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ARRANGED by aditi_kumari
ARRANGEDby Aditi kumari
He is my husband but never treats me like one. I love him, respect him but he considers me the dirt of his shoes for him I am just the daughter of his enemy. but for m...
Loveless Beauty (Completed) by Rurika_mahi
Loveless Beauty (Completed)by Rurika_mahi
If you are not loved, if you have got nobody to love you, then turn your loveless life into something beautiful. That something should be worth. ☆☆☆ He was standing infr...
Secretly Loving Him - A Short Story by indxcvnovlst
Secretly Loving Him - A Short Storyby Jelai
Sabrina Williams married David Reegan for the sake of business partnership between their parents. Fourteen years later, Sabrina was in a house where she was not welcomed...
darling // hogwarts, '93-'98 by plastic_babies
darling // hogwarts, '93-'98by plastic babies
𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠, in which born out of a love potion, darling valentine, ironically, has never felt love. ━━━━━━ "is that a voodoo doll of dumbledore?" draco ask...
Loveless [EDITING] by laurachelseaa_
Loveless [EDITING]by Laura
Andrew Williams and Gabriella Wim had been married just over a year, it was a loveless marriage although Gabriella couldn't help but fall for the man even before they m...
Not Loveless by storieswithsoul
Not Lovelessby storieswithsoul
It is a collection of poems that will make you laugh or cry out in despair. Sometimes, both at once. They will light up your soul and make you feel alive. That's not all...
The First Person I Loved || A True Story by m0th_r0s3
The First Person I Loved || A ~A.B.
Based On A True Story. Lana was always hopeless when it came to romance. She was always bouncing from one guy to another. But when she meets Tai, everything changes. Whe...
The Claim by VanessaGemmaFuller
The Claimby Vanessa Gemma Fuller
A lady's maid goes to the furthest point in space, only to be asked to marry the postmaster of outpost 66. The furthest point from civilization. Gaining her freedom fr...
Loveless Me, Loveless You by BlueLightningShinobi
Loveless Me, Loveless Youby Blue!
A companion story to "Everything". Tsukishima is tired of people confessing to him like they even know him. And he's tired of not feeling anything for anyone...
Anuseena- loveless marriage  by sumoiam
Anuseena- loveless marriage by sumoiam
what about love less marriage
finn wolfhard imagines by cooliocalpurnia
finn wolfhard imaginesby ☁️🧚🏻‍♀️🧸✨🦋
imagines to help you sleep at night: finn wolfhard numbers= preferences fw/ja= imagines enjoy!🎞🧸🦦
Un Kadhal Irundhal Poodhum  by nikkaAR
Un Kadhal Irundhal Poodhum by Anirudhian
Anika Srinivasan, an innocent girl from a middle class family in chennai, who completed Bcom in honours and also known as a classical dancer. Anirudh Ravichander, the ma...
Second Chance TO Their Love (Completed)  by SoulfulManan
Second Chance TO Their Love ( SoulfulManan
Another fiction on MANAN. Hope you guys will like it. Story based on common baseline of a movie. But changes will be made accordingly to the characters keep give ur sup...
DADDY  ISSUES ✔  by PoorvishaVasanth
DADDY ISSUES ✔ by Poorvisha Vasanth
They counted stars And found those were equal to the number of times I shed tears , Every time I had daddy issues - Poorvisha Vasanth
Loveless Cielo*on hold* by DemonsLove27
Loveless Cielo*on hold*by Demons Love27
Sawada Tsunayoshi learns at a young age that his father is in the mafia, he learns to fight and to hack only for his so called father to take his twin younger brothers a...
Broken (Complete) by lunaticblackrose
Broken (Complete)by ❤LonerByHeart❤
Charida Kendall's life was the least you expected. When she just 10 years old,her parents divorced,forcing her to stay with her father and brother against her will. Her...
Tear In My Heart//Joshler by ladytyler
Tear In My Heart//Joshlerby Trash™
The Boy The Colored Haired The Whore It was just them for 2 years straight. Until one day in Los Angeles, the boy (Tyler Joseph) met a girl, who shattered his heart, who...
Osemanverse Oneshots! by jimmysangels
Osemanverse Oneshots!by The Ark Fangirl
Just a collection of oneshots based around the works of Alice Oseman! Some may be ships, some may be angst, and some may just be whatever pops into my brain. You may re...
JUST HIS  MAID  by qwertdgfg
Viraj:listen you bloody maid my parents force me by blackmailing their emotions.. that's why I stuck with you even I feel disgusted for standing front of yours, yucky y...