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Love Live!: ALL STARS [PART 3] by SecondRound
Love Live!: ALL STARS [PART 3]by SecondRound
The Joint Solo Live Show between µ's, Aqours and Nijigasaki was a huge success. However, Akihiko Suzuki still has to take control of the School Idol Festival and ensure...
Love Live!: CIVIL WAR [PART4] by SecondRound
Love Live!: CIVIL WAR [PART4]by SecondRound
After studying in New York for a month, Akihiko Suzuki returns to his School Idol Club only to find it in ruins. During his absence, Lanzhu Zhong and Mia Taylor have bro...
love live, for your entertainment by DinoJanx
love live, for your entertainmentby Janx
so this is where i'll be complaining, suffering, malding, and fangiring over love live, and definitely putting random things in this, but this is for you peoples enterta...
Love Live, Nijigasaki Rewritten by DinoJanx
Love Live, Nijigasaki Rewrittenby Janx
Kotu Omeri moves back to Odaiba after living in America for a good 6 years, and as she transfers to Nijigasaki Highschool she makes some new friends (and remeets some ol...
love live, for your entertainment 2 by DinoJanx
love live, for your entertainment 2by Janx
so uh my idiotic self didn't know that you can only have 200 parts to a story lmao, so heres a second part to love live for YOUR entertainment cuz we are farmers (ba ba...
LLSIF All Stars X Reader by rikohikawa
LLSIF All Stars X Readerby techno apologist
As the honorary member of Nijigasaki School Idol Club, you know a lot about idols. But getting to meet Muse and Aqours again still makes you nervous. ☆ However, this Lov...
The ultimate guide to Love Live All Stars EN - The new Cards by AnimeCatra
The ultimate guide to Love Live Elinor
Hi there! I just wanted to release a detailed guide for the newest events and cards in Love Live! All Stars World Wide server (I might even throw in some from Love Live...
bucket of stories ♡ multifandom one-shot book by kotorihijirikawa
bucket of stories ♡ multifandom irisviel/kotori
i'm gna put whatever i WANT in this book. uhh probably won't take requests unless said otherwise! and all art used here is official art from each franchise unless said o...
Love Live! All Stars! | SecondRound Project by Katsuki_Ch
Love Live! All Stars! | Katsuki The Paint Brush
Are you a fan of SecondRound's Love Live Books? Do you have fan arts about his book that you want to share? Then send it right here to show appreciation of his hard work...
The Shark and The School Idol Producer by Katsuki_Ch
The Shark and The School Idol Katsuki The Paint Brush
( Special Crossover Book! ) What would happen if a certain young School Idol Producer met a local Band Manager from down town? [ Non Canon to both of its respective seri...