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Impressions from Across the Sea and Sand : BESSA & ELSKA by Rachelle Mills by PenumbraMine
Impressions from Across the Sea an...by M.M. Ward PenumbraMINE
Scribbles humbly offered by Mama Magie @PenumbraMINE Impressions from Across the Sea : BESSA and Borson BESSA will always be capitalized as She, Her, Hers. Borson will...
Losing Hope  by MarinkadeMeutter
Losing Hope by Marinka de Meutter
Kara Zor-El lost her planet Krypton, she got brought to the earth when she was 13. she had to protect her cousin but her pod got in a black hole. after she finally got o...
Losing Hope  by BabyWolf2000
Losing Hope by
4 year old Logan Matthews is beginning to lose hope that he'll ever get adopted so he starts to think that his real parents gave him up because no one could love him un...
Book Of Sadness by BhunnyBhoo
Book Of Sadnessby BhunnyBhoo
When will I experience happiness?
As I slowly fade  by joopit
As I slowly fade by joopit
Random Poetry, of my mixed up, sad, childish mind.
Emosi by UsDvaynej
Emosiby UsDvaynej
Rumahtangga yang dibina selama 8 tahun musnah angkara emosi yang menguasai diri. Tania diceraikan oleh suaminya Lawrance tanpa memberikan kesempatan kepadanya untuk memp...
Feeling the Songs  by HopeKeller6
Feeling the Songs by Hope Keller
Me just creating random songs for what I feel at that time. Its to tell a little about me and how I'm trying to get through in life, when nothing is going my way.
In her Mind by MusicObsessed02
In her Mindby MusicObsessed
Katylnn Jones had an amazing life until 7th grade. It all went down hill from there. From the bullies leaving bruises to cutting. From depression to anxiety attacks. Fro...
THE FORGOTTEN  SONG ;Book 1 Of The Forgotten Series by Ivey1oo
THE FORGOTTEN SONG ;Book 1 Of The...by Ivey1oo
This is the story of the song of Anastasia's life;with a quiet ,cool and serene veneer but take a deeper look and the storm within the lull is crystal.The only way she...
Walk Away by spn_obsessions
Walk Awayby Zayn Malik's Wife
Zayn Malik is a lost man. Coming from X Factor he didn't know what to expect. The fame was all new to him. It was all great for him at first. The fans, the money, the...
Did I Ever Love You (A poetry book) by 13QueenofHearts31
Did I Ever Love You (A poetry book)by HeartsinStereo
Love... So trivial and almost unreal. I'm not sure if that was ever the feeling I had for you, considering I was suppressed into sadness in your presence. They say love...
letting go  by Abi_twaites
letting go by Abi_twaites
it's a story that's kinda romantic but heart breaking :(
sparks are little screams by Meetchie
sparks are little screamsby Michello
1. Get hurt, let your soul bleed and you mind stop. 2. Get inked, Let all the pain turn to twisted words. 3. Heal, forgive and forget, let nothing haunt you again
| Silence |  by jaythewhore2
| Silence | by jaythewhore2
We all just want to be heard, before it's to late.
Getting away by kaylah_7
Getting awayby Kaylah
You don't know her, She doesn't know you, You don't need to know each other, She is just living her life, And you are learning about it.
LOSING HOPE - BNHA (Deku)  by deuxthe2nd
LOSING HOPE - BNHA (Deku) by deuxthe2nd
"Kacchan, look at me." As much as he hates him; he can't help but fall in love.
She Is The Ocean Of Depths 2 by Hasnath_Bushra
She Is The Ocean Of Depths 2by Beautifully Broken
Sequel to She Is The Ocean Of Depths. Find the most of her inner self but you'll still be unknown. Feel the deepest. Heal the hardest.
Forgotten memories by Dat1Edoit
Forgotten memoriesby Dat one kid who ate a whole j...
One of William Aftons animatronics malfunctioned, exploding and causing a portal to appear, curiously, he went closer and the next thing he knew, found himself in his p...
Losing Hope by Asadromance
Losing Hopeby Asadromance
Losing Hope is about Hailey, a girl that fell in love with a boy in her school. Jakob, the typical attractive nerd that is in her choir .It's based on a real life situat...
Asking myself by zarka121
Asking myselfby Zarka Khan
Its about a girl asking herself questions and talking about her life hope u like it....❤️