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7 days in limbo [Billie Eilish] by droidinavoid
7 days in limbo [Billie Eilish]by droid
(COMPLETED) Mara, intern at a venue in London, learns a lot can change in just 7 days. Mara is used to crossing paths with bands and musicians. What she is not used to h...
LIMBO  JIKOOK|| اللِّيمبُو by kim_violl
LIMBO JIKOOK|| اللِّيمبُوby فيُولَيت..
"مُنذُ زَمانٍ بَعيدٍ.. لَاعَبنِي هَواكَ فَوَجدتُني أَمِيلُ.. وَ فِي يَومِي هٰذا، فِي حَياتِي الأُخرىٰ.. أَنَا مَيَّالُ. " هَل أنَا حَقًّا، ضحيَّةٌ لنُسخةٍ منِّ...
Look Where That Got You. by TheaTriesToWrite
Look Where That Got thea
As Billie Eilish gains fame. Her best friend, Olivia struggles to cope. 🥀 ⚠️ contains self harm scenes⚠️
alive again // quackity x reader by calliumduos
alive again // quackity x readerby :)
after you couldn't take the manipulation from wilbur, and the hurt you felt from him, you died. but you woke up, in some odd place, rather like the one you were in when...
Burden of Fallen Masters by Rose_Z_NinjaMystreet
Burden of Fallen Mastersby LunaRoseZ
after nya, cole, zane, lloyd and master wu get cursed during a fight with a villain, they are sent to limbo. A place in between realms. Though it only felt like 10 minut...
Jᴏsʜᴜᴀ ʙᴀssᴇᴛᴛ ɪᴍᴀɢɪɴᴇs <3  by siredslexie
Jᴏsʜᴜᴀ ʙᴀssᴇᴛᴛ ɪᴍᴀɢɪɴᴇs <3 by Francesca <3
hi lovelies! one shots about everyone's favorite curly-haired brunette <3 a lot of these are old lol
echoing tears ;; sootcest by flowerfield4basil
echoing tears ;; sootcestby pluto
What happens when a human falls in love with a ghost? They're two worlds apart, and it's like they have such a forbidden love. Revivebur, or Wilbur, was just having a no...
Dream SMP Oneshots / Short Stories by GetWildwaved
Dream SMP Oneshots / Short Storiesby WildWave🌊
Just some weird oneshots about the Dream SMP. I'm not sure if anything here will be canon, but idc. Anyways, this will be about the characters, not the streamers themsel...
i'm a bad bitch |BILLIE EILISH| by slvt4rpattz
i'm a bad bitch |BILLIE EILISH|by gab
A girl with mommy issues meets a girl with maternal instincts. Could i make it any more obvious?
A broken home and a broken man by Fand0m_l0ver
A broken home and a broken manby Fand0m_l0ver
Gabriel nix has finally fallen out of reality. Now he has a quest for you see around the start of the end, his little brother Joey odom was the first to be sucked into t...
Storyshift chara x reader the place called heaven and hell combined limbo by Jimmys2455
Storyshift chara x reader the Toast Chara
Hey kids UNDERTALE is owned by Toby fox storyshift is owned by Voltra if I got that wrong reel me I don't wanna be sued You died in a car accident and are in limbo lucki...
Limbo - seventeen's 14th member by RavensGoMoo
Limbo - seventeen's 14th memberby raven<3
" i wanna hear your voice " seventeen's 14th member. fem oc.
✨️ SEVENTEEN × CARAT ✨️ by 17s_carat
✨️ SEVENTEEN × CARAT ✨️by 💎𝒞𝒶𝓇𝒶𝓉𝓁𝒶𝓃𝒹 💎
{REQUESTS ARE OPEN} 💎 A daily Seventeen bulletin !!! 💎 Share your love for Seventeen with fellow carats and me !!! Let's slip into the diamond life together. I love Se...
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If I could go back (5 Chances Sequal) by Boredinquarentine67
If I could go back (5 Chances iwanttocommitarson
Would you regret comitting suicide if it hurts the people close to you?
FIRST BULLY NOW BFF [ India westbrooks and tinashe book series 1 ] by tinatrey
FIRST BULLY NOW BFF [ India ronae knox
there's a girl named india at school and shes being bullied at school name tinashe. tinashe the popular girl in school she bully india at school then something amazing h...
the jurassic characters react by invisigerb25
the jurassic characters reactby invisigerb25
so the Jurassic world / park dinosaurs will be reacting to all kind's of videos some marvel mostly Jurassic world but also art and so on ok cool.
Isn't Fate a Funny Thing? by Ragamuffinbiscuit
Isn't Fate a Funny Thing?by Ragamuffinbiscuit
A young woman named Maraka served as a nanny for a young half demon boy and his overprotective demon big brother. They lived together, almost as a family and formed a sp...
Other Side Of Paradise (Quackbur) by onadownwardspiral_
Other Side Of Paradise (Quackbur)by #1 will wood fan
Limbo. Quackity doesn't know why he's here- he's still got lives left! It's all so fucking stupid. The revive book... It malfunctioned. It made Schlatt and Quackity swi...
Luna by bunnyot16
Lunaby A🐒
Heaven was lonely without his angel by his side. #1 in limbo on 2/9/2020
blue and red is never gonna make a nice colour. by angstytubb0
blue and red is never gonna make bread
Wilbur and ghostbur limbo [based of dsmp lore but I make stuff up]