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Lexi's Twin (An Elijah Mikaelson Love Story) by mrsmikaelson10
Lexi's Twin (An Elijah Mikaelson L...by Elizabeth
What if Lexi had a sister that fell in love with Elijah Mikaelson. How would everyone react? Read to follow Alyson and Elijah in there twisted life.
Elena's Secret Life by -lovejoys-
Elena's Secret Lifeby ᏦᗴᏞᏞᎩ
This is the rewritten version of Elena and The Originals. #1 in Kolena @ some point.
𝐖𝐈𝐂𝐊𝐄𝐃 𝐆𝐀𝐌𝐄, klaus mikaelson by geminiklaus
𝐖𝐈𝐂𝐊𝐄𝐃 𝐆𝐀𝐌𝐄, klaus mikae...by 𝐣𝐞𝐬𝐬.☀️
🌻✨ ◝.*・゚ "𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐛𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐝𝐨𝐰𝐧𝐟𝐚𝐥𝐥, 𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐲 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥𝐬 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐮𝐬."
𝐀 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐅𝐮𝐥𝐥 𝐎𝐟 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞, 𝗇𝗂𝗄 𝗆𝗂𝗄𝖺𝖾𝗅𝗌𝗈𝗇 (slow updates) by lovelymikaelsonn
𝐀 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐅𝐮𝐥𝐥 𝐎𝐟 𝐋𝐨𝐯...by Miss Mikaelson
People are supposed to care about each other. A person should care and support his fellow human being. But this started to change as time went by. Everyone cared about t...
Elena The Original- Kolena by anonymouswriting17
Elena The Original- Kolenaby anonymous writing
kol is brought back to life elena catches cheating and wants to be vampire again she goes to talk to davina and convinces her to turn her to an original then she meet...
Love Me Like You Do by multiwifey
Love Me Like You Doby baezfx
After Lexi died, her young sister Alessia Branson a witch, tries harder and harder to move on with her life when she meets her best friend Stefan Salvatore the pain stop...
i was feeling epic, 𝐑𝐀𝐍𝐓 𝐁𝐎𝐎𝐊 by bloodymikaelson
i was feeling epic, 𝐑𝐀𝐍𝐓 𝐁𝐎�...by 𝒎𝒐𝒏𝒂
❛ i usually keep to myself. i don't always fit in ❜ 𝐭𝐯𝐝 𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐨𝐥𝐠𝐲 / 𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐛𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐲𝐦𝐢𝐤𝐚𝐞𝐥𝐬𝐨𝐧 © 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟎
Soulmates by anonymouswriting17
Soulmatesby anonymous writing
Soulmates everyone has one whether they know it or not Finding them is not easy for the members of the supernatural community especially with dealing with who it could...
Alvis by SherrinfordAlvis
Alvisby MxAceGrey
'History is like a ghost. It is as dead as alive' - Kedar Joshi Amara. Tatia. Katerina. Elena. But what if there was another, a fourth shadow self. This is their story...
Dear diary || stelena (on hold) by greystelena
Dear diary || stelena (on hold)by maddie
Elena Gilbert is the perfect high school girl. She has perfect grades, perfect friends and a perfect family. Long story short, her life is perfect....until she moves to...
Blue + Grey || Paul Lahote *ON HOLD* by mackloveswriting
Blue + Grey || Paul Lahote *ON HOL...by Mackenzie
💙 "Everything is Blue." - "Everything is Grey." "I never wanted a vampire imprint! In fact, I never wanted an imprint." "How do you...
Rivals- Delena (Coming Soon) by anonymouswriting17
Rivals- Delena (Coming Soon)by anonymous writing
Elena Mikaelson and Hope Mikaelson are new in town. With their family and their going to cause a lot of trouble,
last chance [klaus fanfiction] by -klaus
last chance [klaus fanfiction]by say-lah
Sydney and her sister Lexi were always close, both being turned at the same time, but that all changed when Lexi was killed by their best friend's brother. After that S...
𝔹𝕝𝕠𝕠𝕕𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤//𝕊.𝕊 by NixellaNight27
𝔹𝕝𝕠𝕠𝕕𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤//𝕊.𝕊by multifandommmmm
Ayden Branson, sister to Lexi Branson and best friend of Stefan Salvatore. You could say she's missing her friend when his birthday rolls around, allowing her and Lexi t...
𝗗𝗘𝗔𝗟 𝗪𝗜𝗧𝗛 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗗𝗘𝗩𝗜�...by TheBoyILoveddd
𝗛𝗮𝗻𝗻𝗮𝗵 𝘀𝗮𝗹𝘃𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝘄𝗮𝘀 𝗼𝗻𝗲 𝗱𝗮𝘆 𝗼𝘂𝘁𝘀𝗶𝗱𝗲 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝗯𝗲𝘀𝘁 𝗳𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗱𝘀 𝗸𝗮𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗮 𝗯𝘂𝘁 𝘄𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗵𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗲𝗻𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗹𝗶𝘁...
Cher Journal, Elena m'a largué. Damon a étrangement l'air heureux et je crois que c'est parce qu'ils couchent ensemble. Je me trompe peut-être. With, Stefan Valentino S...
A Letter to Daniel by WriterofWonders
A Letter to Danielby Nick
Lexi Branson was incredibly important to Stefan Salvatore, but her history prior to meeting him was very obscure, thus I decided to create a letter and the beginning of...
LOST LOVE//Stefan Salvatore// by QueenWaldorf44
LOST LOVE//Stefan Salvatore//by Princess 👑
What happens when a blast from the past comes back into Stefan Salvatore life? She was his first everything, we all know you never forget you're first love no matter how...
Vampire diaries quotes by tia1462
Vampire diaries quotesby tia1462
Quotes from all the characters I don't own anything