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Rejected and Insecure by oluna15
Rejected and Insecureby Ijeoma Oluna Nkem
Christopher Benjamin Jackson is the last son of Daniel Jackson a rich and successful business man and a strict but loving single father of five sons. He has five brothe...
My Little Stepbrother by alfredosauce1404
My Little Stepbrotherby leo
4 year old miles has never really had a home. His parents died in a robbery when he was 4 and hes been alone ever since. he lives in a orphanage, But the headmaster doe...
If I Stay by ShanLivx
If I Stayby ShanLivx
L E O L O M B A R D I "I felt so much, that I started to feel nothing." Pain. Loss. Numbness. Depression. Love? Follow Leo on his battle with depression...
Jungkook, Don't Drink That!! by SSears90
Jungkook, Don't Drink That!!by SSears90
They guys go to a science fair and Jungkook accidentally drinks someone's science experiment. Which turns him back into his 15 year old self, at least his body anyways...
Alone by Ksslime10
Aloneby Ksslime10
Pain and cruelty is all Twelve year old Attucus has ever known. When Atticus Ricco was only two years old, he was taken from his loving family in the middle of the night...
Life with Older Brothers by blue4434
Life with Older Brothersby blue4434
Hi, my name is Landon Moore. I live with my dad and two older brothers. They're great most of the time, but others they're a pain in the butt!! Follow my journey without...
Dangerously Innocent Twins by SophieSwan3925
Dangerously Innocent Twinsby Lizbeth Sophie Jakes
innocent boy and dangerous girl as twins twins kidnapped at age of 2 one is dark and dangerous and cold one is innocent and wishes for someone other than him to break...
Two worlds by LiliReed1
Two worldsby Lili Reed
Crossover with the originals and twilight😁 Thanks for all of the support and love ❤️💗 with this book. I know I need to correct a lot of stuff in it and I will once I g...
The Brother Figure-A PRETTYMUCH Story by heismer
The Brother Figure-A PRETTYMUCH Heismer
Tristan Parker is so excited to start his junior year! But everything is turned upside down when he has to be in a program with one of the most famous jocks from the sch...
Family Doesnt Exist by Anchor87
Family Doesnt Existby Anchor87
James is a 12 year old living in a big, harsh world. He is forced away from being his normally solitary self when his mother marries an abnormally rich man. now he had t...
Don't be mad by princesselmo8
Don't be madby princesselmo8
After Micheal gets raped, his whole life goes downhill. His father gets locked up in jail, he loses his best friend and doesn't know who to turn to or who to trust. NOT...
Edward Cullen's little siblings by mailbear101
Edward Cullen's little siblingsby mailbear101
What if Edward Cullen had a little twin siblings what would've happened to them when Edward died Will they live a human life or a vampire life? Will they ever live a ha...
A Fresh Start [BOOK 1] by DontMindMe_12
A Fresh Start [BOOK 1]by DontMindMe
[Book 1] Aspen A 14 year old boy gets a new start in life when his abusive mother passes away. He goes to live with his father, that he hasn't seen since he was six. Wha...
The Forgotten Brother by Bellastar7310
The Forgotten Brotherby Bella
Jamison Sullivan is a 15 year old boy who has 4 older brothers whom he loves dearly. The brothers loss their parents to a car accident when Jamison was 10, which left hi...
WHY ME? by orlandoisjustperfect
WHY ME?by teenAge_feVer
#WattpadIndiaAwards "His life got pretty more complicated❗️" "Let's welcome the new so called member of our family, yeah?" Elliot clenched his fist...
 MARTINEZ   by leohazza
MARTINEZ by wandiswa
Aaighnly pronounced - (Ayynnlee) Has been living with his step dad and his mom ever since he was 6 What happens when he's mom dies due to cancer and his step dad starts...
Life with 3 Stepbrothers by Samo519w
Life with 3 Stepbrothersby Sam Willis
Hey! My names Amor and I'm 13 even though I look 11. I hate it. My new stepbrothers tease me about it all the time. Yep you heard me, stepbrothers. Ever since my mum mar...
Life with Three Brothers by musicalfan27
Life with Three Brothersby musicalfan27
Uriah is an average twelve year old boy with a not so average life. He has three older brothers that don't care about him and they live far away, while Uriah lives with...