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Infinite by YellowOctopussey
Infiniteby EMOJI MAN
When someone is killed, or died, they stay dead, right??? They will be unconscious forever, having an internal slumber. But, what if the situation is, you die, but got r...
In A World Of Our Fantasy's (Volume 1 Orario) by Zyren__
In A World Of Our Fantasy's ( Zyren__
Kenji Tokisaki was a regular fifteen year old boy who had done many great things in his lifetime, he has helped by donating to the orphanages as well as often visiting t...
Danmachi: Return Of The Ace (Danmachi X Plunderer) by SendMeSauce
Danmachi: Return Of The Ace ( HGIEL
Licht Bach, The first legendary ace of humanity against The Althing 100,000 years ago. In his time Humanity's civilization has been flourishing no Elves, Demi human, Dwa...