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Emosi by UsDvaynej
Emosiby UsDvaynej
Rumahtangga yang dibina selama 8 tahun musnah angkara emosi yang menguasai diri. Tania diceraikan oleh suaminya Lawrance tanpa memberikan kesempatan kepadanya untuk memp...
Impressions from Across the Sea and Sand : BESSA & ELSKA by Rachelle Mills by PenumbraMine
Impressions from Across the Sea an...by M.M. Ward PenumbraMINE
Scribbles humbly offered by Mama Magie @PenumbraMINE Impressions from Across the Sea : BESSA and Borson BESSA will always be capitalized as She, Her, Hers. Borson will...
× Die Slowly In My Hands * //seungbae x sangwoo// by AriTheOrochi14
× Die Slowly In My Hands * //seung...by Ari
A police officer trying to investigate the increase of people getting kidnapped and murdered but he laid some suspicion of a specific someone but no one believe him so w...
Losing Hope  by MarinkadeMeutter
Losing Hope by Marinka de Meutter
Kara Zor-El lost her planet Krypton, she got brought to the earth when she was 13. she had to protect her cousin but her pod got in a black hole. after she finally got o...
Book Of Sadness by BhunnyBhoo
Book Of Sadnessby BhunnyBhoo
When will I experience happiness?
Invisible And Alone: John's World Crumbles To Dust In Front Of Him by Johnbane039
Invisible And Alone: John's World...by Johnathan Garcia
I refuse to fight myself on this. I don't care anymore. I'm just Invisible to those I wish I could have and those I do can't see that. Unable to have even a little love...
Faith by YaoiFangirl6
Faithby Danny
When times you wish for grow dimmer, when the people you love begin to lose hope, when the world starts to move on, when faith becomes too little...how long will you sta...
once ago & not happily forever by cherubug
once ago & not happily foreverby mahita cheruba
every fairy tale begins with ONCE UPON A TIME.....but in reality it doesnt end with HAPPILY FOREVER AND EVER.....to all the little mermaids out there who sacrificed and...
Fan Made Artwork  by ShinyPonyta
Fan Made Artwork by Sprinkles Unikitty
This is the book where I will feature the fan made artwork for any of my stories. Obviously, if you draw something or make a cover, I would love to show it to the world...
As I slowly fade  by joopit
As I slowly fade by joopit
Random Poetry, of my mixed up, sad, childish mind.
Poetry by Cupcake_Lovely_xoxo
Poetryby Cupcake_Lovely_xoxo
These are poems that I have written myself if you don't like what you read get over it cause this is for me and anybody who appreciates it. If you do like it and wish to...
Falling apart by _munashe
Falling apartby _munashe
I suppose one could call it a memoir. Or perhaps an autobiography. Nevertheless, it is not a pleasant one. Not a story that ends with a fairytale ending. Certainly not o...
Loud and Breaking thoughts by foreveryounge25
Loud and Breaking thoughtsby Destiny
Second book to Broken Heart. This will be another poetry book and I am glad to say that this book was inspired by freckles912
Emptiness  by hyacinthuslee
Emptiness by Hyacinthus
"I'm a poem but no one wants to read me." Status: Complete Date Finished: 2020
Ink And Feelings by Czaphyrre
Ink And Feelingsby Aira Louisse
poem collection Poems I've written when I was still studying and those I just recently wrote. Thanks for reading. Love Poetry. Love Literature.
Chasing Life  by Her_winx_
Chasing Life by Kim Taeral
KIM TAEHYUNG FANFIC! Annora, A girl who is hurt by her own people to the extend she stopped believing in love.. family.. and has trust issues. Her mental state made her...
Losing Hope  by BabyWolf2000
Losing Hope by
4 year old Logan Matthews is beginning to lose hope that he'll ever get adopted so he starts to think that his real parents gave him up because no one could love him un...
She Is The Ocean Of Depths 2 by Hasnath_Bushra
She Is The Ocean Of Depths 2by Beautifully Broken
Sequel to She Is The Ocean Of Depths. Find the most of her inner self but you'll still be unknown. Feel the deepest. Heal the hardest.