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Meant to Hate, Destined to Love [BoyXBoy] by jade_riddles
Meant to Hate, Destined to Love [B...by Jade🐉🦋🐸🍄🦚
[WEREWOLFxVAMPIRE] Dmitry is a Russian vampire who fled to the States in hopes of safety. Kennedy is an American werewolf whose heart is set on becoming alpha and findin...
The 14 Day Deal by dreamingofvenice
The 14 Day Dealby Ria Stiller
When popular girl Tessa Thomas stumbles across mysterious loner: Axel Turner readying himself to jump off a cliff to his death she swiftly tries to convince the boy othe...
Creature In the Woods by DelenaKlaroline
Creature In the Woodsby DelenaKlaroline
A loner boy meets an unexpected creature in the woods. A very short story :)
loner boy by liliLYM
loner boyby liliLYM
im absolute trash 2015 wattpad type beat btw if u like lana del rey ur probably gonna like this. it doesn't have anything to do with her,,, just got that vibe...
two lonely souls  by anime_gamer_girl223
two lonely souls by anime_gamer_girl223
A lonely teenage boy is on his way home from school with the same blank expression he wears everyday . Only today is different, he manages to catch the eye of the new gi...
Shy Boy (BoyxBoy) by AdamTheMadMan
Shy Boy (BoyxBoy)by Adam
Abe was a quiet kid,he had around 2 friends its sad he knows,He always knew he was..Gay but he couldn't bring himself to tell anyone. Theo was the exact opposite he was...
Unexpected Love (OC High School Romance story) by ScarlettWhite
Unexpected Love (OC High School Ro...by ScarlettWhite
Lilly, an unpopular high school student gets picked on a lot with her siblings, along with Ethan and Hiroshi, the loners. What happens when the two families meet?
Loner  by loooovvvvveeeerrrrr
Loner by loovvvveeeerrrrrr
The popular girl falls madly for her Enemy loner boy
Loner boy → Hiatus by LoveyLacey
Loner boy → Hiatusby cookie_monster
Book one Status: under construction *not edited Bryn Willmen, is the loner boy of society. Noticed by no one or cared by anything/one, but Griffin Mendez. And not in the...
His Angel by Sdonohue20
His Angelby soph54_0
She's known as the outgoing, friendly girl who wants to surround herself with people, so she doesn't have to be reminded of her past. He's known as the loner kid who si...
The Loner Girl (Loner Boy pt. 2) by LoveyLacey
The Loner Girl (Loner Boy pt. 2)by cookie_monster
The journal of a seventeen year old girl who fell in love with the loner boy.
Finding the Real Us by EricaLanier
Finding the Real Usby Erica Lanier
Symphony Laines is not your average girl. From elementary all the way up to graduation she was bullied. She was the good girl with straight A's ,but the bullying changed...
dancing in the rain by reader11writer
dancing in the rainby
when ace the loner notices a new girl called spring moved in next door with a happy cheerful attitude shes feels warmth in her chest she never felt before. ace is a girl...
The Library by Heronstairs24
The Libraryby ✨ star ✨
An impulsive, socially awkward fangirl with a fear of isolation and crowded places (talk about contradictions), an introverted loner who will pick history books over peo...
Short Stories by BeautifulAF
Short Storiesby BeautifulAF
Here are some stories I made myself.
It Came From Nowhere Didn't It? by CodeNameVV
It Came From Nowhere Didn't It?by V.V
It was spring and it all happen when they became friends, it wasn't planned and they don't know what will happen. They all think that game was just all normal then at...
The little girl next door by oceanforest11
The little girl next doorby oceanforest11
Jordan's eyes opened slowly opened as he felt the little bit of warmth next to him. He looks sheepishly at the small figure and noticed it was his next door neighbor, Mi...
A Lead by Lburtonlol
A Leadby Jersey Knobf
Female Victoria Valentine an average high schooler the beautiful girl with all the guys after her falls in love with the quiet boy with glasses. His name is Ran Rodger b...