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Lost Love by unbeknownstToU
Lost Loveby unbeknownstToU
Rain didn't have the best childhood. His dad hated him and he never tried to hide it from anyone. However, Rain made amazing friends and even has an amazing boyfriend no...
Rain Will Fall by Nelly2560
Rain Will Fallby Nele
Some of Rain's classmates don't understand why someone as annoying as him can catch the eye of someone as amazing as P-Phayu. The God of the architecture faculty can def...
Rain and rainbow  by domieon
Rain and rainbow by weilanyuan
what if p'phayu hurt rain? what if sky ignore him? how will rain move on? who will be rain's saviour?the one that comes with the promise of forever ,will that person giv...
A Single Reason Why. by words_and_fantasies
A Single Reason Sharif Ahmed
Prapai×Sky When Sky was attacked but Prapai choose to leave, believing he cheated on him
BL oneshots by Saitaetae
BL oneshotsby bl_zonzon_bubble
bl oneshots ( requests closed ) please make sure to request plots which you would love to see in your imagination .
Party, Dancing, Jealousy and some Little angst maybe by Xianwang_143
Party, Dancing, Jealousy and Blandkpop_Lover_4ever!
Rain had enough of stranger pulling HIS husband to introduce their heirs and his husband only gives him a apologetic look, he found P'pai also had enough of sky fanboyin...
Changes by PrimKayeCaete
Changesby Prim Kaye Cañete
Phayu and Prapai had been best friends for a long time. Prapai had always been known as a playboy while Phayu is a workaholic. People are always attracted to them, but w...
Eminence by Kcrescent_V
Eminenceby Kcrescent_V
The two best friends, One too dumb to survive on his own and the other soo sharp that it makes it hard for others to survive. Rain's mom is worried about her son's depe...
Doppelganger (Love in the air/ Kinnporsche AU) by lightlessboy
Doppelganger (Love in the air/ Darknessboy
Noeul, Rain... one is a charming thief while the other is a clumsy architect, or was it the opposite? Whenever one brother messes up, his twin ends up dealing with the c...
Fell in love with my stalker  by Payu_Rain_my_love
Fell in love with my stalker by Payu_Rain my love
Payu is a crazy guy and obsessed with Rain in Uni and he stalks over Rain all the time He is so obsessed that he kidnaps Rain and takes him to a unknown place like a ps...
Second  Chance (loveintheair x kinnporsche) by akemizeah
Second Chance (loveintheair x akemizeah keiko
a story where Phayu and Prapai tought Sky and Rain are cheating (this is an omegaverse)
Not All Blooming Flowers Are Beautiful by ang3l_n_d3vil
Not All Blooming Flowers Are Angel
Flowers are a thing of beauty and joy. But this flower blooming within him is bringing him closer to death's doors instead.
Make It Right by NulToska
Make It Rightby NulToska
Phayu and Rain know each other. The strings between them is pulling them to get to know each other better.
Edser OS and Short Stories by olaw12341234
Edser OS and Short Storiesby ola1234
The collection of short stories and one-shots about Eda and Serkan. Whatever will come to my crazy mind at night. * Enjoy! * * * WARNING. MATURE SCENES AND STRONG LANGUA...
Eternal Serenity by scarlet1700_
Eternal Serenityby Scarlet_writer
Are you looking for arranged marriages with a little bit of drama but a lot of romance? Then you came to the right stop.... ____________________________________ Krsh Si...
TRUST by maichinggg
TRUSTby Chaikamonkey
Rain was framed by Ple for something he didn't do and Phayu believed Ple.
Lugubrious Amore  by sun_shine_4
Lugubrious Amore by appledrip
"She taught me how to love, not how to stop." *** Raghav Malhotra had it all. A big family, amazing parents, good looks and a shit load of money. Like any oth...
CEO's IAS bride !  by the_imaginery_writer
CEO's IAS bride ! by she...writes
Hey lovelies this is my first story on Wattpad please shower some love on it ❤️ ........story description - Ruhanika a kind , beautiful, generous yet ambitious and goal...
The Boy Born From the Sea by Cosmic_Pumpkin_King
The Boy Born From the Seaby Pumpkin King
AKA: Percy Adopts Everything WARNING! YAOI IS IN THIS STORY! (Yaoi = Boy x Boy) Tony/Percy/Bucky In this story, Percy is nineteen, Tony is twenty four, and Bucky is twen...
Love in the air (ppai x Sky x female oc) by ravenclaw1290
Love in the air (ppai x Sky x insomibxtch
So in this story it's basically the tv series but with a black female oc in the mix Read to find out more🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️