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Vintage Love by softaura
Vintage Loveby ;
❝You're sleeping with your professor, aren't you?❞ . . . An accident leaves Elreda Adair riddled with guilt an...
Cherry- H.S by fuxkingharrry
Cherry- H.Sby fuxkingharrry
Don't you call her baby. We're not talking lately. Don't you call her what you used to call me... A story in which a girl who writes songs falls in love with the boy wh...
When We're Older- The Maze Runner (Newt) by thomasstyles5
When We're Older- The Maze emily
they're each other's angels in a world full of devils. -------- and when we're older and we're ready to leave Earth behind here's to hoping it's exactly at the same da...
Feminine DEVOTION [Erotic Romance] by PoeticArtFantasies
Feminine DEVOTION [Erotic Romance]by Ayla Aura
How do you lose your red panties at work! When a mishap between the CEO turns into something unique. His devotion to your pleasures leaves you learning your Feminine Po...
Potter's Girl / Butterfly Effect. by aquamcnti
Potter's Girl / Butterfly ✺
May our hearts forever beat. Love me when I am awake. Harry Potter / oc © aquamcnti 2022 * rewrite of Potter's Girl
Stay With Me Forever  by happyreaderNish776
Stay With Me Forever by Nisha Nish
Ashley Sanders is a divorcee who is trying to make a life for herself and her teenage son while trying to keep him away from his abusive father. The scars left behind fr...
Rich Kids | ✓ by ghodeypesawarx
Rich Kids | ✓by [A]
Riya - an elite, upper-class girl, finds herself moving in with 6 rich kids and getting caught up in their spinning wheel of love. Living amongst these high society teen...
Stylist (book 1) - H.S by fuxkingharrry
Stylist (book 1) - H.Sby fuxkingharrry
Eileen Mae Montgomery, better known as El has been working for the Gucci special designs team for two years now. It's her dream job, but theres one thing she hates about...
Feminine FIRE [Erotic Short Story] by PoeticArtFantasies
Feminine FIRE [Erotic Short Story]by Ayla Aura
A Short " Vampire Erotica" Story that leaves you flickered to the flame of bitter lust. Feminine passion. Who says enemies can't be lovers... "Vampires ha...
love letters- jess mariano  by theogmrsdarcy
love letters- jess mariano by e money
when new yorker sabrina collins moves to a small town in connecticut and begins a journey with a certain troublesome guy. JESS MARIANO FAN FIC lowercase intended!!!
The Bodyguard  by blxckbxxk
The Bodyguard by blxckbxxk
"Out and about to explore the world, Dora?" A deep voice behind me laughed. Of course I knew who stood there but I thought he had left hours ago and would com...
where all the poets went to die [dead poets society] by milynnie
where all the poets went to die [ melynna
❝Maria Joanne Keating had made peace with the idea of spending her junior year tucked away in her uncle's office at Welton Academy, but a rowdy group of boys with a penc...
The Road to the Imperial Examination for Poor Children"  by MarygraceDumasis
The Road to the Imperial MGMG
"The Road to the Imperial Examination for a Poor Family   Lin Yuanqiu assumes the role of a five-year-old child in a small mountain village. His father is idle all...
Wildfire - H.S by harryfineline
Wildfire - H.Sby Char <3
Soulmates, sunflowers, hot air balloons, ballet, wildfire and music. ----- EXCERPT: "Why do you always call me sunflower?" She looks as though she's desperate...
The CEO Is My Brother by chaitali_14
The CEO Is My Brotherby Chaitali Mhatre
"No matter how much you try, you'll never be good enough.'' ''All I can do is try. Try and prove myself good enough,'' Sophia Syde (19) have always been pressuriz...
The Happiness Awards 2023 [CLOSED] by TheHappyWriters
The Happiness Awards 2023 [CLOSED]by Happy Writers 🌻
✨ WELCOME BACK to the Happiness Awards of 2023! ✨ We can't wait to see what you all come up with! Here lies a contest for truly incredible stories by undiscovered writer...
Creator (book 3) - H.S by fuxkingharrry
Creator (book 3) - H.Sby fuxkingharrry
I think she said I'm having your baby.... and it's none of your business. BOOK THREE TO STYLIST!!! IF YOU HAVE NOT READY STYLIST I SUGGEST YOU GO BACK AND READDDDD!
Reading the Regency by flights_of_fantasy
Reading the Regencyby Heather
A guide to Regency England for readers of classic literature or historical fiction set in the early 19th century. England, as it was in the early 1800's, can sometimes b...
Feminine KINGSMAN [Erotic Romance] by PoeticArtFantasies
Feminine KINGSMAN [Erotic Romance]by Ayla Aura
*An Erotic Romance Short Story* Read at your own risk. Correlation to Feminine King, but can be read separately. !Here's to long SKIRTS! *** I debated screaming out aga...
Feminine Fantasies [Illustrated Erotic Poetry] by PoeticArtFantasies
Feminine Fantasies [Illustrated Ayla Aura
UPDATE: New art ;) Here's to POPPING your CHERRY! "Connecting to Feminine Energy, I write a collection of Illustrated Erotic Poetry. Leaving pages soaking in the po...