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struggling Joshaya by JoshMayaLove
struggling Joshayaby JoshMayaLove
this story is gonna tell how Maya and Josh lived after gmw season 3 ended. It will show us how they strugled. But heartbreak, lonlines and sadnes brought them together.
Champagne Kisses *Joshaya* by BoingxGorgeous
Champagne Kisses *Joshaya*by Estelle Du Plessis
Josh Matthews moves on from his life in Philadelphia to start a new one in New York when he catches the eye of the much grown Maya Hart, the one girl who has been crushi...
Someday (Joshaya) by youtubers23
Someday (Joshaya)by youtubers23
: It's been a few months since the affects of the ski lodge when Josh confessed his feelings for Maya. Shawn and Katy are getting married soon after he proposed to her i...
Long Game: A Joshaya Fanfic by redphillieshat
Long Game: A Joshaya Fanficby Jenny Dun
What happens when Josh and Maya come face to face at Christmas after almost 10 years?
Joshaya Oneshots by JanessaKlute
Joshaya Oneshotsby Janessa Klute
A bunch of stories on Josh and Maya. Hope you enjoy.
Valentine's Day by wsupcynthia
Valentine's Dayby wsupcynthia
COMPLETE Valentine's Day was always filled with love. Things don't always go as planned for Josh and Maya on this lovely day though. --- This is a series of oneshots tha...
Ending the Long Game by Country_1
Ending the Long Gameby Country_Lover
Its been 3 years since "The Long Game" deal had been made. Maya is getting tired of having to wait. One way or another, she is going to end the Long Game befor...
Our long game Joshaya  by xoxoxostargazer
Our long game Joshaya by xoxoxostargazer
What happens when Maya and Josh come face to face at Christmas after almost 10 years
You mean too much to me Joshaya by actuallylab
You mean too much to me Joshayaby Lynzy
Josh and Maya were together after the ski lodge But nobody knew about their relationship Maya knew Josh was goimg to study teaching in Melbourne for a year and decided t...
Joshaya-Through the long game  by girlmeetsworld456
Joshaya-Through the long game by Girlmeetsworl456
"I like you Josh, It's you I like" "I like you too and I'd never not want you in my life" ____________________________________ Follow Josh and Maya t...
catch it on the camera (11.5) by Angelina_5641
catch it on the camera (11.5)by Kaykay
a personal essay to everyone who thinks that you be broken hearted at a young age (or ever be in love). its almost never pretty when things end but the realization is th...
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"Someday?" "Someday." by Country_1
"Someday?" "Someday."by Country_Lover
Maya Hart is 17, and still in the long game. Joshua Mathews is 20, but does he remember the girl who once completely owned his heart? Or has he forgotten and moved on?
Insecurities and Love by Veronica_star_2020
Insecurities and Loveby Veronica Ray James
When old girlfriends start popping out for Josh and Maya, how will they overcome the insecurities?
Little Things a Joshaya Story by goofie_bookworm
Little Things a Joshaya Storyby Winnie
Maya and josh had always had mutual feelings towards each other, and they promised each other someday. It has been three years, and Maya is now eighteen and legally al...
The long game by witchystufff
The long gameby Portable magic
So I would really appreciate if you commented, liked and voted. OBS I only uppdate when I get ideas. Follow my instagram: witchystufff So this Will be a reunion of maya...
Alone In the Dark by Tellingtouch
Alone In the Darkby Tellingtouch
You really should know better than to walk alone in the dark. You never know what is lurking in the dark.
Getting to Someday by KacieBlakely
Getting to Somedayby Kacie Blakely
The moments which bring Josh and Maya to Someday.
Yours, Ellie by anna_ritt
Yours, Ellieby anna rittman♡
Nineteen-year-old Ellie Bates doesn't do much in her life other than study pre-law at NYU. She doesn't like to go out or party or try new things. However, she somehow ge...
hope is for suckers.🥀(joshaya fanfiction gmw) by lirap69
hope is for suckers.🥀(joshaya fan...by Lira🥀
"what I observed about you is that you're the best friend anyone could ever have, maybe it's because you're dad left, maybe it's because you never felt that love..b...
Slytherin Heiress by LamourLegacy
Slytherin Heiressby Raquel Lamour
At Hogwarts, help will always be given to people who need it... Does this include Slytherins though?