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Episode : 35+EPILOGUE Status : Ongoing Start : 2 March 2021 End : - "Thanks for saving me", he said. "I'm-", she cut his word. "Choi San. ATEEZ...
Lost In A Beast World  by Readinghere0_0
Lost In A Beast World by Readinghere0_0
Survival is one of the biggest and most important factors in the wild. Predator eats prey, life cycles through and the only meaning is to survive. Could you survive it...
The Point Of Exile by bittersweet-worlds
The Point Of Exileby • каτ •
"You'll never know what it's like to go from a pit of vipers to a den of bloodthirsty wolves," she snaps. "Believe me Princess, I know." . . . Fr...
What it Means to Be a Girl (Beta Readers Needed) by AmazingLiza
What it Means to Be a Girl (Beta Amazing Liza
An autistic story. Astrid has been living in denial for a while now about her dad's less than stellar behavior towards her. Everything's just fine she tells herself unti...
The Royal Wedding  by Spacecatnyan105
The Royal Wedding by Chloe Morgan
Caroline is the daughter of Queen Laura and King Eric, she's forced to marry Prince Stephan but everything changes when Prince Tyler comes along who will Caroline marry...
My Boyfriend Is my new boss (VSOO SERIES #1 )  by missweirdly
My Boyfriend Is my new boss ( Anthea Marie Magbanua
Meet Kim Jisoo a girl who's a curator in museum, she's a optimistic girl, one day her boss want see the client name "Jeon Jungkook " she's was rushing to the a...
True Love Sweet Lies by inspirit_keisha14
True Love Sweet Liesby InspiritMaeLKim
Francine Mei Zaldua is known as one of the top students at university of Asturias in Cebu province. She is a talented and a smart woman who dreamt to succeed and give he...
The heartbreak found us love by annieb0tch
The heartbreak found us loveby genderfluid person
Brad, our main character is heartbroken by the popular girl, Maddie. He finds himself in an old janitor's closet... and keeps reading to find out what happens next
Villain Arc by pyromaniac07
Villain Arcby pyromaniac07
-"I wanted to be as good as you, so I became worse"- has three brothers. The only problem is they are all big shot super heros. Forming a super team called The...
Come Back Home (Tom/Andrew Love Story) by Violix
Come Back Home (Tom/Andrew Love Starlit Violix
Due to a multiverse mishap, Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) falls for Raquel Huxley as they both attempt to search for her missing boyfriend, Peter Parker (Tom Holland).
Harry Potter Mates by AngelinaShenah1
Harry Potter Matesby Angelina Shenah
Hazel Quinn, a beautiful girl and daughter of two psychopaths Harley Quinn and The Joker, Queen and King of Gotham City. She's the youngest of Betty, Jughead, Archie and...
Highschool Passion by author_favour
Highschool Passionby Olokungboye favour
He fell for her right from the first time he saw her. SUMMARY Throughout her life, Jessica has been kept isolated by her father who thinks that keeping her away from the...
Seraphic Wings by Emmaphy
Seraphic Wingsby Emmaphy
Lucette is just your normal girl, she goes through her day to day stuff as anyone else would do. However it wasn't till she discovered something very strange one night t...
Stolen Dreams - Love Triangle (Teddy, Chris, Noah) by ponyboys4ever
Stolen Dreams - Love Triangle ( ponyboys4ever
Noah Merrill (13 F) has an ok life, with a good friend group and a non-abusive mother who pays the bills. She loves her mom, but tries to avoid her when she can. Ace, he...
Crash by BecauseILovedyou
Crashby x
Growing superstar Penelope Jonas faces a crossroads when she meets Charles Leclerc, a young F1 driver with a big dreams and talent to match. A whirlwind romance, a past...
The Hot Trillionaire and the Cute Homeless Lady by Swirlstar58
The Hot Trillionaire and the Swirlstar58
When Arnie Shwartzie sees a pretty girl on the street, he immediately falls in love. Although she's poor, he knows that he needs to marry her. Tailor Quick has some res...
Misfire » Cedric Diggory | Draco Malfoy by fancy_tea
Misfire » Cedric Diggory | Draco chantal
If Chantal had known the cost of her choices, she would have never left her compartment on the Hogwarts Express. The students of Hogwarts still speak about the infamous...
In which, shapeshifter Camilo Madrigal tries to hide his relationship with his Novia from his Familia. Add in an extra third party who seems quite keen on stealing you a...
Blinded by the pitch darkness (Aot x Fan gets Isekaied)    by _attackonships
Blinded by the pitch darkness ( tiptoe_springles
Author's note: I have come across countless of Attack on titan fanfics with (y/n) trying to make the audience imagine that they live in that world. But we are not like...