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You are my curse. (Wildlight story) discounted. by ItsToast258
You are my curse. (Wildlight |°Toast -chan°|
When Twilight goes out searching for the master sword he finds a beautiful angle protecting it. The angle's name is Wild... (Nintendo owns the characters I don't) (I dre...
Cerulean Hues by Zukai949
Cerulean Huesby Zuki
I'm not good at descriptions, sorry! None of the art is mine I also own none of the characters.
One shots-botw link x tp link. (Wildlight) by ItsToast258
One shots-botw link x tp link. ( |°Toast -chan°|
Just a book with some breath of the wild(Botw) Link x Twilight princess(Tp) Link. Remember Nintendo owns this characters not me. (I'm not that creative) Anyway enjoy thi...
Wildlight One~Shots! {BOTW Link x TP Link!} by ShizukaKioko
Wildlight One~Shots! {BOTW Link ✮Vani~Chan✮
Wildlight, 'cuz YASS!! I've made a 'Link x reader' one-shot book, so why not a one-shot book for Wildlight? I'm a shipper of it, 'cuz it's so cute! Read it only if you'r...
Link x BEN Drowned ~ Dark love (With added Linkcest!) by LinkAndTheTriforce
Link x BEN Drowned ~ Dark love ( LinkAndTheTriforce
When Link faces possible death and BEN has been held prisoner by Princess Zelda, who will be there to rescues him? As a mysterious figure arises from the eras, three mo...
-A Thief And His Knight- (Thief Botw Link x Knight Tp Link!) {~Wildlight~} by ShizukaKioko
-A Thief And His Knight- (Thief ✮Vani~Chan✮
(There will be a lack of a cover until I decide to draw one!!) Wild (BOTW Link) likes to steal anything he can get his hands on, but a certain knight always gets in his...
Wild companions by RavennaQueen13567
Wild companionsby
What happens when Twilight gets sent to a different world from his own to help a hero like Midna helped him? This story follows Wild the newest link in the timeline and...
A Day In The Life Of The Links (EDITING - SLOW UPDATES) by ThatSleepyBoi
A Day In The Life Of The Links ( Heizou
Just random Link one shots ig Don't like, don't read~ {Updates are slow! Apologies for that but I'm finally getting motivation again} Got #1 in Linkcest!!
One Curse Ends Another Begins by ArceusInsanity
One Curse Ends Another Beginsby Arceus Insanity
Sequel to the Yandere Curse, make sure to read that first. The Links are now 25 and have just moved in to their very own house. Blue has become a personal trainer. Shado...
Immortal Love by SkywardLove
Immortal Loveby Michael Buble
Lost & Lonely - A Zelda Fan Fiction by ag102830
Lost & Lonely - A Zelda Fan Fictionby Maya, Crescent, Kiyra, & Max
For Howl, life is a routine. That is, until his birthday came and the earthquake hit. After Howl and his friends sail to Howl's birthplace, the Forgotten Isles, and pro...
Four swords yaoi oneshots  by Link_x_dark
Four swords yaoi oneshots by Rice cakes
This is yaoi and it has sex just warning you
journal  by cookiecat_smiles
journal by Kokichi OwOma
warning: childish rants and screaming, maybe art and mini drabbles I do aka. what's basically my stupid shitposting journal so I can yell somewhere other than tumblr. ma...
LinkCest, And Random Pictures  by Carmenlita1
LinkCest, And Random Pictures by ❤ Carmen
this is just a picture book as the leader of the linkCest I'm gonna post some pictures not a lot though. and some random pictures.
link reunion  by the_infamous_ren
link reunion by the_infamous_ren
this will be a few chapters worth of these for adorkable heros, relaxing as they're all able too hang out and go adventure, now with the calamity gone, hyrule safe, they...
Linkcest Fluff/Yaoi/Lemon by yaoi_intensifies
Linkcest Fluff/Yaoi/Lemonby yaoi_intensifies
Here's a Linkcest since there's so little out there!
Linkcest Drawings & Short-Stroy by Ax0_06
Linkcest Drawings & Short-Stroyby vicky
Holaaa me gustaría enséñales unos dibujos míos de The legend of Zelda, espero que les guste los dibujos y las mini-historia (eso creo) que voy a publicar y conocer perso...
The stalker of my heart  by DiamondFortress
The stalker of my heart by Diamond
I see... him... the stalker from my childhood... I try to tell my friends that it was him, but they called me crazy... Why does this man want me? Why does he love me any...