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The one and only by Hellotherebooks
The one and onlyby Hellotherebooks
Started: July, 30, 23. Finished: August, 15, 23. Time: 11:02PM Dabria is a 16 year old. Her mother took her away when she was only 3, but her mom cherished her. Dabria's...
Saved by ranger2008
Savedby Madison:)
Isabella Rose Romano A 13 year old to which love is something very unfamiliar to her. Having grown up in the foster system, it didn't come very often or in her case at a...
The Favorite Twin by Renee__D
The Favorite Twinby Renee__D
The Society by EnderShadeMC
The Societyby Moved Account
When you hear the word "pets," you think of cats and dogs, or hamsters, right? Well, in this world, that word carries another meaning-- "humans." Wha...
Secrets  by lilPreatyLiar
Secrets by Emryn Hills
Cecilia as young as 14 years she's been through hell and back. Alongside with her other triplets. One day she gets the guts to call the police. What happens when they fi...
Lost & Found by PsychoMagi
Lost & Foundby Magi
"We found him...We found him! We're here for you...Aoba!" Set after the events of the Virus and Trip's bad ending. In this timeline, all of the good endings fo...
Taylor [Theo // Lost & Found Music Studios] ✓ by crecss
Taylor [Theo // Lost & Found Music...by ★ levi randall ★
Theo has always had a crush on the quiet girl in the studio, but when they are forced to start spending time together, their relationship takes a turn he never expected...
Before you go by aj7774
Before you goby Aj Andrianjafy
Ben Reynolds is the stereotypical mean popular guy. The type that the girls want although being slightly afraid of his temper. No one challenges Ben aside from his two b...
The Guilty Ones by Pingu9003
The Guilty Onesby Pingu9003
ASR - The biggest mafia lord in India. He is ruthless, unforgiving and cold-hearted. He has no empathy or mercy. He kills first and then asks questions. He is one of the...
Sharah- A Particular Incident by Fazu_Mansuri
Sharah- A Particular Incidentby Fazu_Mansuri
Hidden Marriage Series #1 Maaysa: An orphan girl who is trying to make it through in this Cruel and Ruthless world without having anyone at her back. A 20 Years old girl...
Wax and Wane | "Break and Mend" Sequel by dumdumsun
Wax and Wane | "Break and Mend" Se...by ꧁sun꧂
It's 1985 in Hawkins, Indiana, and summer's heating up. School's out, there's a brand new mall in town, and the Hawkins crew are on the cusp of adulthood. Romance blosso...
Hosu by SuburbiaCT5314
Hosuby R. L. Ramos
When his ex-girlfriend Cornelia Reedus, a calico cat, leaves in the middle of "the night the city fell asleep" and disappears, Kang Hosu, a dog and retired fir...
Still standing  by AnastasiaGibson7
Still standing by Missy
It's last year of school and there's a senior party everyone is going to be there, including your ex yep the one that broke your heart, had sex with your ex bestfriend a...
Lost (Found Sequel) by DontTellAuntieTasha
Lost (Found Sequel)by Just Keep Your Hopes Up
Sequel to Found. Loki and Sky Stark. The perfect soulmate couple. They finally found each other- but will it last? Or will the inevitable happen, tearing them apart? Wi...
Paper Towns by Flooo07
Paper Townsby Flooo07
I created a book of the quotes I loved most, highlighted and appreciated most rereading. If you enjoyed this kind of book, head over to my most recent work "Looking...
My Soccer Boy by TheyCallMeRy
My Soccer Boyby Rylee
Summer and Bryce seem to have nothing in common, and the fact that they have to work together in class for a full year just repulses them. An attempt to try to bond outs...
Forgotten {Jay's little sister} by queen-of-the-ocean7
Forgotten {Jay's little sister}by queen-of-the-ocean7
While Mal, Evie,Jay, and Carlos, are living the perfect life in auradon, they forgot about one little thief. Jewel is jay's little sister and when he went to auradon she...
Lost and Found: Murder Drones Fanfiction by thetoaster1083
Lost and Found: Murder Drones Fanf...by thetoaster1083
UPDATED WEEKLY - UP TO CHAPTER 16 Ivan's on a trip to Copper 9 from Earth. He wakes up in a crashed space plane, and gets found by V and N. How will he get back? And is...
track and trace // calum hood by fallacioushopes
track and trace // calum hoodby carol
this is book 2 of the lost and found series! please read lost & found before you read track & trace! :) after the hiatus, the boys finally released their new album and a...
My New Life  by Elizabethkneen
My New Life by Sanika Rewatkar
Lia Rose a simple 16 yr old girl but not so simple. So Liala was 8 yrs old when her parents got divorced and got seperated . So she went with her mother and her 3 elder...