Your Heartby Anona-Artist
A Maxim Horvath x Reader ! Semi slow burn (21+) One day while walking the streets of New York your work schedule flies out of your hands- landing in a mysterious shop, T...