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Loyal (Epigrams) by whitemiLIA
Loyal (Epigrams)by
Truthful Lies by sinweaver
Truthful Liesby amelia
Wedding used to be the last scene in happy ending stories, but some stories like Aretha's tend to start in a wedding. It was never easy. That was what Aretha realized af...
D by DWrites111
Dby D
I write stuff.
Fleuretta by Anonymousxx04
Fleurettaby mahi
"What if I fall?" "Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?" ━◦○◦━◦○◦━◦○◦━◦○◦━◦○◦━◦○◦━━◦○◦━◦○◦━◦○◦━◦○◦━◦○◦━◦○◦━ Fleuretta Moulin, enchanting, mesmerising...
War In Siblings  by urcreat0r
War In Siblings by kB
*chapter 1,2,3,4 are on my page because of some problem* The photo is not mine credits to the owner. In this story you will not find main character/(y/n) sweet and innoc...
Him Without Her - Vol. I by Kamyl237
Him Without Her - Vol. Iby A.M. Camilie
If he knew where this journey will lead him and what kind of secret will be revealed...would Nathanaël have done it anyway? ...
Barangay Series #2 : Evan Dos Santiago by whoiswhowp
Barangay Series #2 : Evan Dos Kaguro Flores
ONGOING Barangay Ibabao, Cuenca, Batangas a two married couple living in the worst mansion. Lies in everywhere, betrayals with anyone. Started : May 4, 2022 Ended :
Love to Lust for Hate by ScarletWren
Love to Lust for Hateby Heidy
You think the mafia is bad you ain't seen nothing yet. Can a sociopath and a narcissist work together to survive a secret organisation hellbent on destroying everyone? O...
Catfish | Fake Identity by Kamyl237
Catfish | Fake Identityby A.M. Camilie
When Lola Noel begins to have an online friendship with an ex milliary man having two lovely kids called Damian which she had never seen, she didn't expect Damian to gro...
Breach by Codesser12
Breachby Amaewhule Fortune
A young adult ex-convict's life takes a turn after she goes on a date with her brother's bully and finds out he's the younger brother of one of the richest men in the co...
The Dragon Hunter - The Lost Soul by Rosaleen_17
The Dragon Hunter - The Lost Soulby Rosaleen
When you wield the power of time, you have the ability to change and manipulate an entire history and (if you wanted) make it appear as though it never happened. You cou...
Abducted(Lesbian Story)(GxG) by 0utta_time
Abducted(Lesbian Story)(GxG)by 0utta_time
Alex is a 21 year old who struggles to find her place in the world. Then one day she gets abducted by a women called 'Avery' and taken to a place she didn't know existed...
The Missing 1,000 by lilliethedaydreamer
The Missing 1,000by :)
In the town of Collinsville, approximately 1,000 young adults aged 18-22 disappear overnight. Those who were taken awake inside a vast, concrete room, with nothing but a...
S E E  R E D by -bibliophile_maryam
S E E R E Dby 𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚢𝚊𝚖
atelophobia: the fear of imperfection, of never being good enough Olivia Chantelle has spent her life running away from her mistakes, from her own anger. When she moves...
. Mentally Disabled . by 00cxcxxxx
. Mentally Disabled .by @nevermindALE....**
have you ever been afraid of being too uncomfortable...that you might start to like,, being like that...
Until The Next Sunset by KleinYve
Until The Next Sunsetby KleinYve
Happiness. Love. Problems. Heartbreak. Pain. Acceptance. Healing. She thought that loving him will give her the happiness she wanted. She thought that it will be easy t...
Finding Mate/ Son Of The Sun Book1#Editing by Emily3sarahlu
Finding Mate/ Son Of The Sun Emily Sarah lu
Book number one in the son of the sun series, or the way I can it sun series. This book is based on the history of the gods of Egypt. The descendants of the sun god Ra...
When Can Our Love Begin? by gyalisgyal
When Can Our Love Begin?by ☺️
Just read pleaseeeee 🤎✨
Becoming Normal PT1 The beginning of a weapon by surpremethememe
Becoming Normal PT1 The William Simmons (IH)
On a normal sunny day, The Anders family takes a whale watching tour when Casey, The youngest of the family finds a girl in the water of Washington D.C with no memory of...
The First Wave by OneTimeWrighter
The First Waveby OneTimeWrighter
Charlotte is off on her journey, in the first chapter we meet Charlotte McKenna and her mother Kelly McKenna as they set off, or in better words doze off on there trip t...