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My Other Brothers by Alicia_Gorges
My Other Brothersby Alicia Gorges
Adriana a 16 year old girl who lives in new York with her abusive step father what happens when he dies and she goes to live with her 5 other brothers. I think it's gonn...
Forever a Child  by nightwing2
Forever a Child by Alfred F. Jones
Jack Frost is the oldest spirit of them all. He is also the only child. Both King and Prince of Winter for longer than time itself, Jack allowed another Winter elemental...
you were born the joker's daughter but you were taken away from him bye bat man and you never remembered the joker but the only memories you had was one necklace that ha...
Bloodfire by Mady_Grace_Cooper
Bloodfireby Mady
Blaze Laflamme knew, ever since she was little, that she was different. She had unusually coloured eyes and hair that represented her in more ways than one. She was the...
Once Alone by BeeInAPan1
Once Aloneby Bee InAPan
Quin, a tribrid that has lived alone on an unowned territory their whole life. It was a territory that no rouges or rulers were allowed to step foot on. Soon enough thou...
You, Alone.  by khayr_Souf
You, Alone. by ummulkhair Yusuf
"And even when falling, breaking, dying, living. I'll do it for you. Over and over again. For your heart, your being, your soul. For YOU, ALONE ^*^*^*^*^*^ When t...
Reunited at Last by Helenas_white_bread
Reunited at Lastby Helenas_white_bread
In 2001 Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton had their first child, Rose Burton. Sadly, Rose passed away soon after her birth... or so they thought. Rose, now 13, is abou...
ℂ𝕆ℕ𝔽𝕃𝕀ℂ𝕋𝔼𝔻 by mcmwrites
All her life she has been 𝑪𝑶𝑵𝑭𝑳𝑰𝑪𝑻𝑬𝑫. About what to do? To save herself or die? To search for them or give up as it seems they don't want her? When he finally...
Love Me Again, Scarlett | A Romantic Story by Kamyl237
Love Me Again, Scarlett | A Romant...by A.M. Camilie
To the model Scarlett Rodriguez, handsome Jeremy Richards was like a fairytale prince, a knight in shinning armor and their love story was meant to be eternal. That is...
Lost child of the Sand Dunes (( WTNV Fanfiction)) by Mushroomchild96
Lost child of the Sand Dunes (( WT...by Andrew
Cecil just wanted a romantic Walk across the dunes before his Show with his Husband. However at seeing what he thought was a dead body and Two figures walking forward. H...
Forgotten Memories: Child Series #1| ✓ by Limited_Smiles
Forgotten Memories: Child Series #...by JBautista
Lomeliana Eyza Rossi had to comeback to the Philippines because of a certain job. She is a wedding organizer. One day, a shocking news shooked the hell out of her. She...
AN ALBUM WILL REMEMBERby seaside subway
[ poetry/short stories/collection ] ❝ you made the truth into what I lied, and I lied that I was beautiful ❞ . . . a collection of rainbows, theories, and dreams...
New Beginnings, Lost Endings by SydneyThePegasus87
New Beginnings, Lost Endingsby Sydney Sanders
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom end up getting back together after their "Little Break" and fall in love all over again. They eventually get married and have 3 ch...
How I Met the Love of my Life by wearenotlovebirds
How I Met the Love of my Lifeby FangirlWriter
I couldn't find the person who did this picture. Please DM me if you find them. This is a Danny/Star pairing. I hope you enjoy my story of a mystery solver and a superhe...
Lost and Found  by 2captain_swan
Lost and Found by Moonsplay_
Emma Swan is a 30 year old bail bonds person, living in a Boston studio apartment. Living the same normal lonely life, that is until a 13 year old girl meets her while s...
Lost Children RP by kaori__lol
Lost Children RPby 猫やかおり 「Kaori Nekoya」
You are apart of the "Lost Children". The Lost Children have special powers. These powers are something that regular humans can't understand. Because of this...
The world from a 13 year old  view  by thebrokenwriters
The world from a 13 year old view by Whiskey
Literally the world from my veiw don't get it read it it's not hard
Why. by SandraRosal
Why.by SandraRosal
This is a story about my old love. The one who I gave everything too. I loved him and he loved me. What was the problem with that? The problem was, I didn't know if he'd...