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Silence ✔️ by -KatyWritesStuff-
Silence ✔️by katywrotestuff
Zelda Harkinian is a girl with impaired hearing and has been bullied mercilessly for it her entire life. Years later, one of her former tormentors, Link Forrester, sets...
Masked by Twilight-Princess
Maskedby Arisu Akita
Fifteen year old Zelda travels to the parallel world called Termina in search for her lost friend, Link. But she doesn't expect to find an evil mask, a giant moon, and a...
The Legend of Zelda - Snow White by AnaLee94
The Legend of Zelda - Snow Whiteby Ana Paula
This is a story about a princess named Zelda and her envious stepmother, Queen Midna. One day, when her stepmother finds out through the Mirror of Twilight that her step...
My Silent Knight by Iamzelda2020
My Silent Knightby em
It has been a year since the princess and her knight were able to reunite and seal the horror that was Calamity Ganon. Now, the princess wonders through her kingdom of H...
Back in Her Hands (NOT MINE) by CrispyDonut76
Back in Her Hands (NOT MINE)by Crispy
[Original Description] Link has finally returned to Hyrule after being forced by the Hyrule goddesses to sit aside for seven years so that time itself can continue to fl...
Never Without You │ BOTW modern AU fanfic by Finnclarkson
Never Without You │ BOTW modern Nebulace
A relationship between an internationally praised athlete and a straight A student who hates any kind of attention is bound to go wrong. But these two college students d...
7 Minutes - Zelink Modern AU by LegendOfZelle
7 Minutes - Zelink Modern AUby Shine
Link and Zelda are convinced to go to a party, the same one they did last year, which Zelda can't remember. Although they both don't particularly want to go, they do in...
The Sword's Shadow - A Legend of Zelda Fanfiction by CapricornSiren
The Sword's Shadow - A Legend of Duchess Fraldarius
Love. Bloodshed. Sacrifice. Link is an mysterious assassin. By the orders of his master, he spills the blood of whoever he is assigned to kill. One day, his master assig...
We all are animals anyway by zephyr_4444
We all are animals anywayby Aglae
we all know the story, the hero fights evil to save the princess and the kingdom, but what if the hero decided to do things differently? what if he turns into an anti-he...
Mute - Zelink Modern AU by LegendOfZelle
Mute - Zelink Modern AUby Shine
Link is known to be a man of few words. In this case, it is completely true. He has been mute since he was very little, no one knows why. As you can probably expect, oth...
Hero by Heart by TheBookOfSnow
Hero by Heartby TheBookOfSnow
Zelda and Link have defeated Calamity Ganon and are now free to go their own way. However, it is hard to get to grips with their past, which can get in the way of their...
The Wilted Flower | Zelink BoTW AU [COMPLETE] by darxkrai
The Wilted Flower | Zelink BoTW darxkrai
Soon, seventeen-year old Zelda will be forced to marry if she cannot make her decision on her own. She must follow the Royal Law, one which her father strictly enforces...
Link x Zelda BOTW (Zelink) by shmey_emma
Link x Zelda BOTW (Zelink)by Emma!
After the calamity Link and Zelda have to restore peace to hyrule and rebuild the kingdom. While doing that Zelda struggles with her feelings for Link, which had only gr...
The Zelink Chronicles: A Collection Of Short Stories Post BoTW by flutefemme
The Zelink Chronicles: A flutefemme
After all is said and done and Ganon has been defeated, Link and Zelda finally have some moments alone to breathe and figure out what comes next. And what comes next is...
Our fate - Zelink AU by Zeldaalover
Our fate - Zelink AUby Zeldaalover
Zelda never thought she would get a boyfriend never even considered the possibility but theres one boy she cant get off of her mind. [sorry im no good at descriptions lo...
The Silent Princess by AnotherPinkGhost
The Silent Princessby AnotherPinkGhost
(A retelling of Breath of the wild) Chosen to be Zelda's knight, Link travels from his home village to the mighty Hyrule castle, where he is met with a stubborn princes...
Never Together (Rewritten) ||Modern AU Zelink by Zelinksnumber1fan
Never Together (Rewritten) || Zelda Hyrule
A modern AU of Botw! Link just moved in, hoping no one knows him... but he's wrong. He is a popular Sports player and band member. Zelda thinks he is a stuck up know it...
Fictober 2023: The Legend of Zelda Oneshots by nonbinary_nightmare
Fictober 2023: The Legend of Nico
Fictober 2023 has arrived! Check out these The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Age of Calamity, and Tears of the Kingdom oneshots for lots of Fictober fun! Each day...
My Reality - A Modern Zelink Fanfiction by CapricornSiren
My Reality - A Modern Zelink Duchess Fraldarius
Zelda, a 17 year old high school girl that has it all. Looks, intelligence, popularity, riches and glories. But one thing was missing, having an empty void in her heart...
BOTW: The Lonely Knight by Prince_Aeris
BOTW: The Lonely Knightby Aeris
It has been 100 years since the Great Calamity struck the land of Hyrule. After a century of slumber, a young Hylian awakens to find the world in shambles. With nothing...